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Clare's eyes were shining in the dark as she took hold of the awesome black pole with both hands and stroked up and down a few times. "It's magnificent!" She whispered just before she leaned forward and took the head into her wide-open mouth.

The man next to Alison had managed to turn his hand to cover her mound and was now vigorously massaging her sensitive clitoris. Alison pushed back into the seatback as waves of miniature orgasms passed through her body. She was unable to protest as a dark face descended onto hers and thick lips muffled her moans.

She tried to push the molesting hand from between her legs, but were ineffectual. The longest tongue Alison had ever encountered snaked into her mouth and probed every recess of her oral cavity. She hardly even noticed as his other hand massaged her D cup breasts. Soon, the sensations were so over powering, Alison reluctantly surrendered to them.

At first, Alison had simply sat there, with her arms at her sides, as the back of her dress was unzipped and pulled down in front. When her white silk brassiere was unhooked and removed, letting her large sensitive breasts bobble in the cool air. A pair of thick suctioning lips was attached to her sensitive nipples; she began a series of climaxes. She was barely aware of when he had pulled the hem of her dress up and slipped his hand down the front of her pantyhose and panties. She was very aware of when his fingers began direct manipulation of her clitoris and began sinking so very deep into her moist slit.

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