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Megan began to stroke his cock but couldn't get her fingers completely around its huge thickness as they continued to kiss. Robert wanted to suck on her tits so badly but they were limited to what they could do out in the pool so he said, "Why don t we go back into the house and get more comfortable?"

Megan didn't answer but took a hold of Roberts' hand as she walked him back into the house. She picked up the towels on the way inside and began to dry him off while he did the same to her.

Megan than put her arms around Robert and began to kiss him again running her tongue deep inside his mouth as she rotated her hips making his cock rub her bare pussy mound.

Megan was horny because it had been several months since she had been fucked and couldn t wait until Robert was deep inside her pussy. Megan had never been fucked by a black man as she backed him up against the bed and pushed him down. She was being the aggressor as she lay on top of him and continued their kiss.

Megan than slid her body down as she kissed his neck than worked her way down his chest and gave the head of his cock a gentle kiss than giving it a lick with her tongue. Megan than opened her mouth and took his cock inside her mouth and slowly lowered her head all the way down until his pubic hair was touching her face.

Megan had always been good deep-throating her husband as she held it in her throat for a second longer before choking than slowly lifted her face back off his cock than looked at Robert s face as he laid back enjoying the pleasure she was giving him.

Morgan twisted around so her pussy was laying above Robert s face as she took his cock inside her mouth again and began to lick around its side than back up to its head. Robert began to lick her pussy running his tongue deep inside as she arched her back pushing her pussy down into his mouth.

Robert's hands were holding onto her waist as she began to squirm around on top of his face as his tongue worked its way inside her pussy. Megan was working her mouth around his cock as she sucked him deep inside her mouth until she lifted up and turned around and gave him another kiss before moving up over his head and let her tits hang down in front of his mouth as he took one of them into his mouth and began to suck.

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