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Donna stood in her bedroom. The room service had made the bed, placed wonderful Belgian chocolates on the pillows and had turned the lighting down to a soft glow and placed a trail of flower petals to the bed. The drapes were open to the ocean below and the beautiful full moon could clearly be witnessed from the large king size bed. She smiled and thought to herself that the mood in the room was pure sensuality.

Quickly she changed into a red silk chemise. It was her favorite, wearing it always made her feel sensual. Over the chemise she put on a matching silk robe, it tied in the middle and clung to her every curve. She went to the bathroom to check her hair and freshen up a bit. Her mind wandered to the angel in the next room. Lorraine was a dream come true. Sweet, innocent, exceptionally beautiful and smart.

All during dinner Donna had to hold back. It was all she could do to keep from taking her right there in the restaurant. Those tempting pink glossed lips, the fullness of Lorraine's budding breasts, the adorable way she blushed. Donna's pussy had been wet for hours. Again she recalled that day in college, the day she had seen that freshman in the showers. Her mouth watered as she reflected on that sweet fluffy blonde pussy.

Tonight she would take that pussy and make swollen and squirt and want only her. Once again she looked at herself in the mirror, she cupped her breasts, adjusting them to show more cleavage, she ran her hand through her hair, she freshened her perfume, one last look, yes she was a huntress tonight and it thrilled her. "Honey" whispered a husky voiced Donna, "I used to watch you on the balance beam," hands gently cupped her full sweet breasts over her halter. "Sometimes after watching you, I would have to go to my office and finger myself, thinking about your wonderful body, wanting to make love to you..."

Lorraine moaned then gasped and leaned into the arms of Donna. Confident hands slipped the straps of her halter down the sides of her arms, and quietly unsnapped the clasps. Letting her pink silk top fall to the floor, her full sweet mounds of breast exposed to the cool night air. Donna looked down to the darlings tits and was thrilled. Gorgeous full firm mounds, tipped with wonderful bubble gum pink nipples, stiff and wanting love.

Lorraine again murmured, "P-please, I-I need to go, I can't... I don't..."

Donna ran her hand over the swelling nipples and again whispered to her ear. "All those years you worked so hard, so hard to please me, didn't you honey, you did it all for me," sliding her hand down to cup her tight ass.

Lorraine nodded, whispering, "Y-yes oh yes."

"Now it's my turn to please you." She lead her to the bed through the trail of rose petals. As she placed her on the bed, she gently parted her legs and went to on her dripping pussy. It was squirting right away. Donna continued licking her pussy as she brushed away her pussy cum. The two then went pussy to pussy. Rubbing each other's pussy against each others as they both trembled and came multiple times. They both lay exhausted afterwards, cuddled up and drifted off to sleep. As they awoke, the sun beamed from a distance. Rays of light sparkled against the deep blue ocean. It was the start of a lovely day and a lovely chapter in life for both women.

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