A Ride in the Woods – Gay Outdoors Sex Story

by Omnivore (omnivore@mad.scientist.com)


A young teen likes to jackoff in the out-of-doors. He
does it often, until one day he’s caught doing it. (mm,
mast, voy, oral, outdoor/public, 1st-gay-expr)


Author’s Note: Of course we need to start off with the
usual **LEGAL** stuff about this being adult material.
Leave now if you are too young to read sexually explicit
stuff, 18 in most jurisdictions, some require you to be
21. Obviously this story is about sex, and about sex
between guys for that matter, so if you are an adult and
find this sort of thing offensive, don’t read it, go


Let me begin by admitting that I had definitely had
bisexual fantasies before any of this happened, in fact
I’d thought long and hard about what it would be like to
be with another guy, but I had never had the nerve to do
anything about it. I could always just explain it away
as idle curiosity, simple jackoff fantasies that I would
never actually indulge.

I was much more attracted to women and never had any
trouble getting girlfriends, but every now and then I’d
find myself seeking out gay and bi porn on the web, or
lingering over the “Men Seeking Men” ads in the local
weekly paper. I still never thought I’d act on it,
though, right up until it actually happened.

I spend a lot of my weekend afternoons riding my
mountain bike through the woods in the towns near my
house. There are a surprising number of parks, bike
trails, and undeveloped woodlands in this extremely
suburban part of the northeast, and I knew of at least a
dozen places where you could get so far into the woods
that no sound of the modern world would interfere, all
within a half-hour drive of my home.

I loved the feel of the wind in my face as the bike
jerked and jumped beneath me, the vigorous workout of
going up and down hills, over rocks and roots, and
especially enjoyed the opportunity to get far out into
the woods and smoke a bowl. There’s just something
particularly peaceful and inspiring about being high
when you’re out in the great outdoors.

This particular May afternoon was glorious, sunny and
warm, and after taking my bike down off the roof rack I
launched myself out into the green tunnels of the forest
trails in a beautiful, but mysteriously unpopular, state

I was feeling great, but the heat started to get to me,
and after a couple of miles of riding I pulled off my
shirt and tucked it into the back of my shorts. I rode
on for another mile or so, going over several
particularly technical sections, broken rocks and
massive roots, and finally paused to rest after an
especially tricky uphill stretch left me sucking wind.

I parked my bike against a tree, grabbed my water
bottle, and squeezed it once over my head before
drinking deeply. Shaking the water off my hair and out
of my eyes, I looked around me. A massive rock
outcropping rose up dramatically in front of me, just
off to the right of the trail, while the trail itself
passed over a ridge just ahead and to the left (or to my
left and behind). I decided to climb up this short
“cliff” to see what I could see from the top, and
dropped the water bottle, and my shirt, next to my bike.

The outcropping was extremely uneven, and not all that
vertical, and I made it up to the top in just over a
minute. From the top I could only see a short distance
through the woods in each direction, but the break in
the forest created by the massive rock created a
brightly sunny zone in the midst of the surrounding
green, dappled shade.

I could feel the warmth of the sun on my body, and
stretched, languorously. I had been meaning to work on
my tan, and decided that this was an ideal opportunity.
I sat down, pulled out my “travel pipe,” and smoked a
few quick hits. It was quality bud, and the warm glow of
the high quickly spread throughout my body.

The rock surface atop the outcropping was flat, smooth,
and surprisingly clean. I laid down on my back and
stretched out my arms to either side, toasting myself
between the heat of the sun and the heat trapped in the
rock beneath me. Even a few miles of mountain biking can
really get your muscles working, and your heart pumping,
and laying there I felt like the heat was baking the
knots and the tension out of my body, rejuvenating
myself for the rest of the ride.

I felt a slight itch under my balls, and reached down
inside my shorts to scratch it. As my hand passed my
cock, I could feel it twitch to life, and it continued
to react as I scratched vigorously at the base of my
sack. I suddenly had another thought about how I could
spend my afternoon in the woods.

There’s something incredibly hot about getting naked and
jerking off somewhere outdoors, and this was far from
the first time I’d done it. The isolation of my location
and the inhibition-lowering effect of the evil weed had
practically guaranteed that something like this would

I pulled my hand out of my shorts, and rolled over and
got up onto my hands and knees. I looked all around me,
and then down over the edge towards my bike, making sure
that there was no way I could be seen from the trail. I
crawled as close to the center of the rock as I could to
make absolutely sure I was invisible from below, and
without really sitting up completely, wriggled out of my
shorts and underwear.

I didn’t want to deal with untying my boots, and didn’t
really relish the idea of being barefoot in the forest,
so I left my socks and light hiking boots on. I lay back
against the rock, feeling the heat against my shoulders
and my ass, and brought my right hand up to lightly
stroke my cock, which by now was as hard and as big as
it had ever been.

There was just something about the feel of the sunlight,
the breeze, the irregular surfaces of nature, I’m not
sure what exactly, but it always got me incredibly hot,
and puffed me up to maximum size.

Now that I’m lying almost totally naked before you, I
guess I should let you know what I look like. I’m in my
early thirties, with short, dark brown hair, blue eyes,
and pleasant but unremarkable features. I started
getting gray hairs at an early age, but still only have
occasional flecks of silver and white amid the brown.
Due to my biking, and lots of laps swum during the
winter, I was in great shape, although I could never
quite get those washboard abs everyone’s always talking

I’m about 5 feet, 10 inches tall, thin but not scrawny,
and I’ve been told I have a nice butt. My cock is
respectable but hardly awe-inspiring, about five inches
limp, and seven or eight inches hard, circumcised. It
fit my hand nicely when I yanked it, and I yanked it
plenty when I didn’t have a girlfriend, and pretty often
when I did.

Laying there in the woods that day, I trailed my fingers
up and down the length of my twitching member, then
lightly tickled my balls. I stroked back up my cock,
then rubbed around the head with my whole hand, slowly
closing my fist around it. I formed my thumb and index
finger into the classic jackoff ring (OKAY!), and
started moving it up and down over my penis with long,
smooth strokes.

The thrill of being exposed outside, the heat of the
sun, and the action of my hand quickly brought me to the
verge of explosion, and I backed off, opening my hand
and stroking with just my fingertips, much less

Suddenly I heard a sound from the trail below me, and I
jumped in surprise. I flipped on to my stomach, and
wriggled over to the edge, where I watched a father and
his three kids ride by. They glanced at my bike as they
passed, but didn’t stop to look for me or to explore the
rock outcropping on which I perched naked.

As they rode out of sight, I breathed a huge sigh of
relief. The prospect of getting caught had caused my
cock to droop considerably, but as soon as I was sure I
was alone again, it sprang back to attention with, if
possible, even more enthusiasm than it had before. The
danger was part of the rush, after all.

I started jerking off again, my head pressed back
against the stone, my eyes squeezed tightly shut,
staring at the sun through closed lids. As my right hand
stroked my cock, I used my left hand to stroke my chest
and tweak my nipples, and then moved it down between my
legs, lightly stroking my balls as my right hand jerked
up and down with increasing speed.

I could feel my butt cheeks tensing against the stone
and arched my back as my orgasm started to build within
me. I opened my eyes and looked down at my cock, wanting
to watch it jerk and dance as I shot my wad. As I looked
down my body, past my rapidly moving hand and the column
of my erect rod, I saw something that suddenly brought
my hand to a stop. I saw someone else, and he was
looking right at me.

While I had been obsessing about someone climbing up the
outcropping the same way that I had come up, someone had
quietly approached on the other side completely, and he
had just caught me in about the most embarrassing
position I could possibly imagine.

I scrambled into a half-sitting position, but didn’t
dare stand up for fear of being seen from the trail
below. I tried to cover my still rock-hard cock with my
hands, but when I looked for my shorts and underwear I
realized that I had shifted enough that they were out of
my reach. In fact, they were closer to the person
watching me than they were to me, and as he watched me
look over at them, he realized it just a second after I

I watched this newcomer as he quickly climbed all the
way up on to the rock top, reached over, and grabbed my
clothes. He was young, muscular and handsome, probably
in high school, probably no more than 16, and he had me
totally in his power.

Even if I could somehow get down off the rock and back
to my bike, I’d never make it back to my car with just a
shirt and no shorts. He also had my pipe, which was
still half full of weed, and which could get me in to
even more trouble. I had no idea what the hell I was
going to do.

“Well, well, what do we have here,” he suddenly said, in
a voice surprisingly deep for someone so young. “If it
isn’t some nasty little perv, spying on the kiddies as
he yanks his crank out in the woods.”

“What?!” I sputtered in response. “I never… I mean, I
wasn’t spying down on anyone, I was just enjoying mySELF
up here, and I was making sure there was no one down
below me while I did it. I swear that’s all it was.

“Yeah, but is that what the cops are going to believe
when I call and tell them there’s a naked guy running
around in the woods? Think you can make it out of here
with no shorts on before they can arrive? Do you really
want to take that risk?”

I felt a sudden chill. He not only had me in his power,
he realized it and was already threatening me with it.
Even while I started shaking inside from nervousness, I
felt a curious sort of calm descending over me. If he
was in control, then I wasn’t really responsible for
anything that I did. I could let myself do just about
anything, I suddenly realized, and could explain it away
because I really had no choice.

“What do you want?” I asked hesitantly.

“First, stop covering yourself up. We both know you’re
naked, stop trying to hide your dick.”

I moved my hands away from my crotch, and saw my cock
twitch and jump as it was exposed to scrutiny. Because
he was clothed and could stand up, while I could only
kneel there in front of him, I felt even more
submissive. There’ s something about looking way up at
someone’s face when you’re in a helpless position that
makes it even more demoralizing. I thought I knew what
was coming next.

“Looks like your dick likes it when you show it off to
another guy, doesn’t it? I think you know what I want,”
he said firmly. “Since you’re such a nature boy perv, I
think you’re probably totally queer, too. I want you to
suck my cock… and I want you to do it now.”

There was no uncertainty in his voice, and as I stared
up into his ruggedly handsome face, I could see the
determination in his eyes. He had blond hair, short and
parted on the side, and the body of a three-sport
athlete, the very image of a young, Aryan prep school
god. Given the fantasies I’d had in the past, and the
precarious position I was in, I didn’t take much

I rose up on my knees, and moved towards him without
standing. He took one more step forwards, to get away
from the edge, and stood still, holding his arms up to
keep my clothes far out of my reach. As I got up close
to him, I looked straight ahead at the space between the
bottom of his too-small t-shirt and his athletic shorts.
He definitely had those coveted washboard abs, a perfect
“innie” belly button, and a light but still visible
trail of blond hairs leading down to the waistband of
his shorts.

I took a deep breath, and reached up with both hands at
once, hooked my fingertips into either side of the
waistband, and yanked down his shorts to just below his
knees in one quick motion. He shifted to one foot, then
the other, so that I could pull them all the way off.
Below the waist, he was now only wearing a jock strap,
short socks and off-road running shoes. I looked at the
cloth pouch of his jock, and blinked in surprise at the
size of it. This kid was enormous. I reached up
hesitantly with my right hand and stroked his cock and
balls through the cotton cloth, feeling it slowly start
to thicken and uncoil.

“Take it off,” he commanded.

I reached up again with both hands, grabbed the
waistband of his jock, and slowly pulled it down,
pulling it out away from the front of his body as I did.
After I had gotten it just a few inches down, his cock
sprang out, already half at attention, and it was truly
an impressive slab of meat. It looked like something out
of a porn movie, and was bigger than anything I’d ever
seen in a locker room or sauna. Even though it wasn’t
completely hard, it was already a full nine inches long,
and almost two inches in diameter. It was cut, and rose
magnificently from a full bush of curly blond pubic
hair, and his balls were also impressively large, and
hanging low.

I quickly pulled his jock the rest of the way off, and
turned back to this incredible cock, which was now just
inches from my face. I reached up with my right hand and
gently stroked up and down its length, just admiring it
for a moment. I formed my thumb and index finger into a
ring, and jerked it slowly. I could smell the musky odor
of his crotch combined with the sharp tang of sweat, he
must have been out running before he discovered me. I
inhaled deeply, licked my lips nervously, and started
leaning towards his now completely erect, 10 inch long

Now as I said, I had never done anything like this
before, but I’ve watched a hell of a lot of pornography,
and I’ve had more than a few girls give me this
particular treatment, so I knew what I basically had to
do. I was less than confident that I could get the whole
enormous thing into my mouth, but I figured that I’d be
able to do a passable job all the same.

I opened my mouth wide, closed my eyes, and sucked in
the whole head of his cock, which felt big enough to
nearly fill my mouth all by itself. I ran my tongue up
and down the underside, then twirled it around and
around the tip, then flickered it briefly right over the
one-eyed monster’s single eye. I could feel him shift
slightly, as his muscles clenched in response to sudden
sensations. I made sure my mouth was full of moisture,
and started sucking, leaning forward to see how much I
could swallow.

I started to move my head up and down, just like in
every blow job I’d ever watched before, trying to get
just a little more into my mouth with each downward
thrust. I could only get about four inches in before it
started hitting the back of my throat, and made start
feel like I was going to retch and cough. I pulled back,
and started licking and kissing up and down the shaft
reaching out with right hand to play with his balls, and
with my left to grab his ass and steady myself.

By this time my captor was already really getting into
it, and was standing with his crotch thrust forward and
his head thrown back, enjoying the moment. I alternated
between licking up and down the shaft and sucking the
head into my mouth and playing with it with my tongue,
occasionally using my right hand to stroke up and down
the lower part while I was sucking the end.

My own cock was like an iron bar between my legs, and I
could feel pressure building painfully in my balls. I
was so incredibly turned on by what I was doing to this
godlike teenage guy, every time I shifted and my cock
brushed against my leg it was like an electric shock
going through me.

I spent a minute or so paying special attention to his
cockhead, sucking it, licking it, biting it ever-so-
lightly with my bared teeth, then sucking it again hard.
He was clearly lost in the sensation sweeping through
him, he’d dropped my clothes on the rock beside us and
had rested his hands on my head, gently pushing down and
encouraging me to get back to work every time I’d lift
my head to take a breath.

His pushing became a little more insistent. It was clear
that he wanted to get more of himself into me, and I
decided that since there was no guarantee this would
ever happen again, I should go ahead and give it all I
could. I decided to try to deep throat him, and I’ve got
to say that no matter how many movies you watch, it just
doesn’t prepare you for what it’s really like.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could, and tried to tilt
my head so that my mouth and throat were better lined
up. I paused, kissed and licked the tip of his cock, and
then started slowly moving my face forward, closing my
eyes tightly. At about the four inch mark it started
bumping the back of my throat again, and I tried to
clear my mind, relax and ignore the impulse to gag.

If I just kept moving forward… a bit more… oh god…
just a bit more… mmmmpph… just a little further. I
could feel his girth filling my throat, the edges of his
head tickling as they went down.

Suddenly I felt my nose getting tickled by pubic hair,
and I opened my eyes to see the massive, hard wall of
his stomach just inches in front of my eyes. I had
almost the whole thing down my throat, and as I pushed
forward the final inch, I felt this incredible surge of
triumph. I had done it, I had gotten it all in!

But once I had gotten it in, there was no way that I
could bob my head up and down the way I had been doing
before. I kneeled there motionless for a moment,
breathing through my nose and wondering what to do next.

As if he realized what had made me stop, as if he’d been
reading my mind, suddenly the boy started to move his
hips back and forth, pulling back and then thrusting
forward, nearly pulling clear of my throat on the back
stroke, then nearly slamming his pelvis into my face as
he pushed it back in.

He was basically fucking my throat, and I just tried to
keep my tongue, lips and teeth out of the way while he
did it, although occasionally he would pause and I would
put them back to work, licking, nipping, nibbling on
whatever part of his shaft they could reach.

Sometimes I kind of forgot to breathe, and then would
have to take deep shuddering breaths through my nose to
try to get enough oxygen to stay conscious, but we
managed to keep this up for nearly five minutes.
Finally, I felt the muscles in his legs starting to
tense up even more, and could tell from the increasing
speed of thrusts that he was about to come. Suddenly, he
yelled out a loud, “Yes!”

The first spurt came while he was still deep in my
throat, and was therefore swallowed by default. He
pulled back partway as his cock started jerking
irregularly, and the next few spurts were right in my
mouth, with the last couple stray globs hitting my on
the cheek and on my chest. I swallowed what was in my
mouth, then used my finger to collect what had fallen on
to my face and body, and licked it clean.

I leaned forward and kept licking his slowly deflating
rod, getting every bit of stickiness off of it. His
semen was warm and sort of salty, with an underlying
sweetness that was actually kind of pleasant. I’d never
even tasted my own before, and here I was lapping up
this young boy’s cream, what in the world had I just

I suddenly scrambled backwards, grabbing my shorts and
underwear as I pulled away. The guy was still standing
there, eyes closed, basking in the afterglow of what had
clearly been a powerful orgasm. I felt like I was coming
out of a trance, and blinked my eyes at the bright light
of the sun, which was still warming the top of the rock.

I looked around me. What in the world? I was totally
naked, except for my boots, in the middle of the woods,
and there was another guy, wearing just a t-shirt and
running shoes standing right in front of me, still
practically quivering. I had just sucked his cock. And I
had loved it.

I had no idea what to think. Did this mean I was gay? It
couldn’t, I decided, I’d been with too many women, and
got too turned on by naked chicks, to possibly be gay. I
sure had sucked that cock with gay abandon, though!

As I thought it about again, I could feel my own cock
starting to twitch some more. It was still hard as a
rock, and I could feel my balls approaching the
dangerous “blue” stage. I reached down and put my right
hand on it, thinking it would only take a minute or two
to blow an enormous load.

“Wait,” the teenager said.

Yikes, I had almost lost track of the fact he was up
there. I looked up at him, and grabbed on to my shorts
and underwear with my left hand.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “I won’t try to grab your
clothes again, that was just to get your attention,
really. I could tell you wanted it, you just needed a
little encouragement, and after that performance I could
tell that you LOVED it. You don’t want to stop now, do

I looked at him, not trusting myself to speak. What did
he mean?

“Wouldn’t you like to see what it’s like from the other
end? Wouldn’t you like me to suck you off?”

Just the thought of it made my cock jump visibly. I
looked down, and nodded, still silent.

“Well then,” he continued, “There’s just one thing
you’ve got to promise to do for me, first…”


[Want more? Let me know at omnivore@mad.scientist.com
and if enough people want it I’ll make it clear why the
title has more than one meaning.]

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