China Girl – Asian Interracial Sex Story

by Anonymous BBS Author 1993


Suzie Wong, a refugee from the upper classes of Vietnam
society has to get by somehow, and boy does she. (M+F,
bi, asian, intr, orgy)


Suzie Wong gazed longingly towards the ocean, carrying
her thoughts to her native land. A refugee from Vietnam,
whoever would have thought it possible, she the daughter
of Chinese nobility forced to flee her homeland. The
successful owner of a boutique that catered only to the
best to the best, the wives of Field Marshalls and
Colonels were her clientele.

She had clothes flown in from Paris and London, she
attended luncheons and cocktail parties by the score.
And now… here in this hotel in Hawaii to rest and
recuperate before flying to America to meet Brad, her
husband. Whatever had possessed her to marry a CIA
Agent, she could have had anyone… he did remind her of
her father’s stable boy though, always she came back to

Suzie sighed, she didn’t want to think about Brad, he
didn’t even satisfy her and she hardly ever saw him
anyway. She smiled to herself when she thought of Brad’s
superior from the CIA who had informed her she must
leave the country, with his bulging eyes and pants,
thirsting to get into her panties. She thought of the
sadistic pleasure she had gotten from refusing him.

She closed her eyes and opened them again to view the
lush scenario of the Hotel Margo, and in doing so she
realized for the tenth time that morning that every eye
at the pool was upon her. Poor suckers, she could almost
see their cocks straining against their bathing suits in
anticipation. Just because the Hotel had a reputation
for beautiful women, everyone assumed she was fair game.
Well, she wasn’t. She was exhausted keeping these oafs
at bay. And Suzie Wong, at thirty-five was still

As she rose from her chair to walk to the pool, it was
evident that her body did not reveal her years. Her legs
were long and lithe, her skin taut and glowingly
tantalizing against the hot sun. Her buttocks were round
and firm and swelled seductively under her bikini,
revealing just the space between the two globes of
undulating promise… her breasts spilling just enough
out of her white bikini and her belly, gentle and ever
so slightly rounded, just right for the caress of a
man’s hand.

Men lusted after her, and drooled and pursued her
relentlessly. She spurned them over and over again but
to no avail. She was always cold and haughty but it only
seemed to make them want her more.

If only she could have looked like half the women from
her father’s village, sagging breasts and care-worn
bodies. She reflected pensively for a moment upon her
early life, her father the Governor of the village and
her mother from an ancient lineage. She, born to be
served and pampered. Again she thought of the young
stable boy, thirteen years old beaten to death for
loving her.

He had fucked her one night in the almond grove and her
father’s steward had caught them. Her first love killed
for loving her. Something had died in her then, never
again to be aroused, or so it seemed… and now. Well,
she didn’t want to think about it. And now she had her
niece to care for, since her brother and sister-in-law
were killed, a girl who had quickly ripened to
womanhood, only lately out of the convent.

Wendy was now thirteen, Suzie had taken care of her
since she was six. She had sent her to only the very
best of schools and guarded her very carefully.
Yesterday Wendy was a child and now… Suzie reflected
that the child was fast growing into a very beautiful
young woman. Of late Suzie had noticed Wendy’s increased
interest in boys and her seductive way of casting her
eyes whenever they came into the room.

Somehow Wendy’s approaching maturity was causing Suzie
to feel again the touch of a man more constantly,
perhaps it was a sense of competition, who knows. Brad
wasn’t much help, he was hardly ever with her and when
he was… Well, Suzie shuddered, she didn’t want to
think too much about Brad and his apparent lack of
concern for her, true she was somewhat frigid even with
him but didn’t he sense her need to be really taken.
Apparently not, his lovemaking left so much to be
desired and half the time his mind seemed to be
elsewhere, probably on his work.

Suzie shook herself out of her reverie, no point in
lingering on Brad, here she was in this ridiculous place
fighting off advances of men like, well like Jed Kranz
sitting opposite her, his belly was so large she doubted
if she could even find his cock, he wanted it just the
same. Ugh, men were all alike, sad but true.

The voluptuous woman stood at the edge of the pool
gazing down into the blue rippling water, a bird swooped
over her head in a graceful dive and she too followed
it, wishing she could fly away on the wind away from all
this. Surfacing she felt refreshed and for a moment in
time felt content again.

She played in the pool for a while, temporarily
forgetting the ogling eyes, diving like a dolphin and
somersaulting, she really was a gorgeous woman. The men
around the pool couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss
at not being able to possess her. Shit. Who was it this
time trying to invade her privacy, her peace flew away
as quickly as it had come.

She saw a strong pair of legs blocking her exit from the
pool and looked a little higher at a deep blue silk
swimsuit to a deeply tanned body and into the eyes of
Russ Redford.

“Hey baby,” he called to her. “I’ve been looking for you
all morning.”

“Oh, hi Russ,” nervously she smiled, looked into his
eyes and then darted then away again. “Pardon me,” she
said rather brusquely as she tried to avoid touching his
body, brushing against his cock which was so obviously
throbbing against his swimsuit and for a moment she felt
a titillating sensation in her vagina as she came close
to him. A surge of desire shot up through her body and
she tensed her thighs in order to avoid too much

Russ laughed. “The Virgin Queen eh,” he quipped.

Suzie Wong blushed scarlet, then quickly regained her
composure and her dignity she walked past him to her
deck chair. Russ watched her, a grin spreading from ear
to ear as he savored the full curve of her ass swaying
in cock-throbbing undulations.

Suzie sat down and put on her sunglasses and cautiously
watched Russ for a moment. He did arouse her, that was
certain and he was the only decent man at the hotel…
in fact the only man in desire into her body. He was
obviously very intelligent, in an entirely different way
from Brad, and extremely handsome, a Drama professor at
some university in California and Wendy, her niece, had
been spending most of her days with Russ’s nephew Mike.
They were the only youngsters at the hotel and had
naturally been thrown together… but also they did seem
to “flash” as they put it on each other.

Every woman in the hotel wanted Russ to fuck them, it
was obvious, in fact every night he was with a different
woman. Suzie knew, though, deep down that she was the
only woman he wanted there at the hotel. No, never, she
shuddered almost too violently never again will I fall
in love, not another man, except Brad and he didn’t
count, would come into her lovely body, even though they
might die for the want of it.

She looked good and hard at Russ, he seemed to be a man
in his late thirties, early forties, it was really hard
to tell with a man like that. His body was so strong and
muscular and obviously he took really good care of
himself. He was intelligent, charming, handsome,
everything a woman could want… hut she knew too much
about men to let herself be fooled, he was lust like the
rest, a sexually driven beast.

Lost in her thoughts, Suzie was shocked when she felt
the presence of another body close to her. Russ was
leaning over her, almost touching her breasts with his

“C’mon angel,” he smiled. “Are you ever going to melt
enough to allow me even one moment with you.”

Suzie felt uncomfortable with his body so close to hers,
she really did feel desire every time he came anywhere
near her in all her years out he the world since the
death of her first husband, no-one had even come close
to affecting her like this, she was at a loss as to what
to do. She really was lonely, in truth… but really she
was not going to be fucked by anybody, fucked and left
to cry in the hot sun like all the rest of the women at
the hotel.

“I like you, I really do,” Russ said earnestly. “There’s
no- one here at the hotel that can hold a candle to you,
your eyes are so seductive, like a playful kitten. You
oriental women are so mysterious and alluring. I thought
maybe we could don’t know, whatever you want to do.”

Suzie smiled warmly. “Thanks Russ, but I don’t date,
I’ve already told you that, I’m here to recuperate. My
niece and I have been through so much recently and we
are exhausted. I need a little peace and quiet.”

“So why choose this hotel, baby, with so much action,
it’s not exactly your summer retreat.” Sensing her
withdrawal from him, Russ stood and walked away, totally

Suzie watched him walk away without looking back and
felt torn in two. One half of her wanted to call him
back and say, “Russ, I’d love to go to a movie with
you,” and the other half felt repulsed and afraid. She
wanted him and she didn’t… Oh Cod!… what was she
going to do. She was a frigid, uptight bitch and she
knew it.

Russ strode angrily to his hotel room. Christ! that
bitch was hard to get, he’d been pursuing her
relentlessly for days to no avail. He couldn’t get her
out of his mind though, she was different from other
women, obviously from a good family, she had an air of
breeding about her. He’d been around enough women to
know class when he saw it, even in an oriental and Russ
Redford was a snob a heart when it came to women.

He might mess around a lot but when it came to a real
woman in his life he wanted class and this dame had it.
He was notorious at the university for chasing snatch…
and in all his years no-one had ever evaded his grasp
like Suzie. Nothing seemed to work with this delectable
piece of pussy!

He knew from experience though that once he could crack
the ice he’d have one hell of a tigress on his hands. He
sensed her desire for blood and he had it. He would tear
her apart, the cunt, once inside of her, if only he
could get near enough to kindle the flame. Damn it, he
was so frustrated he wanted to tear off her bikini right
at the poolside, fuck everyone around.

He wanted to fuck his cock deep inside that tantalizing
pussy of hers and choke her with it until she begged him
to stop. He wanted to… Russ stopped, realizing that
Suzie was reading his thoughts. It was getting more and
more difficult to keep his lust in check. Goddamnit, he
was going to fuck her, he was going to… wait a minute!
A plan was emerging in his consciousness… a last
desperate attempt. Alright, he’d tried another tack…
he was by no means through.

Turning around to catch a last glimpse of Suzie he saw
that she had left the poolside, never mind, he would see
her soon enough. Turning sharply, he headed for the bar,
he’d need a drink to bolster up his courage for this

Suzie returned to her room to escape from the hot sun
and to collect herself. She lay on the cool cotton
sheets and felt a warm languorous sensation spread
slowly up her body. She was a sensual woman, she knew
it, but life’s bitter experiences had caused her to deny
her true nature. First her father’s stable boy had loved
her and been killed and then married to Brad for so many
years, hardly ever seeing him, a war raging, all the old
ways falling.

Her father was a powerful man and he had considered it a
feather in his cap to have a CIA agent for a son-in-law,
he ordered her to marry him and of course she obeyed,
that was the way in the East. Brad had married her and
left on a mission two days later leaving her brutalized
and shaken. That was five years ago and she’d hardly
seen him in the interim. And then Randy came into her

Her father had summoned her one evening to the house and
told her the war was going very badly, he wanted her to
become friendly with a certain Colonel Randy Newhouse.
Her father felt he could be useful to them if they
needed to get out of the country in a hurry. He had now
realized that Brad was of little use to the family, he’d
been off with the Montaigns, a group of mountain
tribesmen working for the CIA for the last nine months,
no-one had heard from him since.

Colonel Randy Newhouse and Suzie met at her father’s
house. He was kind, he seemed sensitive, he read poetry,
he was attentive…

She got up from the bed to take off her bikini, since
the elastic was beginning to cut into her flesh. She
caught sight of her reflection he the closet mirror and
studied herself with detached interest, but without much
pleasure. Her satin-skinned flesh tinted a golden tan
except for the tiny stripes of her bikini.

She gazed at her taut, high breasts, they curved up to
firm deep pink nipples. She moved her eyes to the black
silky pussy hairs and opening her legs, she touched
gently the softly molded vaginal lips. She could see the
tiny tip of her clitoris peeking from the crested valley
of her vagina in almost childlike shyness. She looked at
her face, her high cheek bones, her mysterious eyes as
Russ had called them, she had the classic almond shaped
eyes of the orient that could express many moods. And
then, as if suddenly ashamed by her immodest voyeurism,
she threw on her pink satin robe and closed the closet

“I’ve got a good body,” she thought, “but it hasn’t
brought me anything but pain.” And once again she
thought of the women in her father’s village with the
sagging breasts and wrinkled thighs. God! If only she
were an old toothless hag, or been born ugly, then she
wouldn’t have been cursed by men constantly lusting to
strip her naked and fuck her. All her life men had
fondled her and when she finally married Brad, his
clumsiness and brutality had left her cold.

Then there was Randy and she remembered the first time
he had come into her life. He had treated her like a
lady, he didn’t seem to lust after her, he was sensitive
and very intense.

They had spent many long afternoons talking, drinking
tea. Then one afternoon she invited him to her own
house. Her servant brought them wine and she became
higher than she ever usually allowed herself to become.

They began kissing and the heated presence of a man
against her body after nine months alone, had fired her
passions to an explosive level. She was aware to, of his
throbbing excitement… of the huge bulge in his tight
pants. The cloth of his crotch seemed to give off waves
in torrid temptation to continue, and there was a
tantalizing wet spot where his hardened penis was
pressing its blunt tip against the cloth. The salacious
sight seemed to fire her even more, making her breasts
ache and her nipples become jeweled rubies rubbing
against her own dress.

Then suddenly there was a light tap upon the door, it
was Tang her servant inquiring if she required mere
wine. So she quickly dismissed him for the evening and
returned to Randy. Then they were alone again, rubbing
thigh against thigh, his hard cock burning into the
heated mound between her legs. Randy was kissing her and
his feverish hands were unzipping the back of her dress
and she… Oh God! How she swore after Brad she’d never
trust a man again, but, Oh! Ohhhhh! she was arching her
back to allow him to.

The memory was having a strong effect on Suzie. She lay
there on her bed, her white robe falling open slightly
to reveal her suntanned body and her hardened nipples.
To her profound anguish, she now felt her soft, curl-
rimmed cunt lips beginning to throb, excitedly pulsing
the same way it had those many years back. Shivers of
unwanted sensations traveled up her spine and through
her flesh, and she moaned in shameful prurience,
continuing her reverie.

Randy’s hands had smoothly removed her dress and bra,
and he was suddenly squeezing and cupping the nakedness
of her sensitively tingling breasts, his lips leaving
her mouth to suck on her trembling nipple with a hungry
desire. His other hand was still peeling the panties off
her writhing hips, down past her moistened pubic hair,
down her legs, while she… Oh Lord!… she helped kick
off that last restraining garment. And then he tore at
his own pants and shirt making them both naked. How well
she recalled her gasp at the sight of his immensely
swollen cock.

And then he was rolling between her legs and on top of
her, her young foolish brain seething with uncontainable
passion. Yes, she was silently begging for him to
continue, to have his long hard penis filling her
hungrily throbbing cunt well to its fullest. She wanted
him to slip between her excitedly trembling thighs and
fill her belly with his thick, hotly throbbing hardness.
She was ready to let a man fuck her again.

Her long black hair flailed around her moaning face, her
taut nubile breasts dancing on her chest as she prepared
herself for him, for the sweet forbidden taste of
lusting manhood… Randy’s muscular hips pinned her
squirming thighs to the sofa.

The soft black curls of her pubic hair brushing
teasingly against his searching cock, tickling against
it and inciting him to incoherent mumblings of crazed
desire… She had been wildly aroused too, and then
Randy flicked his thighs forward and with one smooth
motion of his hips buried all of his thickly pulsing
hardness deep up into her hotly quivering cunt-hole.

But then, suddenly, she remembered how his sweetness had
changed to wild, unbridled lust. And his tender loving
changed to just a selfish fucking of her openly spread

“Please, love,” she had whispered to him. “Fuck me slow
and easy.” But he couldn’t or wouldn’t hear her pleas.
And when he had spewed out his hot male cum far up
inside her unsatisfied cunt and belly, he had dressed
and left her quickly… just walked right out on her
never to return again. She had then pulled her dress
over her nakedness, and in the darkened living-room had
lay there awake and sobbing half the night from
unsatisfied passion and bitter hurt. Never, she had
sworn, never will I leave myself vulnerable to just
being fucked by a man again as long as I live.

A wave of blushing shame passed over Suzie’s face now,
just as it had so many times over the months whenever
she recalled that painful night.

Then, suddenly, there was a knock at her hotel room

Suzie pulled her robe tightly around her voluptuous body
and slipped on a pair of thin silken panties, then went
barefoot to the door.

Russ Redford stood outside. She was stunned to see him,
and something about him was making her a little
afraid… She smelled the faint odor of alcohol coming
from his breath.

“What do you want?” she said sharply.

“I want you, my lovely one,” he said as sweetly as he
could. “Oh,” the liquor was allowing him to get carried
away, “Oh, I want you so bad!”

And before she could decide how to handle this difficult
situation, he was in the door.

“No,” she cried, terrified of his suddenly direct and
lustful approach. “Go away, please! I told you before,
I-I don’t…”

“Why?” he murmured ignoring her plea, “Why do you keep
me at such a distance? I-I really do care for you,

The woman felt torn in half. Her fantasies of a few
moments ago had heated her body to the boiling point and
here was the man who had set off that chain of memories.
God, he was attractive… But she knew what men were.

“Please, Suzie,” he said reaching for her hand. “We’re
adults… We need love… And love is… physical,” he
said gently.

Her dark beauty had stunned him, and now, holding her
hand and standing within inches of her warm fragrant
body, he was literally overwhelmed with the need to
touch her face, to run his fingers through her long dark
hair, to kiss her and hold her and make love to her
until she surrendered completely to him. Christ, maybe
it was more than lust this time… this woman aroused
his feelings so much. He couldn’t help himself around

His other arm began to snake slowly around her tiny
waist sweeping her closer to him until he was able to
whisper into her ear, “Suzie… darling…”

Suzie squirmed uncomfortably in the handsome man’s
embrace, placing her hands up between his arms and
pressing against his chest until she had disentangled

“Russ,” she said, “I… I am attracted to you… but,
but I hardly…” She hesitated, trembling with a mixture
of confusion and excitement…

Then suddenly he pressed his body against her, grinding
his loins tightly against the front of her robe. Suzie’s
deep brown eyes widened with surprise and indignation as
she felt something unexpectedly hard pressing into the
flat plane of her belly, and made a concentrated effort
to gain control of a rapidly disintegrating situation.
What was happening to her today… the flood of
memories… her passions fired for the first time in so
many months…

She gasped angrily in an attempt to struggle away from
the stiff, poker-like bulge that was urgently digging
into the softness of her lower abdomen, all too evident
through the thin layer of clothing that separated them.
Above her, Russ’s implacable smile seemed to her to
widen with an unbearable arrogance as though he were
enjoying her anxiety and discomfort. He held her more
tightly, pushing harder against her until his weight
trapped her desperately wriggling body securely against
her dresser.

“Russ, for heaven’s sake. Let me go this instant,” she
cried out. Distress was evident on every feature of her
beseeching face as she looked up at the handsome man.
“You know I don’t like this! I won’t be manhandled–”
she said, knowing her voice lacked total conviction.

And so her unconvincing words seemed to have no effect
either on the now lewdly grinning man or on the pulsing
rod of flesh that was straining against her belly. “Aw,
c’mon Suzie,” he pleaded. “You know you want me holding
you like this. You know deep down inside you do! Why
fight it?”

Then he gently but firmly drew her into a heady,
clinging embrace and was whispering wetly into her ear.
“You drive me wild,” he cooed softly. “God every time
I’m around you, I go nuts with wanting you so badly.

D-Don’t even talk like that!” she groaned. Her body too
was on fire, yet she knew men and she knew she must

Before she could find the breath to protest, she felt
his one hand grasp her chin and tilt it upward toward
his face. Then she could taste the warm moistness of his
lips as his mouth came down hotly over hers, and his
tongue slithered deep into her mouth, searching for the
softness of her own tongue.

The reluctant Chinese beauty had to admit that this
man’s firm, manly body felt good pressed against her,
its sinewy strength beating against the supple roundness
of her breasts. Instinctively, her body began to respond
to his subtle caresses, molding her willing flesh to him
with every fiber of her strength. It shocked her,
realizing she was involuntarily responding this way to
him. Russ Redford possessed an affable charm and
forceful personality, and was one of the most desirable
men she had ever met. The urge to shout yes! to him was
nearly uncontrollable.

But it was stopped dead, checked as always, by the black
and terrible cloud of her hurtful past hanging overhead.

“Oh God, no Russ,” she whimpered as he released the
tenderness of her quivering lips for a moment. Haunted
by a fear of what might follow, Suzie clenched her hands
into fists and pushed as hard as she could against his
chest to break the lock of his arms. “No… no more…
Wendy will be back soon! Please, you have to let me go!”

“She’s with Mike,” he answered in a throaty rasp.
“They’re out together. They won’t be back for a couple
of hours!”

Then, with no further warning, he abruptly tightened his
enfolding arms about her and once more crushed his mouth
down wetly on her trembling lips. Disregarding her
indignantly mumbled protests, he slid one hand down
under the fabric of her satin robe to gently stroke the
firm smooth flesh of her upper thigh. He clamped his
fingers greedily around one of the full, firm cheeks of
her buttocks, pressing her loins even move demandingly
to his own.

For a terrified moment, the raven-haired beauty thought
even more desperately to escape his unwelcome caresses,
but then her traitorously accepting body ceased its
struggle. In spite of her fervent revolve not to, she
was beginning to respond to the eager passion of his
kneading hand around her tautly straining buttocks. For
a wistful moment she wished she could truly let go of
her inhibitions and fears, just for one time, and do
what should come naturally to her as a mature woman…
but the wounds that had been inflicted on her were
simply too deep and still unhealed.

Somewhere, in the depths of her consciousness, Suzie
felt the tempting awareness of Russ’s arousing kisses,
the gentle yet massaging pressure of his clenching
fingers around her buttocks and slender waist, and the
insistent throb of his excitedly jerking hardness
against the nakedly yielding flesh of her belly… but
she was still too afraid, afraid of the pain and
heartless treatment she had endured twice before, to
allow herself to give in now. The dedication which had
turned her into an independent and self-reliant woman
was built on the need to prove her worth, after men had
made her doubt it.

“No… no, Russ, please, no!” she moaned, her words lost
from the constriction of his lips.

“Why not, Suzie’? Why not, just like men and women do
all the time… what nature built them to do?” His hand
continued to stroke her hotly pulsating thigh and
buttocks, and then he lowered his lips to her pleading
mouth once again, his tongue darting out to slip between
her teeth. Suzie moaned, a mixture of desperation and

He was too strong for her physically, and now her body
was a loose bundle of throbbing sensations, her mind
rapidly losing control over it… Then suddenly his
other hand snaked up along her quivering belly to cup
one of her full, naked breasts beneath her robe, sending
tiny licking flames of unwanted excitement rushing over
her vulnerable flesh. Small pinpricks of delicious
feeling raced through the softly pulsing lips of her
awakening pussy, until, abruptly, the realization of
what she was allowing to happen struck her.

Again, the old fears and hesitations returned! She
thought about breaking away and running… running to
escape this man… but she doubted that her legs would
support her now. He held her tight, his hands hot and
smooth on her breast and her buttocks, and he ground his
loins strongly against her thigh. She could tell that
his penis was hard and that it had expanded into the
full blood-engorged erection that was bursting to get
out of his pants and crawl insidiously up into her
nakedly waiting cunt.

“Stop!” she cried. “Oh no… no!” With near superhuman
strength, she squirmed away from his grip. “Let’s calm
down, Russ! Not here, not now! I’m not just one of those
desperate spinsters you’ve been screwing all week!”

“I know you’re not, Suzie,” Russ breathed into her ear.
God, how his cock ached, and his balls were crying out
from the pressure of his thickly building cum! “But you
are a woman,” he said with slow thick desire. “And
someday you’ll give yourself in love again.. And I want
it to be to me!”

Those tender words reminded her of Randy Newhouse…
That was how he had spoken to her, and then he had just
fucked her and left her belly filled with semen and
unsatisfied. Selfish brutes! All of them nothing but
wild, sexual beasts.

Her body stiffened as Russ began pulling her loins
harder than ever against his own. He massaged the soft
yielding cheeks of her buttocks from behind once more,
his mouth locking down again upon hers with a frantic
urgency. She heard her breath coming in tiny mewling
gasps, and the muscles of her body were as taut as a
bow-string as they reacted of their own volition to the
delicious teasing of Russ’s warmly gripping fingers.

She clenched her teeth together, fighting the surging
emotions of her flesh with all of her might, but the
pervading fingers of his one hand nipping against her
breasts, and the hardness of his penis against her
trembling belly, brought further moans of helpless
submission from deep in her throat.

God, in spite of her past, Russ was succeeding in
arousing her! Maybe there was hope yet… he was being
so tender in his passion… and she was becoming excited
in the way a healthy female ought to! Perhaps she would
become normal and not let her fear of masculine betrayal
keep her trapped in her loneliness! But all the while,
there was a frightening hollowness alive in the pit of
her stomach, fighting off the intensity of her

“Ohhhh, Russ! Please don’t do this!” she pleaded, almost
close to tears from her conflict of emotions. But the
man’ hands fondled the tight cloth encased cheeks of her
buttocks, unaware of the battle which was raging in
Suzie’s mind. Suzie struggled harder… but his kisses
burned hots and his left hand closed teasingly over her
throbbing breast, absorbing it voluptuously firm

‘Oh… oooooooh…” she chanted almost mindlessly now,
alive with the forbidden and fearful sensations. His
hands, his tongue, his whole enveloping body enflamed
her, and she gasped from the sudden craving which was
rapidly overcoming her resistance. And still came the
pungent thought that she didn’t want to stop him or
herself… that, this time perhaps, she would learn to
trust a man…

The troubled woman made no effort toward stopping the
hotly aroused professor, as his hand traveled tauntingly
around her buttocks, down her leg to the hem of her robe
and then up underneath it along the trembling satin
flesh of her naked thigh… then up to the warmly moist
pubic hair as she stood naked beneath the garment. A
panicky shiver raced through Suzie’s sex- inflamed mind.
No! No, she couldn’t let this happen… But yes! Oh God,
his fingers feel so good, so warm and gentle and good…

A low purring of hungered abandonment escaped from the
tormented woman’s lips, and her breath came in
increasingly heavy spurts, erotic passion surging
through her veins. Russ smiled lustfully down at her,
and then pressed her back against the nearby dresser,
leaning over her until she was forced to slide up onto
its top and lie back with her legs dangling over the

“Yes, Suzie, yes…” he intoned softly with heavily
panting breath. “We’re finally going to make it, you and
I… We’re finally going to break down that barrier of

Gently he pushed her down until her head rested against
the wall. She undulated her buttocks with rising
passion, as if her body were responding to some mind
other than her own, and raised her arms to Russ in
needful supplication. He, in turn, pushed between her
legs until he was standing with his hips holding wide
her inner thighs, his bulging loins jerking insistently
against the panty-covered mound of her sensitive vagina.

He leaned far over her, and his searing mouth pressed
hard against her pliant lips, while his hands continued
to fondle her aching breasts and down along her legs,
sliding up and down her inner thighs, brushing against
the burning, vibrant crevice of her tender pussy, as her
robe fell open revealing fully her exquisite body in its
almost full, voluptuous nakedness.

“Oh Russ… oh Russ, you mustn’t…”

Ohhhhh,” she moaned time and time again. She gasped in
unwanted excitement as his fingers insinuated themselves
inside the narrow elastic waistband of her panties, and
she cringed from his fiery touch upon her naked flesh.
In self defense, her mind tried to assume power over her
body which was totally succumbing to its prurient
desire. “No… no, don’t…”

Then the man, unheeding of her weak pleads, fingering
the softly yielding slit of her swollen cunt, stroking
the hair- covered pussy lips and burrowing lewdly
between them and deep inside. Suzie couldn’t seem to
control herself as she involuntarily raised her hips in
helpful deliberations, clenching her secretion-wet
thighs together. She could feel with obscene delight the
coolness of the breeze through the opened window gently
caress her naked inner flesh and moist pink vaginal
crevice as her legs parted again in lewd, uncontrollable
invitation. “Oh God!” she panted up into the silence of
the room. “Oh God, we mustn’t! I-I’m so afraid!”

“It’s all right, Suzie! You know we must, and you want
me to fuck you up between the legs as much as I want to
fuck you!” Russ Redford groaned with the building
demands of his hotly hardened penis and sperm, bloated
testicles feverish now to possess the warm hair-rimmed
clit that was slowly and inexorably devouring his
fingers up inside.

The sight of this sensual woman lying half naked across
the top of the hotel dresser, with her robe hanging
open, her head lolling and her legs jerking
spasmodically on either side of his hips, was making him
quiver with unrestrainable animal desire as he ground
himself as tightly as he could against her passion
throbbing cunt.

His burgeoning cock surging with small aching pulses in
his swimsuit while he parted the sensitive slit of her
vaginal opening with his middle finger and teased the
soft surrounding fringe of darkly curling pubic hair. He
heard Suzie Wong mewl with spiraling desire from the
electrifying shock of his caresses and watched her as
she rotated her naked buttocks around on the desk top
when he made ecstatic contact with the throbbing little
tit of her clitoris.

From where the handsome professor stood between her
legs, he could look down and gaze unhindered at all of
her pinkly spread pussy, stretched open to expose its
coral smoothness and tiny clitoral bud, her twitching
vaginal lips swollen with arousal and glistening with
droplets of warm cuntal secretions like dew on the
petals of a fragrant rose. Jesus!

All he had to do was lower his swimsuit and fuck his
cock straight ahead! His lust-hardened penis would be in
direct line with that darker pink cuntal passage begging
like a hungry mouth to feed upon his lewdly sawing
fingers! He couldn’t remember when the sight of a naked
pussy had excited him more! He had to have her! He had
to fuck now or his balls would explode like hand

Maddening patterns of indecency continued to consume the
sensation-filled woman. She could feel the fleshy hair-
fringed lips of her moist cuntal furrow stimulated with
Russ’s ever burrowing fingers, and she groaned from deep
in her throat as his probing fingertips teased every
fiber of her fully exposed pussy.

She was furious at her lack of control with this
rapacious man. But still she undulated her desire-
maddened thighs in helpless response as Russ Redford
stood teasingly between them, splaying her trembling
legs wider apart until one bare foot rubbed up and down
the walnut surface of the dresser drawers with
unrestrained passion.

She knew in dazed, subconscious anguish that the sight
of her nakedly splayed loins was inflaming Russ with
brutal craving, but somehow the forbidden pleasure of
being viewed by this man only increased her unwanted

She whipped her dark hair from side to side and ground
her warmly quivering buttocks down harshly against the
littered desk in a futile effort, her lips tightly
clenched. Yet Russ’s hands never ceased their teasing
manipulations of her sensitive cunt, and despairingly,
she realized there was no escape for her now. She wanted
him to fuck her silly! Oh God, at last she wanted a man
to fuck her, this man! Ohhhh, how she wanted him! She
was fighting a battle with herself that she had
desperately desired to lose for years…!

And then she knew he was slipping off his swimming
trunks. She could feel that one of his hands that had
been kneading her desire-flooded cunt was away and
struggling to lower his swimsuit. She tried to protest,
but her voice froze in her tightly constricted throat.
Spread-eagled, her legs wrapped around the determined
man’s hips, she could only stare up along the valley
between her erotically pulsating breasts with tear
moistened eyes.

Then she saw Russ Redford finally manage to drop his
swim trunks down around his ankles, exposing his flushed
blood-hardened erection. The heavy shaft of adult male
flesh hovered rigidly from his hirsute loins, its blunt
purplish head spearing toward her wantonly flaring cunt
mouth, the huge, sperm swollen testicles hanging
pendulous and sensate at its base.

She could feel the thick rubbery tip of his swollen
penis pressing forward against the naked lips of her
wide-splayed pussy, and she knew it was bloated with
sexual ecstasy — an ecstasy she was still mortally
afraid to accept… for just then her thoughts returned
to Randy Newhouse, how she had opened her naked thighs
wide to him and how he had hurt her, both physically and

“Stop it! Stop it!” she cried out, thrusting her hands
against the dresser top and writhing to lift herself,
nearly delirious with her last defiant rejection of a
man’s sexual penetration. “Oh Lord, let me up! Let me

“Goddamnit!” Russ growled back. “It’s too late to back
out now, Suzie!” He finger fucked her faster with his
middle finger, which was still continuing its passion-
arousing rotation deep around in her opening-spread
pussy. He teased the nub of her erect clitoris and moved
still closer, leaning over her to hold her flat to the
desk, his mouth trying to close over hers to choke off
her cry of protest.

She turned her head to avoid his face and fluttered her
eyes as a cry gurgled up from low in her throat. But she
couldn’t make a sound. The hotel was full of people. She
would be disgraced to be discovered like this. And her
niece… her young teenage niece… what kind of
terrible impression would this have made on her. She was
helpless, unable to act.

But insistently, Russ Redford held his lust-incited
penis with his other hand and bore against her with
persistent concentration, guiding his throbbing cock-
head right toward her nakedly quivering vagina. But oh,
that cock so large, larger than the two men who had
fucked her without feeling.

How could she take that up in her belly and enjoy it? It
was impossible, no matter how much she might love the
man! She fought him savagely now, trying to raise her
legs so she could lock them together, while, at the same
time, tightening her straining thighs together as hard
as she could to deny entrance to the naked man trapped
between them.

Russ gritted his teeth and pressed against her harder,
wailing, “God, my darling, I need you now! I’ve got to
have you, don’t you see? Oh, God, I’m so excited, I’m
going to cum, and I want to cum inside you!” He groaned
again, skewering her moist hot cuntal slit faster and
deeper with his middle finger, using the rest of his
hand to press the softly wafting curls of her vaginal
lips apart so he could fuck up inside of her with one
final lunge.

Then Suzie was unable to stop the powerfully built man
from pressing the blood-bloated head of his immense
penis against the softness of her dark pubic curls as he
endeavored to hold her pussy crevice wide apart with his
hand. He desired nothing more than to fuck his heavily
pulsating cock deep into her nakedly spread little pussy
hole, she could see that now… He was no better than
all the other men who’d lusted after her with their hot
pawing hands and thick hairy bodies!

She clenched the outer lips of her helplessly spread
cunt together as tightly as she could, until the sinews
along her inner thighs stood out in aching relief. She
heaved and bucked against his urgent hardness in her
wild effort to dislodge this almost stranger’s unwanted
cum-filled cock, almost hysterical in her terror of
being brutally fucked half to death again.

“Good God, I can’t wait any longer!” Russ Redford
blurted heatedly. “I’m going to cum and I have to cum
inside of you!”

“No, Russ!” she screamed back in delirious torment. “I
don’t want it! Not ever… ever… ever!” She could feel
the spasmodic throbbing against her tightly pressing
inner thighs and the wetness of his warm seminal fluid
that oozed in excited droplets onto her firmly
protesting vaginal lips. She steeled herself to hold his
pressuring cock back from between her desperately
clenching pussy slit in a final effort to keep from
being fucked against her will. Once inside, there’d be
no stopping him! Then–

Russ groaned out in a low, curdling moan. “Suzie, Suzie
baby, I’m cumming! Oh Jesus, I’m cumming!”

Redford suddenly stiffened as he stood between her legs
and his hardened penis began to jump uncontrollably
against her fear locked vagina. The moaning woman could
feel a great flood of hot, cream-like sperm abruptly
shoot forth across her nakedly rippling belly, up as far
as her navel, and down to the quivering folds of her
still wildly struggling pussy. Its obscene heat made her
think she was being inundated by a seemingly never-
ending flood of liquid fire, and she was only able to
stare in horrified fascination down between her breasts
as his cock spewed out wave after wave of white,
torrentially spattering semen.

At last, his testicles now drained and completely empty,
Russ Redford staggered from between the beautiful
whimpering Chinese cum-drenched thighs in almost
exhausted passion. He looked down at his now rapidly
debating penis as it spewed out the final drops of his
cum in a sticky trail across the smooth tile of her
hotel room.

Then, awkwardly trapped with his swimsuit around his
ankles, he stooped to pull it back up, wiping the
dripping head of his cock with the soft material. That
was all Suzie could stand. She stood up and walked over
to the bed where she collapsed in a shameful silence,
unable to face him further.

“Well, now you see what happens when you tease a man,”
Russ growled, livid with his own embarrassment. “You’re
too much of a woman to ignore, Suzie, that’s the
trouble. You’re just too damned much of a woman.”

“You’re a brute… an animal!” she screamed. “I don’t
ever want to see you again!” Hot tears of shame filled
her eyes and her hands clenched into two tiny fists at
her sides. “I thought I sensed something loving and good
in you… But you’re worse than all the rest! You-you
pretended to care about me, and then you… Ohhhhh, I
hate you!”

“Why, you’re nothing but a cock-tease,” he snapped
disdainfully back at her. “A cold-cunted prude!”

“Get out of here!” she screamed at him. “Get out of my
room… Get out now!”

Russ Redford’s mocking laughter rang out through the

I’ll fuck the piss out of that snooty little oriental
cunt of yours yet… just wait, he thought, as a vague
notion was already beginning to form in his head.

Alone now in the empty silence of her room, Suzie was
overcome with loneliness and despair. But, Oh God, her
body still vibrated and hungered from the arousal of
Russ’s lovemaking — if you could call it that. She felt
so unfinished… she needed to be fucked, her semen-
splattered cunt needed to be fucked. Suzie lay on her
bed as she had so many times before and imagined what
she needed to fulfill her. Release, ah, she needed
release. Her body had been intensely aroused by the
attempted seduction, she needed comfort, comfort and

The aroused woman rolled over on her back and wriggled
her naked buttocks on the bed and raised her legs until
her knees were bent and her feet were flat on the
coverlet. Slowly opening wide her thighs, revealing the
soft cum-covered lips of her eagerly trembling cunt, she
began to massage her breasts, her firmly aching breasts.
Taking her nipples between thumb and forefinger, she
slowly teased them into hardness. She massaged them
slowly and firmly while they throbbed like things alive.

Suzie recalled Russ’s great erection… she rubbed her
hands through his cum still on her belly and between her
thighs and she shivered in lewd delight. Yet his penis
was too long and thick, far too large and demanding to
bring her blissfully exciting sensations. She could only
experience pain and suffering from his penis, it was
like a warrior’s sword.

Suzie’s brain began to slowly change the image,
remembering fully his full-grown erection pressing
against the sensitive walls of her wetly throbbing
vagina… yes, she began to change the image into a
dream more stimulating to her erotic yearnings…

As Suzie lay on her bed she began to recreate the scene
of the afternoon. She fantasized how it would be if she
were eagerly writhing and eager to be fucked by Russ,
but a different Russ, a Russ she could respond to.

In her mind’s eye she saw his long thick cock, her Culls
flared widely for it, now she craved it inside her.

This imaginary Russ aroused her as the other hadn’t been
able to. Her whole body tingled with anticipation as the
images aroused her and she saw Russ making tender,
romantic love to her. Yes… now Russ was on top of her,
her naked body pressing against his naked body, his
blood pulsating cock sliding wetly into the welcoming
warm sleeve of her pussy. Suzie could allow her mind to
think of how it would feel, and ah, yes, feel it she
did. She looked at her nipples, they were growing
harder, throbbing upwards in pink loveliness. A tender
yearning began to erupt in her thighs as she imagined
Russ, in spite of the fact that she had rejected him
just a short while ago. Slowly she caressed her hardened
nipples feeling the pull in her cunt, her thighs on
fire, her whole body quivering ill anticipation…

“Ohhhhhh, fuck me… Fuck me darling…” She pleaded in
her mind, in her sexually denied woman’s mind. “That’s
it daddy… fuck my cunt blue with that big hard cock of
yours. Fuck me the way I should be fucked…”

Suzie blushed with shame as she realized that once again
she was submitting to the only form of sexual release
she had ever been able to enjoy. She believed it was
shameful to finger-fuck her pussy, but what else could
she do, since no man had ever been able to make her
respond and cum the way they wanted her to. She massaged
her breasts slowly and rhythmically. Now she was in her
dream world of fantasy, she could allow her release.
Alone, without the presence of a penis too big and
demands too rapacious she was not afraid.

Suzie, alone now, all her disastrous affairs and
marriage behind her, she imagined what she was imagining
now. Yes… there was only her intense need for arousal
and comfort, her urgent need now for release.

The naked woman pulled her legs up and a lowed her
thighs to part, revealing the soft, desire-flushed lips
of her hungrily trembling cunt. Still she cupped her
breasts in her hands, teasing their hardened nipples
between thumb and forefinger until they throbbed with

She dreamed of Russ’s giant erection plunging deep
within her thighs… Yes his penis was too large, so
thick and long, demanding too much of her. If only she
could alter it, if only Russ Redford’s full-grown
erection could press against her in a way that could
totally satisfy her erotic yearnings.

Now, in her mind’s eye, Russ’s cock, his huge male cock
was becoming smaller… more slender and shorter…
something about five inches long began to form in her
mind’s eye. Yes, it was more like the penis of a boy, it
was like the penis of a stable boy, the boy who had
fucked her tender virginal cunt so many years before.
Her love, her first love with his boy’s desire- hardened
penis. Oh, how utterly depraved she was but this was
what she wanted, a young boy to mount her and take her.

Her hungering cuntal slit quivered excitedly as she saw
the image of a slim boy, his young loins driving his
slender young penis deep into her. Now, she no longer
feared the arrogant massiveness of a full-grown
experienced man fucking her, this way she could give
herself entirely to her passions without fear. God, it
was so obscene, an innocent adolescent less than half
her age nakedly fucking into her wetly flooding pussy
with uncertain, almost timid strokes, ah! It made her
moan with anticipation and delight.

Suzie consoled herself that it didn’t really make any
difference, after all it was only a fantasy, she wasn’t
really seducing a boy. Really, nobody could be hurt by a
fantasy… and ahhhhhh… now in her imagination she saw
his darling little cock plunging into her warm wet
pussy. The dear boy… ahhhhhh… now she was guiding
him, teaching him. She felt the power sear through her
body, she, Suzie Wong was the user instead of the used,
the master instead of the helpless slave.

Suzie’s right hand dipped down between her quivering
thighs and lifting high her hips from the bed she
received her finger. She slid her finger into the warm
wetly waiting lips of her vagina, pausing to moisten it
with Russ’s cum which was still spread over her thighs.
“Ohhhhh, you darling, you little darling, you!” Suzie
purred in the privacy of her own hotel room, she thrust
her tongue into the air imagining as she did so the
warm, waiting lips of the virgin boy.

She smeared the semen salaciously around the tender,
hair-lined crevice, feeling her clitoral nipple spring
to a rigid and quivering life. She tenderly caressed her
quivering pussy feeling her orgasm as it mounted in her
thighs, the tingling little bud of her clitoris
electrified at the contact and she began to gasp with
total abandonment.

Her left hand caressed her breast, squeezing it tightly
now as her orgasm mounted. Her right hand rubbed harder
and harder across her sensitive clitoral, tits and
pussy. To be fucked by a youngster, not much older than
her niece was so obscenely exciting. Ohhh, to dream of
being fucked by a mere boy, a boy just like her boy, her
first with his proud, young cock gleaming in the

Ah! Yes… Yes, she could see her boy now. His young,
taut body gleaming, his hairless loins quivering with
the discovering of his masculinity as he plunged his now
hardened, pulsating cock between her nakedly spread
thighs. Quickly he was learning the secrets of sexual
abandonment, his slender, growing penis thrusting more

She, Suzie was instructing him, teaching him all the
corrupting practices other men had forced upon her with
the big, heavy men’s bodies… Everything she had
secretly wanted to experience now she was passing on to
her young lover, her womanly flesh was at long last
really enjoying all the wicked lessons of her brutal
lovers, enjoying them as she knew she really could.

“Fuck me, darling boy… Fuck me the way I’ve dreamed so
long about… Fuck meeeee!”

The wild naked woman rocked on her bed, driving her
completely cum-covered fingers deeply into her wetly
clasping cunt. She felt the boy’s cock plunging into her
belly, sinking into the very depth of her, bursting into
her, this virile teenage boy. Oh God! Cum! Glorious cum!
And he would cum inside her pussy, cum with her fresh
young sperm.

The older woman felt herself growing taut with impending
orgasm. She fingered her cunt faster and faster, her
eyes closed, seeing the darling boy, her hungry vagina
closing around her pistoning fingers as they plunged
deep, deep into the very heart of her, waiting for him
to cum… cum… cum.

Then she climaxed, experiencing her wildly bursting
orgasm as if possessed by the devil himself Surge after
surge of rapturous joy sprang through her pulsating
loins. Her pleasure so intense, so acute it was almost
painful, she gasped for breath, stifling a cry of
bursting pleasure… and then satiated, she slowly sank
back on her bed and drew out a long sigh of completion.

Suzie was completely still, every ounce of energy had
been drained out of her, she lay without stirring.
Gradually, the room came back into focus, her sanity
slowly returned. Her ethereal lover gradually drifting
back into the recesses of her mind, drifted away like
wispy gossamers of obscene fog…

An intense feeling of mortification now seized the older
woman. Whatever had possessed her to imagine a young boy
naked and fucking her. Oh God! She was so ashamed. Suzie
shook herself into the reality of the moment, it was
silly to chastise herself for her indecent behavior. She
couldn’t erase her obscene and demoralizing thought, and
anyway it wasn’t her fault, her traumatic experience
with Russ had caused her to act this way… Certainly
she could find a proper way to straighten out her
problems so the one day she could become a loving wife
for her husband when he returned, and it would be for
him as a man, not for a mere boy.

Of course she would never actually molest a boy, she
wasn’t that degenerate. No more sordid love-making for
her, fingering herself while dreaming of a boyish youth.
She would simply watch herself more closely in the

Yet, however hard she tried the naked woman couldn’t get
the fantasy out of her mind. She felt a sense of great
uneasiness and doubt, because her fantasy was so
depraved it seemed to tease her, it didn’t seem to want
her to forget. As silly as she knew it was, she wondered
vaguely if it were possible to get pregnant from finger-
fucking a man’s cum up inside her open cunt…

After leaving Suzie’s bedroom Russ Redford had returned
to his own room. He ordered himself a stiff drink,
showered and changed into a cool shirt and pants.
Stepping outside once again he noticed that a cool
breeze had sprung up from the ocean, reminding him that
the afternoon was drawing into the evening. Russ Redford
was hopping mad, he just plain wasn’t used to a woman
treating him this way, that bitch, that motherfucking
cunt of a cockteaser. Shit! His blood boiled every time
he thought of her, he would revenge himself, he would
get back at that bitch, she would have to pay somehow…
but how…?

Russ turned a bend in the path and headed towards the
old Teahouse, it was deserted now. At one time it must
have been very beautiful, apparently years ago they had
held dances out here but it had long since fallen into
disrepair. Yes, the Teahouse was a good place to plan
his revenge, it was quiet there, he could really think.

Oh Christ! Damnit! Russ could see a couple silhouetted
against the windowpane in an obviously passionate
embrace. Oh God! Wasn’t there anywhere a man could go to
get away from fucking. Everywhere you turned someone was
sticking something into someone and that fucking cunt…
yes, that fucking bitch–he wished she was here right
now so that he could ram her up against the wall until
she choked.

As Russ neared the building he felt his cock stirring
just from the sight of the couple, he approached the
building cautiously from the side so as not to disturb
them. He pressed himself up against the wall closely and
peered around the window to see them. And then, Good
God! Shit! It was Suzie’s niece Wendy and his nephew
Mike… necking like there was no tomorrow.

Russ couldn’t believe his eyes, Wendy was so like Suzie
and Mike was so like himself that it was like watching
himself make love… Holy Shit! The sight was so erotic
he felt himself begin to get a hard-on. He pressed
himself closer to the window to hear what was going on.

“Mike, don’t… please…” he heard Wendy whisper. Holy
crap the bitch was as uptight as her aunt.

“Oh Wendy, Wendy, it’s sooo good to kiss you… it feels
so right… so beautiful… please don’t turn me away,
please,” Christ! Don’t beg, Russ thought to himself,
just take her, just take what you need.

“Oh Mike we’ve got to stop. I’m excited, don’t lets go
any further, it’s not right Mike, it’s not right.” Wendy
pushed Mike away from her in an effort to get him to
stop but it made him want her all the more.

“Please Wendy, please let me hold you a few minutes

“No Mike… no…”

Mike stifled Wendy’s protests with his lips and pressed
her even closer to his body.

“Ohhhhh, Mike! Mmmmmm!” Russ heard the young girl moan.

Russ stood at the window rooted to the ground… he knew
he should leave and give the kids their privacy but he
found himself unable to do so. He felt his penis harden
and press wantonly against his pants in sympathy with
his nephew’s desire of the young girl. God, she was

So like her aunt, her long black, oriental hair so like
Suzie’s, to see her entwined in the arms of his nephew
like that, it was so erotic somehow. To see their eager,
young bodies pressed so closely together with all the
passion and abandonment of two wildly aroused adults.

Russ Redford watched the young girl and picked up waves
of electricity oozing out of her. He felt the arousal of
her loins and his started to ache, he wanted… he
wanted to fuck her too. What a hot bitch she’ll be one
day, he mused.

Wendy was thirteen years old and built like a fully
mature woman. Underneath her blue jeans her buttocks
were round and firm and pressed against the cloth
invitingly. She had almond shaped eyes just like Suzie’s
of the deep chocolate brown color that just seemed to
hypnotize the pants right off you. Her hair was long and
straight and deep, deep black like the ocean at night.
Her breasts, so firm and tantalizingly peeking almost
out of the thin halter top she was wearing. She pressed
herself into Mike, thrusting her hips into him, driving
him just out of his mind, his thighs so ripe and ready
to receive her.

Russ noticed that his breath was coming harder as he
watched the couple and he moved nervously back from the
window lest he should be seen. Looking down he saw a
small patch of wetness spreading from his already
pulsating penis. Damn it! He was aroused. A full-grown
man with a hard-on from just looking at a couple of
kids. A couple of very erotic kids however, especially
the girl.

Russ took his attention off the girl and looked at Mike.
He had to keep his lust in check somehow, the girl was
just arousing him way too much. Mike was a good looking
boy, fine body, golden tan from this vacation.

His body was lithe and he wore a tank top which revealed
his already beautifully developed muscles, and shorts
that really showed off his strong and good-looking legs.
Russ took a really good look at his ass which could be
seen quite clearly through the thin material of his
shorts, he was so beautiful, it was obscene.

He was really a lot like his father, Russ’s brother who
had been killed in an automobile accident when Mike was
ten. The boy’s chestnut brown curly hair hung almost to
his shoulders and his fine, sensitive face was twisted
now in anxious desire.

Russ could see the bulge in his nephews pants as he
passionately embraced the girl’s voluptuous body, they
kissed passionately, long, hard kisses. Russ felt his
cock jump with desire and as he saw Mike’s hand cupping
the girl’s full round breast, he felt like he would
burst his pants. His sperm boiled and he could almost
feel his cock rubbing up and down the warm crevice of
the girl’s clitoris. Now the older man began to imagine
his aching penis sliding up into Wendy Wong’s tight,
virginal little cunt… Holy Shit! what sweet revenge…
what pleasure and what sweet revenge! he thought.

Then suddenly Wendy pushed Mike roughly away.

“No more!” Now she was crying and screaming. “Oh Mike, I
love you so much… but… but…”

“Please Wendy, please… we’re not kids and I love you,
I really do. It’s alright to make it when you love, it
really is alright. Fuck this goddamn virginity

“I want it, I really want it so bad I can almost taste
it Mike, but I’m scared. I just don’t know what to do,
I’m really scared.”

“Goddamn! I can’t take anymore of this,” Russ heard Mike
mutter… “I’m going out of my mind, I can’t take
anymore.” As Russ pressed himself closer to the window
he saw Mike slam the door of the Teahouse behind him,
leaving Wendy alone.

Wendy threw herself on the floor, she just didn’t know
what to do, she had never experienced anything like this
before. Her heart felt like it was going to burst out of
her breast. Mike had walked out on her, maybe he’d never
come back… what was she going to do, maybe she’d never
see him again and it would be all her fault. He’d go off
and find another girl. probably one who wasn’t so
uptight. She felt an incredible surge of pain shoot
through her heart, she really loved him, she really
wanted him but she was scared, that was all, she was
just plain scared.

Suzie has told her over and over again, don’t trust a
man, they get in your panties, full your pussy with cum
and then dump you. They’re all alike, sexually driven
brutes, not one was any better than the other. She
didn’t want her heart broken like her aunt’s.

Wendy sobbed, she didn’t want to lose Mike either. Her
body ached again to feel his young body close to hers,
to feel his hard cock inside of her. She knew it would
be good, it was so sensitive and gentle. Oh God… there
was that feeling again, that wild feeling between her
legs… she gently began to rub the aroused little
nipple of her clitoris, closing her eyes she thought of
Mike and his great cock rubbing against her cunt… and-

Suddenly she heard a sound behind her, she sat up
quickly and turned around, hastily tidying her hair and
drying her eyes.

“Hello, who’s there?” she asked cautiously.

“Oh, hi Wendy…” Russ Redford smiled casually… “I
didn’t realize there was anybody in here… I needed to
be alone for a while and I thought of this place, it’s
usually deserted… Gee, hope I didn’t disturb your
peace and quiet.”

Wendy smiled warmly at Russ. “Oh, no really, that’s
alright, come in, I don’t mind, really.” If only she
could confide in him, it would be so comforting to be
able to talk to someone older. It was pointless in
talking to her aunt, she was so unhappy herself, how
could he possibly understand how she felt. Don’t ever
give in to a man, same old answer. Oh, God! She needed
to talk to someone. “Do you mind if I keep you company
for a few minutes Wendy?”

“Not at all, please do.” Wendy looked at Russ and
realized he really was a very sweet man, of course she
could confide in him.

“Actually, I could use some advice and help,” the young
girl replied eagerly.

Russ Redford walked toward her and sat down beside her
on the floor. “Of course, my dear, anything I can do to
help you.” Russ felt his eyes immediately drawn to her
breasts, so firm, so young, so inviting. He patted her
slender young legs and noticed as he did so the
delicious curve of her buttocks peeking out of her
cutoff jeans. “Now honey, tell me what’s the matter?”

Wendy stared at her boyfriend’s uncle, she felt hopeless
and at a loss for words, how could she put her problem
into words. She found herself feeling very afraid and
realized that she just didn’t know quite how to tell him
what was bothering her. She slid her evocative eyes
towards him, noticing how well his pants fit his
muscular body and just how beautiful he really was, a
shudder of excitement shot through her body and her
flesh tingled in unexpected delight.

“Gee… Wendy… you’re not in trouble are you, you and
Mike haven’t done anything you shouldn’t have you?”

“No… No…” and then she broke down sobbing… “Oh,
Mr. Redford, I just don’t know what to do… I just
don’t understand, I’m so confused about… about…” she
hesitated, now knowing how to continue.

“About what, Wendy,” Russ Redford prompted the young

“About… sex!” The last word tumbling out of Wendy’s
mouth in tones of unexpected reverence. “Sex, you know?”

“Um, yes I know,” Russ retorted, feeling a curious surge
of excitement. “I’m not all that old you know! I haven’t
lost interest in it myself yet and I’m not too old that
I don’t remember what it was like at your age… Sex
isn’t dirty, or shameful Wendy, everybody has sex lives
and there’s no use trying to hide the fact. Did your
aunt teach you that sex was dirty Wendy, is that why
you’re so afraid? Did she teach you that it was wrong?”

Wendy felt a lump in her throat she was so choked with
emotion, she couldn’t answer. She just nodded her head.
Russ held her in his arms in an attempt to comfort her.

“Sex is beautiful baby girl, it’s not wrong,” he said
gently but firmly. “Sex is the most beautiful thing that
can happen between two people and especially if it’s
really good, it can’t be wrong.”

Russ felt the excitement rush through his veins, he felt
as if his blood were on a slow but definite boil. Holy
Shit, this is wildly erotic, he thought. Wendy’s firm
young body nestling between his muscular arms was
playing havoc with his emotions. He gazed at the
innocent girl and felt a great affection for her…
no… not for revenge… this would be pleasure, pure
pleasure, pure sweet pleasure.

God! he hadn’t fucked a virgin in years and the thought
of her tender young, tight little pussy made his desire
more and more acute. His cock was pushing against his
pants in an effort to get to that sensitive little hymen
tucked inside those cute jeans of hers, in fact he could
almost feel her throbbing in anticipation too.

He pressed her closer into his chest, feeling her young
breasts straining at the thin little halter top she was
wearing until the little buds of her tender pink nipples
almost popped out. He thrust his leg into hers and ever
through his pants could feel her lithe, taute limbs. By
God, this girl would be more of a conquest than her

His aching cock throbbed violently against his pants and
Russ’s devious mind began to concoct a scheme to bring
this fresh nubile girl under his power. He felt her
shiver and press herself into him. “Ohhhhh, I could die,
I’m so unhappy, I just don’t know what to do,” the girl
sobbed uncontrollably.

“Well, my dear, you should try to be a little more
objective, take a broader look at the situation The
first thing, is not to do anything impulsive.” Russ
Redford was certainly proud of the calm, soothing
quality of his voice.

“H-how do you mean?” Wendy sniffed, wiping her eyes.

“Well… honey… look at it this way. Maybe you just
weren’t ready for Mike, he’s just a young boy you know,
perhaps he wasn’t able to prepare you properly. The
first time a girl makes love, it’s really important that
she be led up to the act of making love in the right
kind of way. Your aunt hasn’t helped the way you react
also, she’s been without a man for quite a while and her
experiences with men haven’t been too great. Her view is
pretty unrealistic though, not all men are alike, not
all men are brutal.” Russ Redford squeezed the girl’s
hand affectionately and continued…

“Now look Wendy, you kids nowadays are much freer in
your thoughts than when we were young, so why not in
your bodies too. Your aunt and I are of another
generation altogether yet I believe pretty much the way
you kids do today.”

Wendy’s head was beginning to ache, she was so confused,
so many feelings surging through her young body and Mr.
Redford… well… she just didn’t know what to think,
his talk was unnerving her. She felt a whole lot better
though in one way if only she weren’t so confused, and
yet she did feel open to a new direction.

Russ Redford suddenly noticed something gleaming in the
corner of the room, if it was what he thought it was, it
was too good to be true. The sunlight was reflecting
off… yes… off a bottle. Holy shit, yes, it was a
still half-full bottle of brandy. Nothing better to
loosen up a young virgin than a little drink, just the

“Here angel-girl, look what Father Christmas left us, a
little bit of something to help us unwind.” Russ took a
long swig and handed it to Wendy. “This will surely help
you to relax,” he smiled reassuringly.

Wendy took a sip of the liquor, ohhhhh, it made her feel
so warm inside, in fact she began to feel quite sensual.
She shyly looked at the older man as he sat down beside
her again, she really didn’t know if she could trust Mr.
Redford, he was behaving a little strangely, after all
giving liquor to a young girl like herself.

She realized however, that her aunt’s Victorian ethics
hadn’t brought her any happiness and even though she was
scared this very minute, she was feeling happy. Oh dear
she didn’t know what to do or think. She put the bottle
down on the floor. “It feels so good and warm in my
stomach, but I’d better not drink any more Mr. Redford,
really I’d better not.”

“Now Wendy dear, that’s the way you’re supposed to feel
when you drink brandy, it’s nothing to worry your sweet
little head about. Now you just listen to me young lady,
and have another sip.”

The older man and the young girl sat quietly in the
gathering dusk, the last remnants of the sun was
filtering through the room and they began to feel a
magnetic pull towards each other’s bodies. At last the
sun sank below the horizon and the room was plunged into
darkness. Wendy picked up the bottle again and took a
long, slow draught, feeling it ooze and slide through
her body, she felt good, she felt really good. She
turned and looked at her boyfriend’s uncle, her tongue
slowly licking the remnants of the brandy upon her lips.

Russ Redford gently rubbed the young girl’s back.
“Feeling better now?” he asked.

“Um, quite better, thank you,” she confessed.

Russ laughed gently, “Just leave it to me, I’ve got a
cure for everything.”

Feeling braver now from the alcohol, the girl snuggled
closer to Mr. Redford. She looked at him from her young
eyes, growing older and more mature by the minute, he
was so much like Mike, really, he was quite amazing, it
was almost as if she was with Mike this very minute.
Wendy felt a strange feeling of excitement welling up
inside of her, yes he was so attractive and capable…

Suddenly Wendy realised it was getting late, maybe they
should get back to the hotel for dinner but somehow she
just couldn’t move, it was as if she was rooted to the
spot. She didn’t want to leave the warm comfort of Mr.
Redford’s arms, that was it. They’d be noticed as absent
from the dinner table though… it would look strange…
And then, oh hell! she thought… feeling warm and
tingly all over.

Russ Redford sensed the girl’s thoughts and pulled her
closer to him, as if to say… not yet angel girl… not
yet. Wendy’s body was beginning to respond to his touch
and he found his hand sliding down over her breast and
taking the firm nipple between his fingers, even through
the thick cloth of her halter he could feel how
responsive she was. His other hand slid over her belly
and began to massage her slowly and seductively.

Wendy began to moan in response to the older man’s
touch, the feeling she had experienced with Mike now
began to return to her loins and oh, now she could feel
his hands working their way underneath the cloth of her
halter top, and cupping her full firm breast in his hand
he began to massage her. Wendy felt trapped, she
couldn’t breathe, what was happening to her. No matter
how hard she tried she couldn’t quell the longing in her
body, it was flaming up between her thighs, she ached,
she wanted, she desired… ohhhhhh! She twisted on the
floor, she had to get a grip on herself.

“Oh Mr. Redford, don’t do that, it’s wrong… it’s
wrong. Don’t, don’t, what about Mike… and… my aunt.”

“Oh, Wendy, my dear don’t upset yourself, don’t let ugly
thoughts crowd that pretty little head of yours, just
enjoy yourself, enjoy the pleasure of your feelings.”

Wendy’s thin panties were now wet, oozing with vaginal
excitement, she could feel her crotch hard against her
pants and with tremendous effort she squeezed her thighs
together in an attempt to quell the feelings that were
ceaselessly building there. She knew she was on
dangerous ground but she just didn’t know quite what to
do about it. Mr. Redford had been so kind and
understanding, she didn’t want him to think that she
wasn’t grateful–but wow! This was weird… necking with
her boyfriend’s uncle.

But he was really driving her out of her mind with
desire… the handsome man’s closeness, his hand on her
breast the way it was now… Ohhhhh… she squirmed
against him. The crotch band of her nylon panties was
pulled tight into the split of her buttocks, rubbing
against her hotly tingling vagina. She felt an erotic
throbbing start to pulse in the hardening bud of her
clitoris, and the trembling young girl gritted her teeth
together in a vain attempt to hold back the forbidden
delights throbbing stronger and stronger up between her

“I can make you happy… I can teach you about love,
sweet baby girl. I can prepare you for love,” Russ
Redford murmured enticingly in her ear.

“Please, don’t… I’m afraid. I don’t think you should
be doing this to me… really, I don’t!” she groaned
beseechingly, but in the depth of her soul she realised
that she really wanted him, she really was responding to
the gentle hand on her rounded breast. Dear God! She was
becoming aroused by her boyfriend’s uncle. For a moment
she held back and then she realised, so what… it feels
so right, so good. So really, really… wonderful.

Wendy was aroused now in a way that she had never
experienced before, Mike had never made her feel this
way. Mike had aroused her this afternoon but now… with
the brandy inside of her and this older, mature man
fondling her breasts so tenderly, she was positively on
fire. She couldn’t resist the building fire in her wetly
swelling pussy when Russ Redford released the tie and
her halter top fell open. Her full, quivering breasts
were free now, their nipples hard against his hand, he
nipped his fingers over them sending echoes of delight
throbbing through her belly.

“Oh, oh, Mr. Redford, we can’t! We can’t!”

The older man kissed her lightly and continued rubbing
her nipples between his fingers and grinding his pelvis
tightly against hers as he pulled her to him. He slid
his other hand down around the soft roundness of her
trembling buttocks, and the young girl panicked in
reaction to his further intimacy.

“No, oh no, please don’t do this to me!” the virginal
young girl pleaded, her deep brown eyes filling with
tears of anguish.

Russ Redford darted his tongue between her tender lips.
An uncontrollable tremor of excitement surged through
her, her mouth opening to his, her youthful body
relaxing against his. The older man pressed her smoothly
rounded ass-cheeks, forcing her ripe little body to his
bulging loins, causing her vaginal mound to grind
against his huge swelling cock.

“No… Oh no… stop, Mr. Redford, please stop,” Wendy
cried in alarm and tried to wrench herself from his
grip. “I’ve never done it before… never.”

“Don’t worry Wendy, it’ll be good with me and there’s
always a first time. I’ll introduce you to what real
pleasure is all about.” He locked her into his powerful
body, he didn’t want any chance of her escaping now…
not now, it was too close.

“No, no, no…” Wendy mewled as he began kissing her

Her body was electrified with a million volts, alive
with vivid sensations she had never experienced
before… Mike had never made her feel this way, she
felt erotic beyond her wildest dreams. Mike had fumbled
while his uncle’s motions were direct and manly. She
gasped from the desires which were enveloping her entire
body, quivering as the older man’s hand traveled over
her, touching her naked breasts, her stomach beneath the
tight jeans… the zipper open and she felt them being
slid smoothly down her legs and off… then his hand
went to the soft, silken material of her panties…

“Oh Mr. Redford… Oh, Mr. Redford, don’t! Ohhhh…” she
moaned. His fingers slipped up inside the narrow leg
band, and she squealed from the lasciviously delightful

The older man, unheeding her final, weakened pleas,
began using his fingers to stroke her wetly heated
vaginal slit, bringing moan after moan of lewd delight
from the young girds throat. She involuntarily raised
her hips, rotating her innocent young ass-cheeks in
helpful deliberation, spreading her legs so he could
caress her virginal pussy flesh at will. Her arms were
wrapped around her teacher’s neck, and she whimpered
into his mouth while slowly, surely, he insinuated his
outstretched finger into the moist folds of her tight
little cunt.

Oh… God… this… this is, is wrong… all wrong! But
caught in the avalanche of her newly discovered
passions, Wendy could only vibrate and moan in rhythm
with the teasing manipulations of Mike’s uncle, as he
stroked her excitedly quivering pussy. Mr. Redford
parted the moistly fevered slit of her cunt and teased
the soft surrounding pubic hair as he made sudden,
ecstatic contact with her clitoris. Wendy sensed her own
deep wetness from her unwanted arousal and the
electrifying shock of his caresses. And then he slipped
her moistly stained panties down over her naked young
thighs and buttocks, the last barrier keeping him from
her pulsating loins. The warm air of the teahouse flowed
upon the soft, silken curls of her pussy and triggered
the last defiant rejection of her boyfriend’s uncle.

“Stop it! Stop it!” she suddenly cried out, thrusting
her hands against his heavy chest, as she writhed
against him in an attempt to free herself. “Oh, for
God’s sake, Mr. Redford, let me up.”

“Goddamn it!” Redford pressed tighter, refusing to
remove his middle finger and continuing the teasing
finger-fucking of her virginal young cunt. “It’s too
late to stop now, little girl! I’ve tried to be patient
with you, to make it nice and enjoyable, but to have
both aunt and niece reject me in a single evening is too
damned much to take! I’m going to fuck you, child. One
way or another, I’m going to fuck you!”

He leered hotly down at her, eyes flashing with the
uncontainable lust of his frustrated sexual frenzy. And
despite herself, the young girl realized that her hips
were once more grinding shamelessly up in response to
Mr. Redford’s finger stroking her vagina. Her loins
reacted uncontrollably to his maddening caresses of her
cunt, her buttocks undulating in a lewd and
uncontrollable cadence with his stroking finger against
her sensitively vibrating clitoris and hungry wet pussy.

The lecherous uncle smiled triumphantly to himself and
moved his mature body farther over the girl on the
floor. He kissed her hotly, his giant tongue slipping
deeply inside her mouth as his hand continued to caress
her now wide-open thighs. Wendy moaned beneath him
fighting vainly to maintain control of her young body as
the electrifying sensations of his massaging fingers
seethed through her tender flesh.

Of its own volition, her virginal cunt arched upward to
meet more of his lewdly inserted hand, involuntarily
spreading her legs and tightening her belly muscles, her
eyes mercifully closed tightly to her shameless actions.

Wendy opened her eyes and stared at the older man
hovering above her and then widening them still further
as she watched him remove his pants and shirt. With
great care, he made a bed out of the bundle of their
clothes and placed her gently on top of it.

Then, she saw his hand beginning to stroke the now
exposed shaft of his visibly throbbing penis back and
forth. Wow! Never had Wendy seen a full-grown erection
in her life… and the size of this was beyond her
comprehension! No woman could possibly take all of it up
inside her belly, much less a thirteen year old girl for
the very first time!

It would rip her insides open like a gaffed fish! She
couldn’t stop staring at Russ Redford’s huge thick-
veined cock, and then at the sign of her own vulnerably
naked body on the floor beneath it. She was filled with
shame, and it further dawned on the child that her
boyfriend’s uncle was actually about to deflower her

He was wild with excitement now. “I’m gonna tuck you, my
baby, fuck you with my big cock right up that tight
little hot slippery little cunt of yours… oooh,” he

Wendy hardly heard his obscene words, her mind too
occupied with thoughts about what was happening to her.
Yet, even as she was preoccupied in her mind with fear
and worry and guilt, overpowering waves of desire began
to surge through her. She rose automatically to meet his
naked body as the older man dropped on top of her, the
hardness of his heatedly pulsing penis gouging the
sensitive flesh of her belly, his huge hands once more
grasping her tender young breasts. Wendy whined from the
combination of passion and pain, and then their lips
closed upon one another, their tongues twisting and
stabbing deep into their respective mouths.

“You’re going to beg for me to pop your cherry,” Mr.
Redford promised the trembling girl. “You’re going to
cry to be fucked when I’m finished, believe you me!”

He moved down her responsively undulating body with wild
licking strokes of his tongue until his head was just
above her spread thighs.

“W-what are you going to do to me, Mr. Redford?” Wendy
asked with naive fearfulness.

He answered with action, as the palms of his hands
reached for the inner flesh of her thighs and spread
them apart. She raised her head as the older man gazed
down with a wild hunger at her hotly throbbing pussy.
Wendy whimpered.

She, too, could see how her aroused young body was
betraying her, for down there between her obscenely
spread legs, her coral cuntal flesh was tinged with
tiny, glistening droplets of desire, and her glistening
petal-like vaginal lips almost cried out to the leering
face of the lust-inflamed man. She watched petrified as
slowly, deliberately, Mr. Redford spread her secret
vaginal flesh with his thumbs and dropped his lips to
kiss the enchanted area.

“Ohhhhh, Mr. Redford, noooooooo!” she gasped out in
agonized answer to his lust-incited act. At thirteen she
had barely heard of such an act, and the idea of placing
one’s mouth to another person’s genitals was not only
shocking to her, but revolting! And her boyfriend’s
uncle was actually kissing her down there! This was the
weirdest thing imaginable! “Stop, Mr. Redford! Oh God!
Please stop.”

But the only response from the naked man was to snake
his teasing tongue deeper against her defenselessly
squirming cuntal flesh. Wendy lurched against the
bestial outrage, her stomach churning in wild, untamed
humiliation as his salaciously lapping tongue slithered
hotly around her open pussy lips. She begged in her
shame for him to cease his livid licking of her nakedly
spread cunt, yet he only labored faster, his mouth and
tongue making wet, obscene licking sounds which filled
the dimly lighted room with lewd echoes of abandoned

And then, again, in horror, she could feel herself
surrendering to the delicious sensations that were
unwanted, yet pervading her body. His hands moved back
up to her warmly tingling breasts and clenched them
harshly, the apex of his actions designed to collapse
her virginal pride and morals.

She tried to avert her eyes from his wildly moving head
and grasping hands, but she only continued to stare as
he sucked slavishly at her unspoiled cunt, desperately
trying to keep the blissful feelings from conquering
every vein, muscle and cord of her powerless flesh. But
the erotic sensations this experienced older man was
causing were too strong for the inexperienced girl.

She could feel hot tendrils of overwhelming passion
licking upwards from the length of her sensitive vaginal
slit, swirling in her lower belly and pressuring their
way over the elastic-rimmed opening of her clasping
pussy into the crevice of her erotically pumping
buttocks. She couldn’t believe it… but it was
happening to her! Involuntarily, she ground her naked
hips up off the makeshift bed of clothes, hearing
herself emit strange, animal-like purrings from between
her tightly clenched teeth.

Russ Redford felt the tantalizing pubic hair of his
nephew’s girlfriend brush against his cheeks as he fed
hungrily on her hot, slippery little pussy. He could not
help but gloat inwardly as he plunged his tongue over
and over again into the sweet little opening of her
cuntal mouth and heard her cry aloud.

His nose was mashed to her quivering clitoris, and he
eagerly inhaled the warm perfume of her most secret
flesh. The delicate, fresh piquancy of her untouched
adolescence incited his penis until he was afraid he was
going to cum that very second.

Wendy reached despairingly for him, her hands fighting
to rid herself of the lewdly thrusting tongue sunk so
deep up inside her excited little cunt. Then suddenly
they dropped their futile battle and tangled themselves
wildly in his hair and pulled his mouth still tighter
against her squirming pussy. She sighed from the searing
delight which rose from the liquid depths of her vagina,
her eagerly yearning pussy dilating with total
submission to the older man’s oral rape.

She was his now! Russ Redford relished the fact that
this tender young morsel of a teenager was his to play
with, delight in… and fuck wildly…

“Ohhhh, my little one… now I will make love to you…
and it will be the most exquisite pleasure you have ever

Wendy felt the blood pounding in her head and she
thought her mind was on fire. She realized that the time
had come, and she attempted to fight off the flames
which the older man had kindled in her belly. But she
was only able to fan the fires of her unwanted arousal
higher by salaciously thinking of what was going to
happen next.

God… I’ll go mad from these intense feelings… I
can’t wait for what comes next! She made no move to
resist as her boyfriend’s uncle moved lower over her,
guiding his long thick cock with one hand into her soft
black pussy fuzz! He parted her fleshy cuntal lips with
the blunt end of his cock head, letting it lay throbbing
momentarily at the entrance of her they virginal pussy.
And then he flexed his buttocks, pressuring his adult-
sized penis against the tightly resisting ring of her

“Oh!” Wendy gasped out. “Oh! No! No! No! Stop! You’re
hurting me!” She felt as if she was being torn apart…
but it lasted only for a brief moment… and then her
arousal was stronger and wilder than ever before as she
felt his throbbing cock deep up in her belly sending
ever wider and wider circles of pleasure through her.
She started rotating her hips now, wild with the feeling
of his penis in her… then faster and faster, grinding
and twisting her naked young buttocks against the older
man’s thickly pistoning penis as if she were glued to

“That’s it! Fuck back! Fuck back, baby!” Russ Redford
groaned through his excitedly pursed lips.

“Ohhh! Ohhhhhhh!” Wendy chanted over and over again as
she bucked beneath his command, the excited sounds her
mouth was making lost in the sound of their fucking. The
older man was fucking her with ass-flattening strokes
now, as her passion welled up stronger and stronger.

“Oh! Ohhh… ohhhh!”

The older man moved more rapidly now inside the thirteen
year old girl’s wetly, clasping young pussy. The girls
face was now changing by passion, her lips opening and
closing her breath quickened along with her pulse, his
thrusting cock causing electrified tingles that were
forever widening… she writhed beneath her boyfriend’s
uncle, unwilling and unable to stop him now, as erotic
desire radiated faster and faster through her readily
accepting young vagina.

God! She was loving it. Loving the thrusts of Mr.
Redford’s long hard cock deep up inside her feverishly
throbbing cunt! God, yes! Yes, this was it! Somehow,
she’d never thought she’d get fucked like this, and only
a few hours ago she’d denied Mike the pleasure of
feeling her tits! Now she was making it with his uncle!
Wow! And it was wonderful!

Wendy panted more erratically now, hearing the man
breathing harshly as he thrust increasingly hard into
her young pussy. His penis was a huge unrelenting
miracle raging up inside her belly, making her tingle
from the tips of her naked breasts to the sweat and
saliva-streaked crevice of her buttocks! It was a
dream… and a wonderfully delicious dream… and it was
so beautiful, so gooood…!

“You’re starting to love it now, little one,” Russ
whispered, his voice breaking mid-sentence from
passion… “You like cock fucking your hot young pussy,
don’t you?”

“Yes!” came the delirious reply. “Oh, yes’s!”

“Then tell me what you want, Wendy!” the older man
asked, “call out what your little cunt wants the most!”

“Your prick! Your prick! Your big beautiful prick deep,
deep inside my hot little pussy, Mr. Redford! Oh, fuck
it, Mr. Redford, fuck it GOD!”

The sounds of their deeply straining groans and
occasional squeals of obscene pleadings filled the warm
musty air of the Teahouse as the two nakedly-joined
lovers struggled lustily together. Wendy’s flesh matched
the mature man’s pounding lunges with tempestuous
thrashings, for she was one with the man now, and he was
driving her insane! Neither of them heard the heavy
breathing just outside the window where Redford himself
had been spying just a brief hour or so ago.

Mike had gone back to the hotel to cool out and rest
after his painful afternoon with Wendy and when he went
down to dinner he fully expected to see her there. She
wasn’t at the dinner table however and one half an hour
passed and she still didn’t turn up, he was plainly
worried. It just wasn’t like her to be late. Now Uncle
Russ, that was another matter, you never could tell if
he was going to show up for dinner or not. Probably out
hunting snatch, his most favorite occupation.

At the thought of Wendy his cock began to jump and
strain at his pants… Christ! that girl really turned
him on. He didn’t mean to walk out on her this
afternoon, perhaps he had just expected too much of her,
after all she was only thirteen. Jesus though, how much
did she think a guy could take, she was so voluptuous
and inviting, he could almost taste her nipples between
his lips. All week long, petting and carrying on, a guy
could take just so much before he burst wide open.

But perhaps she really was afraid and now she was hurt
and off somewhere crying. Mike got up suddenly from the
dinner table, he’d find her, he’d fold her in his arms
and tell her that he could wait… he’d tell her how
much he loved her, so much that he really could wait for
her to be ready.

Suzie Wong noticed Mike leaving the dinner table, “Mike
where are you going?” Suzie really wasn’t worried about
Wendy, right now she had enough to worry about with her
near-rape that afternoon.

“I think I know where Wendy is, I’m going to get her.”

“Oh, thank you dear,” Suzie replied, noticing for the
first time how really attractive Mike was. He looked
quite a bit like his uncle, only much more sensitive and

Mike made his way carefully along the path to the old
Teahouse, he peered into the window to see if Wendy was
still inside and the sight before his eyes made his
freeze with horror. For one moment the young boy thought
he was losing his mind and he had to swallow a cry of
distress, there on the floor was the lewd vision of his
uncle and his girlfriend, entirely naked.

His girlfriend, his tender, young, virginal girlfriend
Wendy lay with her legs upraised and holding on for dear
life to his uncle. He felt mortally wounded, as if he
had been stabbed in the heart… and yet… the
strangest thing was happening… his penis was
throbbing, swelling in response to the sight before his

Mike found himself identifying with his uncle. It was
he, Mike, that was naked and plunging his cock into
Wendy. He could almost taste her lips and tongue and
feel the soft ware slit of her vagina as he fucked her,
as he drove his blood-pulsating penis into her cunt.

Wendy’s legs were opened wide and Russ Redford was
driving her like a truck. He was fucking her as fiercely
as he knew how, sucking her pink pulsating nipples, his
lips wet with the remembrance of her warm clitoris. As
Mike watched he lost all sense of self control, he knew
he should leave but he found himself rooted to the spot,
he couldn’t, he just couldn’t — and wouldn’t.

He felt his penis aching to be touched and as his hand
slid down inside his pants, he groaned. Yes… ah, baby,
give it to me, that’s right. Holy shit! What was
happening to the world, his very own uncle fucking his
very own thirteen year old, Chinese girlfriend, and he
was watching!

The boy watched them as they thrashed nakedly on the
floor in wild abandonment. His body burst in lustful
excitement as he grasped his cock tighter and began
rubbing it back and forth. Its head rearing up, desire
trembling on its bulbous head. He groaned as he slid his
hand up and down its slippery surface.

Suddenly he heard his uncle’s voice cry, “I’m… I’m
going to cum… I’m going to cummmmmm!”

“Ohhhh… Aaaagggghhhh,” he heard his young girlfriend
moan deliriously.

“Cum… with… me… Aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!” Mike’s uncle
cried as the young girl arched and bucked up against

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! she chanted rhythmically…

“Uuuuuuummmmmmmaaaaaahhhhhh!” Wendy and Russ were
totally caught up in the frenzy of their orgasms and
Mike outside watching began to jerk and twist in total
orgasm too. His body writhed as if in unison with the
couple on the floor and his lustful penis jerked in
shattering spasms. Mike closed his eyes and surrendered
totally to the experience of his body, he was coming,

He was going to cum, he felt the earth shake beneath his
feet as total orgasm took over his entire frame. Then
suddenly the white semen erupted from his pulsating
cock, he pumped and pumped and salivated at the sight of
his cum oozing out over his hands, he worked until every
last drop had been released.

Mike quickly came back to his senses and zipped up his
fly. He took one last look into the window, the naked
couple with ecstasy written all over their faces were
collapsed upon each other in an obscene heap. His eyes
still bulging from his head, the poor, confused boy
turned and fled along the path to he didn’t know where.

He fled down the path, his mind racing in a thousand
directions. His whole world which until today had seemed
pretty much in order was now collapsed. He couldn’t go
back to the dining room, he couldn’t face his uncle and
Wendy, where could he go? What could he do?

He blushed violently when he remembered his own actions
at the window of the Teahouse, he felt so sick and
wanted to vomit, but he knew that he couldn’t. Maybe
he’d take his uncle’s car and drive into town, go to a
movie or something… anything to take his mind off this
evenings terror. He reached in his pocket, two bucks
shit! not enough to go anywhere with. Oh… he felt so
terrible, who could he talk to…

Madame Wong, right… he’d go to her, she was older she
could help him. Oh God! no… not her, she’d go to the
cops and then there really would he trouble. Sweat began
to break out in tiny beads on Mike’s forehead, in his
mind’s eye he saw all the kids at school laughing and
jeering at him. He couldn’t bear the shame, they’d say
obscene things about him and Wendy, they’d just drag her
through the mud like she was a piece of shit.

They’d taunt him with his jacking off, they’d know
somehow they’d know. He was in such a panic he felt he’d
tell everybody about what he’d done and seen. It would
be in all the papers, there’d be a court trial. Oh God!
who could help him… what could he do… where could he
go? He began to sob uncontrollably now and suddenly he
knew that even if Madame Wong was an uptight bitch, he’d
have to talk to her.

She was a woman and she would know what to do. Women
always knew, his mother had always known what to do,
dear God, if only his mother were still alive, none of
this would have happened. He wouldn’t have been left
with his dirty, rotten, sex- maniac of an uncle.

When Mike began to think about his uncle he started to
break out in a cold sweat again, how could he possibly
live with him after this night. He’d have to get his own
place now. His own uncle making it with his very own
girlfriend–holy shit! what a bummer.

Mike had been stumbling around the path having little or
no idea of where he was going. In his confusion he
hadn’t noticed which way he was headed when he left the
Teahouse and now he found himself on the deserted beach,
the moon was just rising in the night sky, the ocean
looked so inviting. At least he knew what to do right
now, he’d cool off in the water and then decide what to
do. A good swim always cleared his thoughts.

It was a warm evening with the slightest of breeze, it
almost lulled him right into the ocean. It felt good on
his body, he took a few deep breaths and he plunged into
the foaming water. With each stroke he felt better, his
manliness seemed to return and his self-assurance too.
The water felt so good on his naked young flesh and he
gave himself to the ocean with all the vigour he could
muster. Yes… ah… yes, his troubles seemed to wash
off him with each strong stroke.

Suzie Wong had not been really worried about her niece
Wendy. Quite a few times since they had arrived at the
hotel she had missed dinner, she was actually quite slim
and lovely but as with so many young girls of her age
she felt she needed to diet, it certainly wasn’t harmful
to miss a meal anyway, thought Suzie.

The older woman was feeling lonely, the event of the
afternoon had really taken its toll on her emotions and
she felt she needed to get away from the hotel for a
while. She was quite troubled too at the realization
that young boys really turned her on more than mature
men and that in actual fact her sexual fantasies
centered around them.

The moon had arisen already and there was quite a lot of
light on the beach, it was a warm balmy evening and
Suzie stretched herself on the sand and looked up at the
stars. Why weren’t things the way one wanted them in
life. Why was she such a lonely, misunderstood woman.
Suzie looked out across the ocean and noticed something
moving out there, it was someone swimming and he was
swimming towards the beach… then standing, walking out
of the water.

It was Mike, Russ Redford’s nephew… naked… Oh God!
What a gorgeous body the boy had, his muscles were
gleaming in the moonlight… his body so young, so

Oh dear what was she to do, her body was already
responding to the erotic thoughts in her mind. She
wanted to escape from them but just didn’t know how. She
quickly took a drink from the bottle of wine she had
brought to the beach in an effort to quell her thoughts.

Mike walked over to the place where he had left his
clothes and Suzie watched his beautiful young body slide
into his jeans, she noticed the curve of his muscular
arms and wanted to run right into them. God, he was
beautiful, she thought.

Suzie shook herself again, what was the matter with her,
why couldn’t she get these thoughts out of her mind, all
she could think of was giving herself body and soul to
this teenage boy, slowly, surely, surrendering
herself… ahhhhh!

He was a pretty strong looking boy, he probably had a
good- sized cock. Suzie found herself imagining his
tender little penis, erect and proud strutting against
his tight pants, strutting like a young peacock. Oh yes,
he could put his little peanut in her warm, womanly slit

Oh my God! What is wrong with me thought Suzie, I just
can’t get these carnal desires out of my mind. Someone
should just come along and lock me up, I’m not fit to be
out in society. I’m perverted and sordid thought Suzie,
oh dear God! She reached for the bottle and took several
long hard swigs… she began to feel dizzy and realised
that she was probably getting quite drunk. Instead of
quelling her sordid thoughts, the drink just seemed to
be making them more and more intense.

Then suddenly the boy started walking towards her, he
had noticed her on the beach and was coming over to talk
to her. A wave of excitement passed over the older
woman’s body like high voltage from a power station. The
closer the young boy came towards her the hotter she
felt. How innocent he is! How innocent and inviting!

“Hi, Mrs. Wong,” he greeted her.

“Hello, Mike,” she replied nonchalantly.

Mike was unconsciously rubbing his thighs, totally
unconscious of the effect he was having upon the older
woman. The boy was erotic and he didn’t even know it.
Suzie had to restrain herself with every ounce of her
will, all she wanted to do was to lean forward and touch
him, stroke his tender young thighs and slide her hand
up into his crotch, up over his fly, unzip his pants and
then… and then… Suzie was overcome with the heat of
her body and had to turn away for a minute, but as soon
as she turned back again her desire was back, stronger
than ever. Yes, slide her hand inside those cute little
jeans, slowly curl her hand around… around… that…

“Hello Mrs. Wong, do, do you mind if I sit with you for
a few minutes,” he asked. If only he could talk with
her, he’d feel so much better but he didn’t dare, she’d
probably flip her wig, or something. Anyway, at lease
she was someone to talk to, someone to stay sane with.

“Well… um… yes, yes of course, please do sit down
Mike.” It was really quite difficult for Suzie to
concentrate with Mike standing so close to her, and she
was really afraid that her perverted mind would start
tormenting her again with desire. She was already
aroused to a point of boiling by the boy, she really
didn’t know how long she was going to be able to control

He was quite a lot like his uncle, only more inviting to
her, not quite so brutal looking. He’d be sensitive,
she’d be able to control him. Oh… there again, her
sordid thoughts were taking over, what was she going to
do? Yes, of course, a walk, that was obviously the

“Oh Mike, why don’t we go for a walk… it’s such a
lovely evening.”

“Sure, oh sure, Mrs. Wong, what a great idea,” Mike
smiled for the first time in several hours.

They walked in silence along the beach, silent although
acutely aware of each other’s presence. Suzie, usually
so good at small talk found that her tongue was stuck in
her mouth, she had a lump in the back of her throat and
curious swirlings were beginning to be set in motion in
her chest. Her heart was racing against her breasts, her
firm, voluptuous breasts aching… ah… just aching to
be caressed.

She really did find Western men more appealing than
Orientals, she didn’t know why but it was definitely so.
This virile young boy beside her was certainly very
appealing to her, very appealing. Oh God! Why did I
drink so much, thought Suzie. She was having quite a lot
of difficulty staying in focus and realized she was just
a little bit wobbly on her feet.

“Mike, dear, why don’t we rest here!” Suzie motioned to
a spot on the beach that seemed particularly lit by the
moonlight, it was just in front of a clump of trees and
although the older woman wasn’t fully aware of it, was
quite romantic in its’ setting.

Suzie searched her mind trying to find a concrete reason
for her attraction to this boy. Certainly, he was like
his uncle and certainly he did stir memories from her
past but to take advantage of one so innocent and
unlearned in the ways of lovemaking was really quite
unthinkable… wasn’t it! She paused a moment and
allowed the sand to trickle through her hands, time
certainly was like grains of sand.

If only she could turn back the clock and be thirteen
years old again, ripe and ready to be plucked like
Wendy, her niece. If only she could be Wendy and be
deflowered by this charming boy… oh yes… if only!
Suzie shook herself, but that just isn’t how things are
she reminded herself. I am old enough to be this boy’s
mother and my niece Wendy is in love with him, it would
kill her if she found out I’d let him fuck me! It was

Oh dear! Then why could she think of nothing else…?
Ever since this morning’s incident she hadn’t been able
to get this boy out of her mind. She was totally caught
up in the fantasy of fucking this boy, this virgin
boy… yes… totally intoxicated…

“Mike, ever since I came to the hotel, I’ve wanted to
swim across the inlet to a little cave I saw. Would you
like to take a swim with me now?”

“Well… uh… uh… I don’t have a suit Mrs. Wong,”
Mike realised that his face was scarlet and that he felt
very hot, he wondered if the older woman had seen him
emerge naked from the water.

“Oh, not to worry Mike dear,” Suzie said boldly. “We can
skinny dip, it’s all the rage these days, everyone is
doing it.” Suzie was amazed at the ease in which she
spoke to Mike, she felt quite at home with him, not at
all embarrassed.

Mike felt his brain reeling, he really was confused.
After what he had seen tonight, anything could happen
even skinny- dipping with Mrs. Wong. The boy took a shy
look at the older woman, taking in fully her gorgeous
body, with its big mouth- watering tits and firm ass
just right for a man’s hand. Holy shit! What was the
matter with him, was he crazy or something… well…
his uncle had made it with his girl, why couldn’t he
make it with his uncle’s lady. Oh boy would that flip
him out.

“Well Mike, what do you think,” Suzie interrupted his
reverie of thoughts.

“Uh… well… Mrs. Wong… I don’t know what to say…”

“Oh come on dear boy, there’s nothing wrong with the
human body, God created us naked you know! I’m not going
to eat you, you’re safe with me.” As she said the last
remark, Suzie muttered to herself. “At least, I think
you are, if I can control myself. If I want to control

The older woman was trembling inside like a leaf, she
realised that she actually had no intention of
controlling herself. She wanted this boy as she hadn’t
wanted anyone in years and although she knew it was
sinful, she just didn’t care. She was ashamed of the
visions that were filling her mind, but not ashamed
enough to stop them. The erotic sensations filling her
body were threatening to drive her out of her mind and
the thought of swimming with him naked… how could she
possibly control herself.

Suzie slowly, seductively began to remove her clothes,
she wanted to make sure that Mike got the full impact of
her body. She felt his eyes practically burn a hole
through her breasts and felt her nipples spring into
hardness from the night air and Mike’s hungry gaze. She
purposely bent over to lay her clothes on the sand,
revealing her softly curved asscheeks and just a glimpse
of her warm, blackly curling pussy hairs.

Suzie felt as though the fire of the ages had been lit
in her body and that she was being consumed by it. She
was having difficulty in maintaining a calm disposition,
the excitement she felt within her breast was so
overwhelming, she felt she would explode. When she first
suggested a skinny dip that was all she had intended for
them to do… but now… her body, so long denied was
yearning to be fucked. Yes… fucked by this boy… Oh

She deserved to be fucked, she was a woman wasn’t she,
with the needs and desires of a real woman? She was
tired of finger-fucking, she wanted a real live cock
inside of her, pounding up against belly, making her cum
all over the universe. Her body felt triumphant and
naked in the warm breeze, her nipples still harder,
excited, throbbing, longing for the mouth of a man, a
boy… this boy!

She didn’t care to listen any longer to the taunting of
her shame-ridden soul, her lust was now too strong, had
taken the reins of desire and would ride her to the last
drop of blood. When a volcano was on the boil, nothing
could stop it and this was what she was now… a
volcano… a red hot volcano ready to blow its top!

She stood proud and naked in the moonlight, totally at
ease with herself. Naked in the moonlight, waiting…

“Mike,” she whispered, purring like a kitten, “come,
take your clothes off too. Take them off slowly for me,
slowly so that I can really savour you,” shaking
nervously the teenager began to undress. First his
sneakers, then his shirt, then his pants…

Every fibre of Suzie’s being began to vibrate as she
watched the beautiful boy begin to undress. She realised
now that her moral code had been shattered and her lust
finally unbridled. So long in the world of fantasy the
ugly head of her monstrous passions had emerged,
escaping from the labyrinth, her desire was free at
last, free to exercise its power. She was no longer a
normal woman but a primitive being, crazed by defeat and
brutality, now ready to claim her own. She had come into
her power.

She no longer had any doubts as to what would happen.
They would swim the inlet to the cave, swim in the
moonlight to their destiny. She a woman, he a boy,
destined to be joined. She was hungry, she would devour
him and he would emerge a man. She was lost now, lost to
her lustful passions and she didn’t care… all she
cared about was the boy, the beautiful young boy. Inside
of her, she wanted him deep inside of her.

And then they were both naked. “Come on Mike,” she heard
herself say in a hoarse voice, hardly more than a
whisper. “Let’s go for a swim… I think we’re going to
have a great time out there in the water together…”

As Suzie and the boy walked along the beach towards the
inlet, she found herself slowly losing her nerve. It was
as if there were a battle raging within her breast.
Outwardly she seemed so calm but inside, she was in
turmoil. Once again her moral code began to exercise its
will. What was she doing, walking naked along the beach
with a mere boy… what would the people at the hotel
say if they saw her now. Obviously drunk, with evil
intentions. She should be locked up, a woman like that
is dangerous.

The water lapped gently up against their feet as they
walked along the beach to the inlet, the water was
gentle but inside of Suzie the ocean was fierce. Waves
of emotion and shame were dashing against the walls of
her soul. She was hopelessly confused, the alcohol had
fuzzed her brain, her emotions tortured her already
turbulent desires. She was lost and confused.

One part of her thirsted for this young boy, hungered
for him, died for him and the other part of her was
horrified, amazed, astounded at her lack of control. Her
whole body shook with desire, the sensations springing
up from her loins were almost more than she could bear
and she felt at a total loss to stop them.

But stop them she must she thought as they neared the
inlet. Yes, stop them she must. She had to get mastery
of the situation, mustn’t let it get away from her! Mike
was a beautiful, innocent young boy, that was all, how
could she think of seducing him, it just wouldn’t be

But in actual fact Suzie had little chance of mastering
the situation. She was controlled by her fantasies,
whether she liked it or not. She had masturbated with
this boy in the realm of fantasy and now here he was in
reality… she couldn’t escape. Suzie ran her hands
along her body and felt the warmth of her flesh, her
body ached to be touched, yearned to be held. Now, with
Mike walking along side of her, naked in the moonlight,
she knew there was no chance of escape. Destiny would
have its fling!

“Well, shall we go in together?”

“Okay,” the shy boy said, hesitantly.

They quickly plunged into the water in an effort to
dispel their shyness and swam with ease across the
inlet. Suzie was a strong swimmer and pulled ahead of
Mike. Then turned around and spurted back to him, almost
touching his body as she reached him. They played in the
water for a moment like dolphins and Mike tried very
hard to overcome his rising desires. Holy shit!

Her tits were thrusting right out of the water, their
nipples seemed to be asking to be touched. He couldn’t
help but be aware of her gorgeous, yellow skinned ass
which he saw every time she flipped in the water, and
her cunt, which he couldn’t quite see but knew it was
there, nestling in the warm black mound of her pussy.
Ohhhhhh!… shit… he was beginning to get a hard on
being so close to this gorgeous hunk of woman.

He’d been fully aware of Mrs. Wong’s gorgeous body ever
since they came to the hotel. How could you miss it, her
bikini was hardly more than a handkerchief and he saw a
lot of her anyway because of Wendy. But this was the
first time he’d been alone with her… and certainly the
first time he’d seen her naked tits and cunt.

Funny, but something was telling him that Wendy’s aunt
wanted him to look at her. Holy crap! What was the world
coming to. First his uncle makes it with Wendy and now
he… now he was swimming naked with her aunt. What
could she possibly want with a fourteen year old boy
anyway? But then was it usual for a man to fuck a
thirteen year old girl? It sure was a weird world, he

All the time Mike could feel his penis rising,
hardening, throbbing and excitement was building at the
base of his spine. He tried banging his legs together in
an effort to deflate his cock, but it was of no use. His
cock was growing with every moment and desire was
beginning to flood his loins. What if he had misjudged
the situation… What if she had nothing sexual in her
mind at all, after all a skinny dip was quite a natural
thing. What was he going to do about his cock when they
reached the cave, he certainly couldn’t hide it.

Suzie was once again gripped with tormented desire. She
just couldn’t let herself seduce an innocent, young boy.
She had a perverted mind, there was no question of that
and she just couldn’t corrupt a young boy because of her
lust. She would just have to fight her desires, that was
all. “Come on Mike, I’ll race you to the cave. Ready,

Suzie was a good swimmer and she reached the cave before
Mike did. The tide was in but it wasn’t too deep around
the mouth of the cave and their feet could touch the
bottom. There was also a slab of rock they could pull
themselves up onto, if they wanted to! Suzie grabbed
hold of Mike’s waist in a playful manner and tried to
duck his head under the water and they both laughed,
they sure were having a lot of fun. Mike in turn tried
to duck Suzie and for a moment they flailed wildly, then
they both grabbed onto the ledge and let their legs
dangle in the water.

So there they were in the water, their bodies close
together. Mike felt Mrs. Wong’s hand come in
electrifying contact with his thigh, brushing along it
only inches from his still hardened young penis. Her
free hand seemed to linger there for a moment and then
moved away.

Mike’s body burst with the shock of a thousand volts of
electrical impulse, he had to bite back his tongue in an
effort to stop it wanting to suck her gorgeous tits,
bobbing just enough on top of the water to be driving
him out of his mind. Take hold of yourself Mike told
himself, it was just an accident, she didn’t mean
anything by it, or did she?

Suzie felt the warm water lapping sensually around her
body, arousing her, pulling her. She gazed at Mike’s
smooth hairless flesh and felt ripples of desire flood
through her. Her mind was reeling with passion and she
could think of nothing but this delicious boy, the
leanness of his body, the remembrance of his satiny
thigh against her hot, searching hand. Her eyes hungrily
devoured him and as if in a dream she found herself
inching closer and closer to Mike until she was almost
pressing all of her lushly mature figure against his
slender body.

“Enjoying yourself Mike?” she asked cautiously.

“S-sure am,” he answered. His voice quivering with
emotion. “I’m having a swell time, Mrs. Wong.”

“Oh, I’m so glad, Mike, so very glad.”

Mike’s voice had a hard time coming out of his mouth,
his tongue seemed to be swelled up and the inside of his
throat so dry, it felt like sandpaper. He sure wished
she wouldn’t stand so close to him, she was even closer
now than before. Her breasts were almost touching him,
her nipples hard and pink and inviting seemed to be
quivering, touch me, touch me. He could smell her, too,
Jesus! She smelled like cunt. His cock was harder than a
baseball bat, its pulsating shaft rising up along his
belly. God! If it got any longer it’d be touching her
naked belly and then she would know for sure what was
happening to him.

But Suzie already knew. She had noticed the burgeoning
throb below the water, and the slender erect outline of
his boyish cock was driving her mad up inside her hotly
hungering cunt! Her shameless heated loins needed little
to stimulate them before this… and now the bulging
hardness between his youthful loins increased her
obscene lusts to the boiling point!

“Let’s play some more!” the passionate woman suddenly
said, grabbing the boy and pushing him away from the
rock. Again they both ducked under the water. Mike
twisted his body, feeling her surge against him and
then… and then her fingers brushed right against his
blood-hardened, pulsing cock! And the fingers lingered
there, massaging gently, caressing with an almost
maddening slowness that sent wild, burning sensations
flooding through his belly and inexperienced mind.

Mike’s mouth opened in a reflexive gasp, and the ocean
water poured into his throat gagging him. He coughed
spasmodically fighting his way to the surface, hacking
and spitting. Suzie came up with him, and they held onto
the rock again, the naked firebrands of her breasts
pressed up against his chest. She moved her thigh up
against his crotch and pressed once more against his
painfully throbbing penis. The astonished teenager
sucked in his breath, afraid his cum-filled testicles
were going to explode and fill the water with his jism!
What was Mrs. Wong trying to do to him?

“Do you like that, Mike?” she cooed at the boy.

“L-like what?” he managed confusedly.

“You know what I mean,” the salacious woman purred at
her niece’s boyfriend, a part of her mind in shock at
her own lewd words. “Touching your penis, caressing it,
Mike, that’s what I mean, and you do like it, don’t

“I-l don’t know, I mean…”

“You know you do, dear boy,” Suzie teased, and her hand
moved to his aching hardness again, stroking it lightly
beneath the water. “And I know you do, because I can
feel you’ve gotten… aa… nice, hard… erection!”

“But, wow, Mrs. Wong, you shouldn’t…”

“Of course I should, Mike… It feels good to you and to
me, and there can’t be anything wrong with that, can
there? Trust me, Mike, dear-heart. I’m older and wiser,
and know what’s best for a growing boy…”

“But… but…”

“Just relax, darling boy. Mmmmmm, isn’t it gooooood…?”

“Y-yeah, I guess so,” he groaned in bewilderment and
sudden passion. “But I can’t take much more of it. It
aches, Mrs. Wong. What you’re doing to me makes me ache
all over!”

“Oh, you poor darling child!” The seducing woman moved
her fingers more firmly over the young boy’s lust-
hardened penis, measuring its tempting length with her
thumb and forefinger. The sound of the boyish groans of
excitement and the feel of his slimly quivering hardness
in her hand sent wicked thrills up the length of her
spine. She thought guiltily for a moment of what she was
inciting this vulnerable young boy to do, and then of
the shock it would be if somebody did catch them now.
Yet the momentary shame she felt seemed strangely to
excite her all the more.

“Poor darling,” she replied again. “Then we’ll simply
have to do something for you, won’t we?”

A twinge of self-consciousness washed over Mike as he
watched in stupefied wonderment as Mrs. Wong’s soft
fingers gently closed around his throbbing, blood filled
shaft, and her lust-filled eyes seemed to widen in
delight at the sight and touch of his penis.

“Mike,” she whispered urgently, “climb up on the rock,
my darling… climb up now…”

Quickly they climbed up onto the rock and found to their
delight that a good portion of it was covered in soft,
green moss. The night air was warm and windless, just

“Oh, my little lover, your cock is so handsome!” the
older woman gasped as she stared down at his still
jutting erection. Mike could still not believe this was
happening to him. Suzie took hold once again of his
hardened cock and began to tenderly move her grasping
fingers up and down over the firm outer skin,
manipulating it back and forth in wondrous delight.
“Your beautiful penis is exactly the way I hoped it
would be, darling…!”

Suzie was lost in the ecstasy of the moment. Yes… here
was the cock she didn’t have to fear! It was just the
perfect size and shape to release her, hard and hot and
ridged along the white shaft from the wide base upward,
then more spongy and soft- appearing at its blunt,
crimson head. Excitedly, the raven-haired beauty drew
the uncircumcised foreskin downward from the mushroomed
head, feasting her eyes on its entire exposed tip, while
Mike’s young body jerked to the rhythm of her fingers.

Holy Motherfuckin’ shit! First his uncle goes and screws
his girlfriend and then, holy crap! There he is with his
girl’s aunt jacking him off! Things just couldn’t be
happening like this, but they were!… This was all
real! Mrs. Wong was stroking his hard swollen rod as if
she were loving it! He stared down at her hand, watching
the older woman and ravening in the obscene sensations
she was sending through his immature flesh.

He felt her hand move away from his pulsing hardness,
leaving it standing straight up, and hard like a spear
thrusting from his loins. He turned his eyes to her face
to see her lovely lips twisted in a strange smile, and
as he watched awestruck, she began to run her hands over
her large ripe breasts.

“Mike my darling boy, yes, darling boy,” Suzie whispered
hoarsely. “Look at me, kiss and lick my olive-skinned
body with your eyes, my love.”

Suzie lifted up her breasts and Mike felt a wave of
excitement shake his entire body. Her pink, hard,
pulsating nipples aroused him beyond his wildest dreams.
Suzie watched Mike’s innocent young eyes sparkle with
delight at she presented her nipples to him. “Look at my
titties the way your uncle wanted to look at them…”

Suzie felt her body on fire with the power of her
actions, she saw the lust written all over the young
boy’s face and she knew he wanted her, he wanted to
plunge his young cock up inside hotly hungering vagina
just as much as she wanted it. She also knew that he was
confused at his own passions and that if she wanted to,
she could put a stop to the whole affair right now. But
she couldn’t… not now… she wanted him too badly,
yearned to feel his penis in her hands, in her mouth…
everywhere. An uncontrollable wave of desire swept over
the older woman… she would possess him… whatever it
took… possess him she would!

As the anguished boy looked at the older woman, he
couldn’t help wondering what would happen if she knew
about his uncle fucking the tits off her hot little
niece. What would she think?

Suzie Wong felt herself possessed of demons and began to
roll her hips and buttocks with a slow, squiring motion
that caused her breasts to sway and dance lasciviously
on her chest.

“Oh God!” gasped the boy. His girlfriend’s aunt was
exposing her black-haired snatch to him and everything!
He could even see her wet pink slit between her hair-
lined pussy lips, and now she was moving still closer to

“We’re both naked and excited, Mike,” she whispered,
taking gentle hold of his stiffened young cock again,
and rubbing it between her teasingly clenching fingers.
“What would you like to do about it, darling? What do
you think it would be fun to try?”

“Oh! Wow! I do-don’t know…” the boy choked, his
straining eyes feasting on her softly swaying breasts as
she leaned closer to him. His immature brain reeled with
confusion, unable to fathom what she was asking. His
eyes flew around the vast, deserted ocean around him-
everything was silent and empty around them… Still, he
couldn’t forget the fear of what would happen if they
were discovered.

The voluptuous woman lay down on the soft bed of moss,
still warm from the day’s sun, and gently pulled Mike
down alongside her. She held him close to her and
circled her long legs around his narrow young waist.
Then she steered his boyish penis into her cuntal slit
until he could feel the swollen head of his wildly
pulsing cock touching the soft pussy hairs covering her
fevered vaginal lips. She used her fingers to move the
blunt tip of his slender hardness up and down between
her wetly throbbing cunt, provocatively undulating her
hips in a circular motion beneath him as she locked her
legs tightly around the boy.

“What’s the matter, Mike?” she moaned against his ear,
breathing liquid fire along his beardless cheeks.
“Haven’t you ever heard of fucking?”

“Jesus! Mrs. Wong!” Mike gasped in shock from her
obscenity. This was one hell of a lot more than he’d
ever wished for, even when beating his own cock at night
in bed. But Goddamnit! He was scared! Scared shitless!
He hated to admit it, but crap, this was too much to
take. And yet the delicious pressure of his girlfriend’s
aunt fondling his cock and whispering lewd words into
his ear was more than he could fight against! What’s
gotten into everyone anyway? Christ, the whole fucking
world seemed to have gone crazy-wild!

“Fucking!” Suzie hissed invitingly. “Fucking into a
beautiful woman’s cunt with that wonderfully hard young
prick of yours! Don’t you know what fucking is, Mike?”

“W-well yes, sure I do, Mrs. Wong,” he blurted out with
stunned passion, his face aflame with embarrassment.
“But I… I’ve never done it before.”

“All the better dear boy, I’ll show you all about
fucking,” she promised sensuously.

Mike realised suddenly that she was quivering violently
against him, her thighs moving harder and more urgently
into his loins. “You want to fuck me, darling child?” he
heard the woman breathe deeper this time. “You want me
to show you how? ”

“I-l,” Mike stammered, the obscene temptations she was
offering exciting him senseless. “I guess I do.”

“Then tell me, Mike! Tell me!”

“Crap, I… I wanna fuck you, Mrs. Wong! I wanna fuck!”
The words flowed out of him in a hoarse cry of lust.
Shit, he was so excited he was already about to cum.

“Oh God, then let’s do it!” Suzie mewled out into the
air, unable to hold back another second. She flicked her
naked hips up with a sudden thrust, driving his youthful
cock into the hungrily gaping mouth of love-starved
pussy. Little warm waves from the ocean washed up onto
the moss and then subsided.

“Ahhhh,” she moaned as Mike felt the warm elastic-like
sheath of her cunt slip wetly over the swollen head of
his penis. Then, miraculously, his painfully aching cock
was roaring up into her hotly clasping pussy to the full
depth of her belly. It seemed tight at first as her
cuntal muscles clasped the full length of his rigidly
throbbing hardness, but then it abruptly became easier
as the heated slickness of her passage surrounding him
lubricated the way. Jeez, he was fucking her! He
actually had his pecker up inside Wendy’s aunt and was
fucking her just like his uncle had fucked his
girlfriend. Crazy! And man, it was damned good… and he
didn’t want it to be the one and only time either. To
think that he had been missing something like this wild,
hot- feeling all this time! Well, he wasn’t going to let
it get away from him ever again, no sireee!

“Oh. Mrs. Wong! Oh, I like it! I like it!” he gasped
breathlessly, flexing the head of his cock with eager
experimentation. “I like fucking you!”

“Ohhh, I knew you would, lover-boy!” she moaned back in
squiring delight. “Now, move back and forth, in and out
of my cunt! That’s it, that’s the way! Now you’re
fucking. Oooohhhh! God! In and out! Pump me, Mike! Pump
my cunt with your prick until your sweet cum fills my

“Yes, ma’am! I’ll do it just like you say to!” The
fourteen year old boy needed no coaxing, feeling the hot
fleshy mouth of her pussy gliding against his rock-hard
penis while he thrust in and out between her opened
thighs over and over again. Wow!

Nothing had ever felt so wonderful to him before in all
his life!

He strained with his hardened shaft forward with all the
young strength in his lean hips and thighs, reveling in
the forbidden act of which he was a part, deriving
further sensations and just tonight he had watched his
uncle fucking his girlfriend, just like this!

Suzie continued moaning her enrapturement, her smooth
velvety legs enveloping the teenager’s waist in a death-
like grip of passion, her hips churning around and
around. The hot satiny folds of her hair-lined vagina
held him, squeezing tightly around his virile column and
milking it already of its first tentative dribblings of
seminal lubrication.

Now she felt like a woman, healthy and enjoying sex at
last, loving this handsome young boy’s magnificent penis
as it drove ceaselessly in and out of her erotically
quivering belly with growing skill. She reveled in the
abandoned lust she had been trying so hard to deny
herself! It was passion alone, passion for its own sake,
and that was all she cared about!

Mike could feel his wildly beating cock growing and
expanding up inside of her soft fleshy warmth until it
felt as if it were going to burst from the pressures
building in his cum-filled balls.

He rammed into her with increasingly hard strokes, his
slim hips pounding wildly as he tried to bury more and
more of his adolescent erection deep up into the hotly
moistened walls of the older woman’s tightly clasping
pussy. Crap, any second now and he was going to cum! He
was going to cum right up inside of Mrs. Wong’s snatch
and fill up belly like he’d always wanted to do to her
niece’s cunt! Man oh man, was it ever GOOD!

“Ohhhh, fuck me, lover-boy! Fuck me and cummmmmm!” Suzie
wailed into his ear, her hips like a separate entity
now, her churning ass-cheeks gone mad as she twisted and
contorted, opening her legs around his waist and
squeezing them closed, endeavoring to take even more of
his hard pistoning shaft into her belly.

Suddenly she cried out, “Ohhh, I-I’m almost cumming.
You’re making me… cummm! Almost… yesss! Yes, oh yes!

Her naked body heaved towards his as the first delicious
throes of her orgasm rocketed through her, spurring the
youth on, locking him into her insanely quivering cuntal
flesh. In that moment, Danny felt his own cum boil over,
exploding along the passage within his wildly jerking
penis and bursting forth from the widened opening in the
tip like a volcanic eruption, flooding her inner cuntal
walls with hot, boiling semen. The older woman was
mewling with total surrender, total satisfaction, total
satiation, urging him incoherently never to stop filling
her cunt with his fresh, wonderful young sperm.

Finally the boy collapsed on top of his girlfriend’s
aunt. His penis began to deflate, and finally slid out
of her tightly clasping cunt to trail long sinuous
strands of his sperm like thin, white sea weed from her
vaginal opening. Shit, what a ride! He couldn’t wait to
get a hard-on again so he could screw Mrs. Wong some
more! But a warm lethargy poured numbingly over his
flesh as his passion waned, and the boy nestled in
contentment against her warm naked breasts while Suzie
held him tightly, a great sigh of contentment escaping
from his lips.

Suzie’s mind was slowly returning to the reality of the
situation. She had just been fucked and fucked damn well
by a fourteen year old boy. She knew that she could
never erase that memory from her conscience. She looked
down at their naked bodies still entwined upon the moss.
She looked at her teenage lover, the nephew of the man
who had almost raped her that very day and she realised
that she would never be the same. Her sense of decency
and respectability had gone forever, now filled with the
warm, innocent sperm of an unsuspecting child, she
searched the recesses of her wicked mind for an answer
to her actions. She should feel ashamed and disgusted
only… Only…

Only she didn’t, she just didn’t feel bad about it. She
felt wonderful, euphoric, she felt as though she were
floating upon a cloud. There was no self-hate, no
loathing sense of corruption of molesting. Just total
and reading euphoria. She looked at Mike and she saw
that there was no outward show of contempt and revulsion
on his features, either.

He adored her, it was written all over her. She was a
goddess to him… a goddess! Suzie was amazed as she
looked at him, he had become a man. He didn’t look like
an innocent boy anymore, now, as his dreamy eyes
traveled over her nakedness he was a man, a man who knew
of his power.

“Oh Suzie, you’re so beautiful, you take my breath away,
I never dreamed I could be so happy. You fucked me so
fantastically, gee, you fuck so good.” Mike leaned over
and kissed the older woman on the cheek. “You sure are
something else,” he said enthusiastically.

“Oh Mike, oh Mike!” Suzie whimpered, clutching his naked
young body tightly to her breasts and kissing the crown
of his head. How was it possible that this thirteen year
old boy had been able to do what dozens of men hadn’t
been able to do, awake her sensuality.

Repressed for so many years, she now felt free and this
boy, barely into his puberty, had given her a new lease
on life… a meaning which now seemed so empty without
his slender penis to fill her ravaged vagina. Her
forbidden lust was now at large and desire filled her
and clawed at her brain. Oh God! What a corrupt and
depraved woman she had become!

She must have Mike again and again and not only Mike but
other men. Now her cunt wouldn’t be satisfied with her
fingers it would want to be fed again and again. She
knew though that men would always take her brutally, it
was only boys like Mike and her boy from so many years
ago that would please her. Oh yes, it was boys, boys she
wanted… already she began to feel her cunt throbbing
with desire, desire to be entered, taken, fucked again
and again.

“Come darling boy, let’s swim back to the beach,” Suzie
said invitingly. Already seeing in her mind how they
could… they could…

“And then…?” the boy teased.

“And then,” she smiled, “we can fuck again. I know you
can get another hard-on Mike, and then you’d like to
fuck me again, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes!” he answered breathlessly, his eyes shining.
“Shit, yes, I would, Mrs. Wong!”

“If you’re a good boy,” she giggled, rubbing his
deflated penis lightly with the tips of her fingers,
“I’ll play with your prick until you get it all nice and
hard for me again. Would you like that, Mike?”

The older woman grabbed the young boy and pressed her
body into his, grinding herself as far into him as she
could. At the same time she grabbed his cute little ass
and started to rotate it in her hands, edging between
his legs until she could almost feel his prick. “You
see, darling boy, I told you I could make your darling
penis good and hard again,” the older woman said
lasciviously and she felt the boy’s cock throbbing into
her body.

“Oh Mrs. Wong, you are it, you are really terrific, I
can’t wait to fuck you again… fuck… fuck you again.
I want to make you cum as you’ve never cum before, I
want you to explode into a million orgasms.” Mike could
hardly believe his own words but he knew that he meant
every last one of them.

“Oh darling boy, you will, you will!” Suzie threw
herself into the water. Calling over her shoulder,
“Quickly, let’s swim back to the beach as quickly as
possible, I can’t wait to be taken by you again.”

Then suddenly they were both in the ocean again, looking
at each other knowingly, their eyes meeting in the
promise of a wildly screaming second cum for the both of
them when they reached the shore.

Wendy Wong sat in her hotel room not knowing quite what
to do with herself. She was terribly confused by the
events of the day and yet her body longed to be fucked
once again. She felt lonely now, her sense of her own
person had been taken away forever, now she felt lonely
by herself, she wanted a man’s heavily throbbing cock
fucking deep up inside of her salaciously spread cunt-

She knew what she had done was wrong but she also knew
that she would and must do it again. Now her passions
had been unleashed, life would never be the same.

She had wanted to stay with Russ, walk upon his arm,
even go to dinner with him. She wanted all those other
bitches in the hotel to know that she too was a woman
now, a desirable woman. She wasn’t just a little girl
anymore, she had given herself to a man, she had been
fucked. Russ Redford had thought it best for them to
separate, return to the hotel alone. He didn’t want the
cops coming down on his head for raping a virgin.

So Wendy had returned to her room alone. On her way
through the hotel lobby she had noticed men and woman
together, they looked so good. She felt good too, after
all she was initiated now, she was one of them. There
was a little sadness in her heart for the loss of her
virginity, the loss of her innocence, never again would
she be able to dream about, well… what it would be
like to see a man’s cock, what it would be like to feel
his penis driving itself inside of her.

As she began to think again about men and their cocks
she felt a strange sensation building up in her loins.
Her vagina began to quiver as if in remembrance of
Russ’s penis inside of her that very afternoon. It felt
good to be alone. Alone she could dream and remember.

Wendy removed her halter top and her pants and looked at
herself in the mirror. There was just enough moonlight
filtering in through the window for her to see herself.
She contemplated her body in the soft light of the moon.

I am a woman now, she thought, yes, now I’m a woman and
I am beautiful. She touched her nipples and they sprang
into hardness at the touch, she ran her hands lovingly
down her thighs and they tingled with new found
excitement. Wendy thought again of the delicious penis
which only one hour before had been deep inside of her
and shivered with delight. She turned from the mirror
and walked over to her bed, crawling in between the
cool, crisp white sheets she held herself tightly and
gazing out the window into the night, she contemplated
her new found womanhood.

Russ Redford was not feeling himself, not at all, in
fact he was feeling quite weird. Whatever had possessed
him to fuck a thirteen year old girl, he must be some
kind of pervert or something. For sure Suzie had driven
him insane with rejection and the memory of his cum all
over Suzie’s cunt and belly and then watching his nephew
necking with Wendy… well, Goddamnit it all… it was
too much. And then Wendy’s body was almost as sensual
and voluptuous as her aunt’s, she was quite a wild
little filly once she got started.

He couldn’t forgive himself, though, however hard he
tried. He had fucked a thirteen year old virgin. He
really need to be alone now, to collect his thoughts and
unconsciously his feet led him towards the ocean. Russ
suddenly realised he was at the beach and then almost
immediately noticed that someone else was on the beach

Goddamnit! A couple making out on the beach, just when
he needed to be alone. Humans were just like dogs
really, he thought, making it everywhere and anywhere.
Somehow or other though Russ continued walking along the
beach, getting closer and closer to the couple on the
beach. There was something familiar about them, he
couldn’t quite make out what… Holy shit! Russ Redford
stopped dead in his tracks!

There on the beach, completely naked lay Suzie Wong, her
golden body totally nude her legs upraised high in the
air wrapped around the waist of a young boy… boy? Oh
God! Russ could hardly believe his eyes, in fact he
blinked them a few times to make sure he was seeing
correctly. He was seeing fine, oh yes… there in the
moonlight was Suzie Wong getting her tits fucked off by
his very own nephew.

Holy shit! It was too much to believe! They were rocking
rhythmically backwards and forwards, her ankles were
locked tightly around his pumping thighs while Mike rode
astride her, his firm hard buttocks thrusting powerfully
into her, his lips sucking her nipples, her breasts
upthrust in the moonlight. There was the soft slapping
of their eagerly seething bodies and the wet sluicing
sounds of the teenager’s hardened young cock fucking up
into the older woman’s hair-rimmed vagina.

They were mewling and grunting as their pleasure rose,
as he fucked deeper and faster into the abandoned
writhing woman. Russ Redford was furious, his ego
shattered. How was it that this fourteen year old boy
had been able to arouse this bitch, arouse her in a way
that he hadn’t been able to. He was absolutely furious
and increasingly excited by the sight at the same time.
But most of all at this very minute he was livid and he
walked towards them with a determined air.

“You dirty cheating bitch!” he cried suddenly, standing
over the fornicating couple. “I’ll teach you to make a
fool of me! I’ll show you that you can’t get away
with… with… th-this!”

But as he was talking he could feel his cock throbbing
with an excitement more intense than he had ever
known… And he looked down at his nephew… his mood
changing from anger to pride and passion… and he said,
his voice calmly controlled, “Hey, that’s okay, Mike…
I was just a little shocked… Listen, you just keep on
fucking her… she seems really crazy about it!”

“Russ!” the astonished woman called his name but was
speechless to continue.

“Yes,” said the boy’s uncle, “keep fucking her like
crazy, only make her get on top,” he ordered his son.

“But…” Mike was totally confused as well as wildly
aroused, and so he thought it best to comply with his
uncle’s weird request.

He continued to thrust his throbbing cock up into her
tingling pussy, at the same time slipping over on his
back and pulling the voluptuous raven-haired over on top
of him.

Russ stared at the couple as he continued to implement
the fantasy which had just occurred to him.

“W-what are you doing?” Suzie gasped as she watched
disbelievingly while the tall athletically-built man
began to strip off his clothes. Dear God in Heaven, what
was he planning?

“Never mind, baby,” he said throatily, “You just keep on
fucking my little boy!”

Now Russ Redford was naked and already his huge lust-
engorged penis stood out from his hirsute loins.
Grasping it firmly in his hand, he dropped to his knees
beside the still-fucking couple.

“Now I’m gonna give you something you’ll never forget,”
he promised as he reached over and with his two hands
began to hotly caress the smooth round cheeks of her
naked ass.

Suzie pulled back instinctively from his illicit
embrace, but her hips kept fucking Mike’s prick inside
her vagina. What in the world did Russ Redford have in

He began to pull apart the fleshy cheeks, revealing the
dark, cringing split of her anal crevice. Suzie pulled
back again when she felt the touch of his fingers in
that secret place, prodding and probing lasciviously at
her small, defenseless rectum.

“Oh, please Russ,” she begged, but to no avail.

“Easy baby, it’ll take a minute, but then you’ll feel
how exquisite it will be,” he murmured. “You just keep
on fucking the boy,” he continued, all the time lewdly
exploring her quivering ass-cheeks with his wandering

And then she felt the slow yet strong intrusion of his
finger in her rectum, screwing itself further and deeper
up into her nether depths… At first the small orifice
hurt a little but slowly as he continued to gently work
his finger in the tight channel the pain began to turn
to pleasure…

“Aaaaaahhhh! Aaaahhhhh!” she was surprised to hear
herself groaning with pleasure, and she wriggled her
buttocks now around the finger embedded so pleasurably
up her ass.

Below her, young Mike, who by now had taken the only
possible attitude… whatever feels good, do it! Because
if he thought of the crazy doings the evening he’d go
mad-or burst into wild hysterical laughter. So he just
continued to concentrate now on his own pleasure, made
more intense by the fact that now he was screwing his
girlfriend’s aunt while his very own uncle had his
finger up her asshole.

Holy Shit! He couldn’t have dreamed this one up if he’d
tried. And so the young boy redoubled his efforts and
sent his power-charged cock soaring up into the woman’s
wetly writhing pussy. Muffled beneath her warm,
enveloping body, he was wildly aware of what was going
on between the raven-haired woman and his uncle…

Russ Redford’s eyes now gleamed with lust and excitement
as he stared down at the sight of his finger stuck to
the second knuckle in the tightly clamping little outer
ring of her anus, and a thrill rippled through him as he
saw his nephew’s slender white cock thrusting in and out
of the woman… it was almost as if he were in two
places at once…

After a few more moments he slowly eased out his finger,
watching as the thin membrane of her sphincter closed
firmly back into place. His cock by this time was big
and pounding with the blood that was coursing through
it, and now he dropped his hand to stroke it
licentiously, encouraging the huge organ into even
bigger size and length.

He began to rotate his lust-distended penis around her
now slippery lubricated anal crevice. For a moment
longer, he held it there, moistening it with the
moisture that had appeared at the tip of his cock-head.
Then he began to press it, slightly at first, against
her now more easily yielding anus. A wild shiver of
pleasure rippled through her in response.

“Oh, God, I-I can’t believe how good this is,” she

Russ Redford’s breath was coming in heavily gasping
pants as he eased his rigid rod of pulsing flesh inch by
inch into her tight little anal channel. He held it
there for a long moment, enjoying the sight of the small
opening clinging to the thick base of his rock-hard
cock. Then he slowly began to withdraw his lust-
thickened cock from her tight rectal passage, and just
when the burning head of his penis was still lodged
inside, he eased it forward again, this time driving the
palpitating shaft right up into the hot buttery depths
of her anus.

And suddenly Russ Redford felt amazingly free. Freer
than he’d ever felt in his life. He had been feeling
guilty before… guilty because he had fucked Suzie
Wong’s virginal thirteen year old niece, his nephew’s
girlfriend. But, holy shit, he had just discovered his
nephew and Suzie ‘Upright’ Wong herself fucking right
here on the beach.

Christ, the whole world was doing it, or thinking it or
planning it, whatever! Jeez, from now on he’d follow his
cock, with no reservations about anything… shit! This
was what it was all about… he felt as free as a giant
soaring eagle fucking this woman in the ass with his own
nephew right beneath.

Meanwhile, beneath them, young Mike was still fucking
gamely up into her wildly dilated pussy. He also felt
the tremendous rush of freedom from worry and thought as
he realized what was happening… everything was okay…
it had to be, because if it wasn’t, it was all too crazy
to believe! And the knowledge of all that had gone on
tonight, spurred him on, making him even more excited.

Russ Redford continued to drive his hotly pulsing cock
right up into her now moistly lubricated rectum.

“Oooooohhhhh… yesssss,” she sighed as she began to
thrust back her nakedly flaring buttocks, screwing her
tightly clenching anus back on his pile-driving penis.

“Yes, that’s it, darling, Russ! Fuck my asshole… Do
it, do it to me!”

And Mike was still screwing into her helplessly aroused
pussy. She was being fucked by uncle and nephew… both
at the same time! She too suddenly felt purged of all
her sins and all her guilt… her frigidity cured
forever. She delighted at the thought of the life of
pleasure that lay ahead for her. Oh, she really did love
Russ Redford… and she really lusted after his nephew,
Mike. So, really, there was no reason why she shouldn’t
have them both… The thought of her niece passed
through her mind… she had, in fact, taken her own
niece’s boyfriend away, but somehow she would explain
it… somehow things would take care of themselves…
they had to! But she wouldn’t worry now. She had spent a
lifetime worrying and finally for the first time, this
amazing pleasure was all hers…

‘Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Fuck me both of you!” she moaned as
she flicked her wildly rotating ass-cheeks backward and
ground her now hungrily milking rectum back up to Russ’s
thickly sodomizing cock and then flexed his hips down to
receive Mike’s lovely young penis below as it fucked up
deeply into her desire-ridden vagina.

They all revelled at being a part of such a licentious
trio, and they all fully relaxed to enjoy the obscene
three-way tuck. All resentments and angers were slipping
away, and the three forgot all about everything except
the erotic physical act. Russ was driving his red-hot
cock up into her now eagerly accepting rectum at the
same time his nephew was beneath her fucking up her
cunt. Uncle and nephew stroked up as one into her twin
passages, feeling each other’s pulsating shafts through
the thin dividing membrane, screwing her unanimously and
now in complete accord.

And Suzie Wong, unfucked and frustrated for years, was
the pivot of this incredible threesome! She was
transported to the dizzy heights of complete sexual
bliss by now. All her worries and fears were over. She
had no doubts now about what she wanted, and she enjoyed
the idea of her body being used as a receptacle for
pleasure. She was conscious only of overwhelming
passion. Wanton, lecherous she certainly was. But at
least she was happy and fulfilled, too, instead of being
empty and miserable!

Sandwiched between uncle and nephew, the lascivious
older woman felt herself being swept along on an
overpowering tide of accelerating sensation so that her
entire naked body was quivering and breathtakingly

Russ Redford and Mike were aware of the rushing current
of her passion, and Mike was the first to tumble into
the wildly churning maelstrom of fulfillment.

“Aaaahhhh… I’m cumming!” he moaned, as his lithe young
form arched and stiffened, every nerve ending tingling
and excited. His head was like a bomb, exploding and
exploding again, sending out showers of pleasure-sparks
which landed on his quivering body and ignited into
blazing fires of incredible passion as his wildly
jerking cock became a Roman candle sending shot after
shot white-hot cum up into the voluptuous Chinese
woman’s thirstily sucking pussy. At the same time, he
heard his uncle gasp and mutter coarsely as he reached
his shattering orgasm with several quick, short strokes
up into Suzie’s tightly clasping rectal passage.

“Aaaaaanrrrggghhh… I’m… I’m cumming too!” the boy
heard his uncle cry out, as he began to thrust wildly
against the woman’s raised buttocks, ramming his
ejaculating penis right up to the hilt in her greedily
milking anal channel.

His fingers tightened on the velvety softness of her
ass- cheeks, and his face was suffused with intense
pleasure. He had never felt better in his life than he
did at this moment, both from the incredible sensations
of his climax and from the realization of the quantum
leap to freedom they had all made.

The men’s two perspiration-soaked bodies slapped wetly
against the soft voluptuousness of the naked woman’s
provocative form, giving her as much pleasure as they
were getting from their mutual release.

Suzie felt she had reached the heavenly gates. It was
like nothing on earth, the feeling of having her two
lovers filling her to overflowing with their hot,
searing sperm which commingled to form a wet pool of
undeniable bliss deep inside her satiated belly. She
felt safe and secure sandwiched between the two men as
she allowed herself to drift off into an incredibly
satisfying release. Not shattering or overwhelming, but
deeper and better than anything she had ever experienced

She didn’t even moan out with pleasure; a sensuous smile
curved her lips, and her face was imbued with a look of
sheer happiness as if she had glimpsed the way into
Eden. And as far as she was concerned, she had!

And she came… and came… and the spasming of her
deeper cuntal and rectal muscles was creating the most
satisfyingly beautiful orgiastic cum she had ever had.

Suzie, Russ and Mike lay on the beach, each one satiated
beyond their wildest dreams. A cool breeze had blown up
since their orgy had began and now they began to pull on
their clothes, feeling the comfort of the outer warmth
as well as the inner. What a delightful picture they
made sitting in a circle on the beach… whoever would
have guessed that just minutes before they were…

Suddenly as if in one accord they all exclaimed,

Neither had to say a word to the other, they all knew
what was in the mind of all. Russ Redford felt
especially relieved, now he could release the burden of
his guilt… now he could begin to deal with the truth.

“Gee, there’s something I want to tell you all…” he
began calmly enough but then found that his tongue had a
really hard time working in his mouth. “I… uh…
ummm… I mean… I feel so close to you both now…,
well, now we are all like family — the three of us —
well… there’s someone missing…” Russ said with a
final spurt.

Suzie knew immediately that Russ was referring to Wendy,
at the same time feeling a strange sensation in the pit
of her stomach like there was something strange going
on… something she didn’t know about… something
connected with Russ and Wendy. Her darling niece was so
sweet and innocent and a virgins she didn’t want to harm
her young mind and yet it would be difficult to keep
their liaison from her.

“I know… I know Russ,” Mike heard himself say. Russ,
however, was so caught up in his own guilt that he
didn’t hear Mike’s confession.

“Gee, I just don’t know where to begin, there’s so much
I want to say to you both, and especially to you Suzie.
First of all I want to apologize to you for my behavior
this morning, I don’t know what got into me, I was a mad
man. For so long I’ve yearned for you, my body ached to
hold you in my arms. I wanted to make love to you
tenderly, slowly. I wanted to take you in my arms and
transport you to the blissful state we’re all in now but
you fought me so intensely I saw red, I got crazed with
desire and lost my head… I’m really sorry Suzie… I
really do care for you, you know that don’t you?”

“Oh Russ, I do understand. Now I understand because I
went through something similar with Mike… I wanted him
with every fibre of my being and would have stopped at
nothing to get so incensed with passion was I. I love
you both so much… so very much.” Suzie was so overcome
with joy that she had to stop talking and kiss both Russ
and Mike firmly on the lips. She felt totally at peace.
She was content, satisfied beyond her expectations…
but Wendy, how was she going to explain this all to

“Please Suzie let me finish, let me tell you what’s
really troubling me. Today I did something that just
blew my mind. This afternoon… Oh Jesus! How am I going
to tell you Mike, how can I tell you! At the Teahouse
today Mike, I overheard you and Wendy and after you left
I… well I…”

“Uncle Russ… it’s okay,” Mike was amazed at his own
sureness, he felt so mature. “I saw you two together. I
was worried about Wendy when she didn’t turn up for
dinner, so I went back to the Teahouse to find her… to
tell her everything was okay and that I could wait for
her. I saw you two together, fucking each other silly. I
freaked out I can tell you Uncle Russ to see you fucking
the living daylights out of my girl… I had to go for a
swim to get my head back together, but now–”

Suzie’s mind was reeling with confusion, she couldn’t
quite grasp it, “What, what are you two talking about,”
she gasped in horrified shock.

Russ and Mike gathered around the older woman and held
her tightly, kissing the top of her head, kissing her
hand, comforting her.

“Suzie, I’ll be straight with you. This afternoon I
seduced Wendy. She is such a gorgeous girl and it was
truly a wonderful experience!”

“Oh my God!… Oh my God!… you and Wendy, you fucked
my darling niece. Wendy lost her virginity to you, to
the man I just fucked myself!” Long deep sobs tore from
the older woman’s ravaged soul. What were they all
doing, this was madness… absolute madness. Suzie threw
herself on the sand and began to sob uncontrollably.

“Suzie, dear… come.” Russ took the woman up gently
into his arms and rocked her slowly back and forth.
Let’s not hold onto the past, today we’ve all had new
experiences together that have been delightful beyond
imagination. Remember how good we all felt together, our
old ways of thinking were stupid and kept us from really
enjoying the pleasure that was made for us to enjoy.
Look now, we’re all one big family aren’t we? Let go of
the past, Suzie, let go… it didn’t do anything but
restrict us and make us miserable…”

Suzie looked up into the handsome face of the man who
was speaking to her and felt her heart jump in her body.
She did love him yes… and she could forgive him… and
Mike, she turned and looked at the beautiful young boy
sitting beside her. Yes… Russ was right, how could she
hold onto the past, the glorious future was theirs
now… it was wonderful. Love was to be shared and
enjoyed. Most of the people in the hotel were just
longing to find what they had been privileged to find
between the three of them. Suddenly Suzie began to laugh
and then they all began to laugh and to hug one another.

“Well!” said Mike longingly. “Let’s go find Wendy right

Russ and Suzie looked at each other. Of course Mike must
find Wendy now, after all they belonged together, and
now they could really be together.

“C’mon,” said Russ, pulling Suzie to her feet. Let’s
find Wendy, right now!”

* * *

Wendy didn’t know how long she had been lying on her
bed, the moon had long since passed from her window but
there was still a lot of light in the room. She had been
dreaming of Russ, dreaming of his taut muscular body
pressed close into hers, remembering his blood-pulsating
cock driving its shaft deep into her belly, his mouth
sucking her nipples until they felt like a part of him.
Their bodies locked together in exquisite union. Her
body was on fire now with the memory of the afternoon…
the sweet memory of her very first fuck.

Mike came into her thoughts again and she felt a wave of
shame reverberating through her body… it would
probably crush him to discover that his uncle had made
love to her. And her aunt was bound to be upset. Wendy
had seen the way her aunt looked at Russ Redford when
she though he wasn’t looking, she obviously wanted him
but was too uptight to do anything about it… and
now… she had been taken by him! Oh dear, what was she
going to do, why was everything so complicated… why
did it have to be wrong? It was so wonderful, couldn’t
it just stay that way… there must be some answer, some

Once again at the thought of Russ, Wendy’s body jerked
in uncontrollable passion, her cunt quivered and ached
and longed to receive his giant cock once again. Her
nipples sprang into hardness as if Russ’s mouth was
gently sucking them. Her loins tingled exquisitely and
aaahhh… she felt his lips traveling down her legs…
down between her legs… now she felt his mouth upon her
warm, moist pussy… aaaaahhhh! The pleasure was almost
more than she could bear.

Ohhh, it was all toooooo much! Wendy couldn’t resist
herself any longer and slowly slide her hand over her
nipples, over her pink pulsating nipples, over her
belly, over her pussy mound to her clitoris. She rubbed
it slowly and gently, she rubbed her darling little
clitoris until it throbbed with delight. Her whole body
on flame now with sensual pleasure.

“Aaaaaahhhh,” she murmured quietly to herself.
“Aaaaahhhh… yes baby give it to me, it feels so good,
so very good… yes!”

So into the pleasure of the moment was Wendy that she
didn’t hear the door open. Now, caught naked with her
body throbbing with ecstasy, her juices flowing freely
she was horrified to look up and see first her aunt and
then Russ Redford and then Mike all gaping down at
her… gaping at her delightful quivering little cunt,
her juicy cunt throbbing with the pleasure of her own

“Oh my God! Oh l-l… I!” Wendy howled in horrified

And then suddenly all of them began to laugh
hysterically… Wendy sat up on her bed…

“What are you doing here, what’s going on?”

“Calm yourself Wendy dear, we’re all one big happy
family now. Oh my darling little niece I have so much to
tell you.” And Suzie sat down upon Wendy’s bed and
related the events of the day to her. At first Wendy
couldn’t believe her ears, she was so shocked it took
her breath away and then something began to happen…
they all began to look at one another in a different
kind of way… they were all becoming highly aroused and
excited… and it was fine… it was just fine…

Wendy looked at her boyfriend Mike and saw that he was
having a difficult time breathing. Her eyes traveled
down his firm young body and she gasped as she perceived
the quite large bulge in his pants. It was obvious to
her that his penis was throbbing, he wanted her, oh yes,
he wanted her. It made Wendy feel good to know that she
could really make a man want her, she could make his
cock rigid with desire just for her. She knew that the
sight of herself finger-fucking her cunt on the bed had
excited Mike wildly.

“Mike,” she moaned, oh Mike.” Wendy felt her body flood
with desire for her boyfriend, now he could take her,
now she could be his as never before .

The boy was shaking violently, he wanted Wendy so badly
he hardly knew what to do.

Then Suzie and Russ looked at each other…

“Oh God, Suzie, I want to fuck you, you want to fuck
me… and look… wow!… Wendy and Mike, they really
want to fuck too…”

Russ Redford quickly sprawled between her waiting spread
thighs and fucked his hotly throbbing cock deep into
Suzie’s tightly sheathing cunt… while his nephew and
Wendy moaned with excitement from viewing this act…
The children were wildly aroused by seeing their elders
this way, naked and fucking with abandon. Mr. Redford’s
hardened penis had begun pistoning deliciously into Mrs.
Wong’s quivering vaginal sheath again, making her grind
and buck her hips upward with delightful sensation,
submerging more of his giant cock in her hungrily
clenching pussy…

“Oh, Ohhh… yes… oh… Ah! Ahhh!” Suzie panted up to
him, squirming her erotically tautened ass-cheeks up off
the bed in an effort to get more of the man-sized penis
thrusting into her wet vagina… A totally abandoned joy
seemed to possess her as she stared now at the sight of
Wendy and her boyfriend, increasing the delights of
Russ’s skewering penis thrusting into her hotly
welcoming cunt. She writhed beneath him as gratefully
she widened her thighs to his increasingly frenzied

And Mike and Wendy couldn’t stop staring at the nakedly
entwined couple on the other bed, watching with riveted
attention as the older man’s cunt-juice slickened cock
fucked rhythmically in and out of the woman’s
carnivorously devouring vagina. “Oh Suzie,” he moaned,
kneading his thighs into her body as she involuntarily
pressed her tight pink slit up over his wetly gleaming
shaft, her heaving young thighs and buttocks churning in
time to the naked man’s rhythmic tucking…

“See it children,” Russ was saying, “see your aunt and
uncle… see us fucking each other…”

“Ohhhh, God!” moaned Suzie, “Russ… Russ, are you sure
this is right…”

And it was Wendy who answered with a strangely mature

“D-don’t be afraid, auntie,” panted the impassioned
young girl. “Don’t worry… I underst… now!”

“Yes!” cried Suzie. “Sex is good; sex is beautiful…
sex should bring loved ones together, not further apart!
Oh! Oh!” she gasped sublimely as she felt the older
man’s penis pumping into her vagina… “Oh, my little
one, fucking is fun…!”

Mike now, on the bed beside Wendy, was almost shaking

“Oh Wendy,” he moaned, kneading his hands up and down
the sides of his panting body. “Look at them!”

“Yes,” the teenage girl hissed through passion-clenching
teeth. “Yes, we have to do something, Mike.” She took a
deep breath, shuddered, then blurted out, “Let’s join

“Wow! Oh yeah, man, right!”

“Let’s fuck with them! You want to, and I want to, and
since they want us to, I mean, well why shouldn’t we?”

The young girl dropped her hand to the crotch of his
thin faded slacks, beginning to rub around the front,
dipping inside the waistband until her fingers could
fondle all of his warm hard penis and scrotum. Then
slowly, she took her other hand and zipped open his fly
while he looked in wonder as she wormed the pants down
over his buttocks and hips until his pants slid free
onto the floor.

Then slowly her fingers made contact with the blunt
reddened tip of his virile cock. The teenage boy’s
thighs started to undulate of their own volition and his
breath spewed out in ragged gasps. “Oh! Oh, Wendy!” he
grunted, “I-I don’t believe this!”

“It’s good isn’t it?”

“Yes… yes… it is!” He stared downward at his
girlfriend’s hand on his hard cock, then over to the
other bed where his uncle and her aunt were fucking

Wendy, naked and sighing blissfully with abandoned
desire, continued to toy with the long slim shaft of
Mike’s penis, her nakedly rounded breasts pressing
against his chest, their nipples smoldering coals
burning into his youthful flesh. She whimpered
delightedly and wriggled against his erection, her young
body jerking and her heatedly moistened vaginal lips
spreading apart as if to enfold his turgid cock
entirely… as they slid down on the bed and lay side by

“Ooooohhh, Wendy,” the boy moaned, crazy with desire for
the beautiful young girl… “Oh baby, let’s fuck…
let’s fuck now…”



“I suddenly have the strange desire to kiss you, love.
Kiss you right in the tip of your lovely hard penis!”
Her words sounded alien to herself, for never before in
her young life had such a thought even entered her
head… yet now she was obsessed with the idea of
tasting a male penis! Her own naked body was moist and
tingling from the sensations it had received from Mike’s
hardness now and remembering what it was like to be
fucked to cumming by his uncle, she thought… anything
that can produce so much pleasure couldn’t be bad to
take in her mouth!

“Yes,” she said, more excited with the notion than ever.
“Yes, I want to feel your wonderful prick with my lips!”
And as she spoke she got to her knees before the spread-
legged boy, drawing his quivering young manhood closer
and rubbing it lovingly against her cheeks, feeling
every ridge and vein pulsing against her flushed skin.
“Oh, I do! I do!”

“Would you, Wendy? Oh, I’ve always wondered what it
would be like to have somebody suck my pecker!” The
teenage boy was afraid now that this was all a dream,
for it seemed to good to be true. First Wendy’s aunt
wanted to fuck him… and now her niece wanted to suck
him? Fantastic! He felt her hand kneading his naked
buttocks as she kneeled between his thighs, and then
staring down, he watched anticipatorily as the girl
leaned closer, slowly, tentatively, just as he’d been
when he first fucked her aunt’s pussy.

With her other hand massaging his hard yearning penis,
Wendy flicked her tongue out and came in warm, wet
contact with the expanding head of his erection. She
circled around and around the thickening tip as the boy
groaned and jerked above her from her erotic
manipulations. Her slowly searching tongue found the
tiny opening at the end and darted wetly, maddeningly
into it. It was already moist from his regenerated
arousal, and the heady taste and odor made the young
girl salivate with lustful expectation of when his penis
would be sliding along inside her mouth.

She took the hand which had been massaging his tender
buttocks now, and cradled the base of his softly rounded
testicles, while her first fingers continued to pull
back the loose foreskin and expose all of the sensitive
pink head of his cock to her lips. She planted warm,
gentle kisses on it, beginning at the top and tracing a
path down the full length of his pulsing hardness to the
base, then wetly back up again to the blunt rubbery
crown. The room was wild in excited frenzy and the young
girl ate her boyfriend while their elders continued to
fuck… moaning and groaning and sighing in the bed
right next to them.

And then Wendy ovalled her legs widely accepting his
throbbing shaft into the saliva-filled cavern of her
suddenly hungrily watering mouth. She could feel the
smoothly rounded outline of the lust-swollen penis
sliding between the hollows of her cheeks, and then
slowly, hesitantly, she swirled her tongue teasingly
around the invading penis. The boy groaned above her and
she reveled in the sense of lewdness it gave her. She’d
suck his cock, by God! She’d suck it hard and
passionately until her boyfriend groaned.

“Ohhh, Jees! Wendy! That feels so… ahhhh,” she heard
her boyfriend moan.

Yes, she’s suck him good! Her inflamed mind swirled
senselessly, the erotic wildness of the situation
causing unbelievable sensations to stir in her belly and
loins. She shuddered at the thought of what they were
all doing… sucking her boyfriend while her aunt and
his uncle fucked openly on the next bed… and the
exquisite madness of this uncontrollable passion
overcame her totally.

Wendy moaned softly around Mike’s hardened young cock.
She felt his smooth loins press against her nose and
cheeks, his tight sac of testicles swinging gently
against her chin with each thrust, and as the previous
sensations of blatant lust grew again to hotly burn her
cunt, nothing mattered but the delicious agony of
swirling excitement once more searing her subserviently
kneeling body.

She took one hand and slid it down her pulsing belly to
the throbbing triangle of her black curly cuntal hair,
and then slipped her fingers into the wetly open slit of
her pussy, hungry now for all she could get.

She could feel the blood-swollen tip of Mike’s penis
battering the back of her throat as she struggled for
air, and finger-fucked herself with the same tempo that
Mike’s uncle was fucking her aunt’s passion-stretched
vagina. Her tongue swished with a vengeance around the
rigidly heated cock sliding in and out of her mouth, and
she moaned submissively from around her red, wet ovalled
lips while she hovered on her knees like a love-slave
before naked Mike below her.

Suzie Wong saw her niece Wendy’s lewdly rounded lips
nibbling with salacious delight as Mike thrust forward
with his buttocks, wetly sawing his saliva-glistened
penis in and out of the tightly locked confines of her
warm, wet mouth. She stared at the tiny ridged flesh
pulling back from Wendy’s lips in an obscene semblance
of a tight, hairless cunt being fucked, and at the rock-
like shaft that was being greedily accepted up inside

She heard a muffled plea from her nakedly kneeling niece
for Mike to fuck her mouth harder, faster… Suzie was
caught helplessly by the erotically arousing sight, her
passions rising to where she bucked up against Mike’s
uncle, feeling the man’s pounding cock filling her to
the utmost, and finding she still wanted more… more!

“Fuck harder… please, harder!” she sobbed in
frustration into his panting mouth. Her shamelessly
aroused body felt white- hot and her head flailed wildly
from side to side on the bed, her mouth open in total
abandonment. She swung her naked thighs up and clasped
them on Russ Redford’s hips with the backs of her
calves, winding her tapered legs all the way around his
full-grown muscular body. Her ankles locked tightly
together high upon his muscular back. Her heels dug
sharply into his heaving back, spiraling her ravenously
hungry cunt up the full, slippery length of his madly
plunging penis.

“More! More!” the insatiable woman urged him, her bare
feet pounding desperately against his humping back.
“Fuck me more!”

“Christ!” the man wheezed. “What more can I do, my
hungry love! You’ve already taken every inch I’ve got!”

Suzie was beside herself now, kicking her legs out wide
into the air and waving her arms ineffectually as if
trying to grab the answer. And then another idea took
hold of her delirious consciousness…

“In-in the ass!” she squealed… “Like before, my love,
like before… oh, fuck my ass!”

Her body was no longer human but more like an animal as
she twisted and contorted, lewdly spreading her legs
wide apart and spurring on her lover with her heels once
more digging into his hips. “You did it once today my
love, why not again? If you don’t I’ll have Mike fuck me
in the ass, I promise I will!”

Russ laughed with wild delight… “All right you hot
blooded wench… Big Daddy’s gonna show you where it’s

“Yes! Yes!” Suzie dug her outstretched fingers greedily
into her wildly quivering cunt trying to reach the
impossible depths which his rigidly thrusting cock had
produced in her.

Russ looked down at her, his face flushed and his eyes
gleaming. Suzie lay immobile when he levered her
unresisting legs up off the bed in an arc far back over
his head, pressing the toes of her feet gently into the
cushion on either side of her shoulders. Her flexible,
impassioned body was nearly bent double as she presented
her now hungrily puckering little anal lips for him to
fuck into.

“Fuck me! Fuck me in the ass like before!” Fire licked
through her tender loins, spurred on the sheer
wantonness of her lewd demands. Through lust-glazed eyes
she could see her niece sucking Mike’s long slender cock
nearby, and the depraved act only served to fan her
unfulfilled needs out of control until they were raging
in her twitching crevice.

And the woman felt Russ Redford’s foreskin being
stretched as his long, thick shaft was slowly pressured
into the narrow, uptilted tunnel of her rectum. There
was a momentary pause… then suddenly it popped inside,
past the tightly clenching muscular barrier…

For one short moment she felt a little ache and then she
felt a wild pleasure spreading ever stronger throughout
her body… The man began fucking into her with long,
sawing strokes, the warm rubbery walls of Suzie’s rectal
passage expanding around his hardness, until,
ultimately, with one long lunge, he buried every single
inch of his hotly throbbing penis far up into the
backstop of her tight little rectum.

“Ohhhhh,” the woman moaned… “Ohhhh… I love it… I
love it!”

And suddenly they all heard Mike shout, “Fuck her Uncle
Russ! Oh, give it to her!” he yelled in encouragement.

“Oh, Mike, she’s got a tight little ass!” the older man
moaned. “Oh, I tell you true my boy, this is one sweet
woman, stem to stem!” He glanced down and saw the
upturned reddish slit of her ovalled anus draw back with
his cock as he started to fuck rhythmically in and out
of her belly. At first the pressure had been almost too
much for him. But now it was easier, promising to siphon
out his sperm with the ferocity of a typhoon.

He thrust forward again and again, and again, relishing
the howling mewl of pleasure coming from the woman’s
mouth. He’d cum soon, and he wanted to feel the torrent
of his semen gurgling into the beautiful shaped ass of
Suzie Wong.

“Fuck your ass back, honey! Fuck it back!” he demanded.

Willingly, Suzie obeyed, grinding her up-thrust buttocks
against his thick pistoning erection. And Suzie sensed
an increasingly mounting sensation of sharp excitement.
Yes… oh, yes. Oh how she loved it! She raised her head
and stared down between her tautly jiggling breasts,
just able to see where Russ was fucking his rigidly
pulsing cock so deeply up into her rectum, and she was
able to feel his sperm-swollen testicles buffeting
against the tilted crevice of her buttocks with every
savage stroke he made into her.

“Oh, it is wonderful! It isss!” Suzie heard herself
moaning frantically… and it was also heard by the two
teenagers in the next bed.

“Hump back! Hump back!” Redford was shouting. “Hump your
beautifully hot asshole back over my cock, Suzie…”

Young Wendy had been able to see all of the details and
had moaned then in concert with his aunt’s cries of
passion… She stared, overcome with lust… moaning and
sucking on Mike’s cock, she had shuffled around the
better to see the entire spectacle. She had almost
forgotten for a moment that Mike was fucking his eagerly
jerking penis into her greedily ovalled mouth while she
knelt before him and sighed with passion as she
emphatically felt the older man’s hardness screwed into
her rectal passage.

Her aunt was reveling in the fucking of her asshole! The
sight of her naked aunt going stark raving mad with
pleasure filled Wendy with an explosive excitement.
Seething with newfound passion, she sucked the hotly
hammering cock in her mouth with increasing fury, her
left hand caressing the youth’s testicles as they
slapped wetly against her chin, while her right hand
continued to finger her own throbbing cuntal slit.

She glanced past Mike’s spasmodically jerking hips,
seeing that her aunt was looking at them again… and
this time a lust- dazed smile passed between Wendy and
her aunt. It was a different kind of smile than they’d
ever give before, and it was a smile which meant more
than a thousand explanations. It was a mute message that
the two were not only physically naked, but soul- naked
as well, and that they knew what they were now and that
it was all right. From now on, whatever they did
separately or together would be accepted and approved,
and that nothing could ever come between them again.

And so, released from all mental pressures, the lovely
young girl and her passionately writhing aunt abandoned
themselves to the enrapturing sensations of the two
heavily fucking male cocks in their love starved bodies.

Delight flowed through Wendy as she sensed that all was
well and there was no more need to have the slightest
fear of shame about what they were doing. She massaged
the softly dangling sac of her boyfriend’s testicles,
his hard young shaft completely absorbed between her
hungrily sucking lips. Her right hand fucked in and out
of her wetly quivering cuntal slit, and the lewdness of
her masturbation swirled maddeningly up through her
rhythmically jerking thighs.

She sensed Mike’s growing excitement, and sucked harder
to end it now and taste for the first time in her
thirteen years the pungency of fresh virile male sperm

But suddenly, before the nakedly kneeling teenager could
react, Mike pulled his burgeoning cock from between her
ovalled lips and held the blunt, pulsating head about
two inches from her mouth. She was unable to protest as
it began spurting heated streams of his bursting semen
deep into her still roundly ovalled young lips like warm
milkly cream spewing out from a cow’s udder.

He filled the warm wet cavern of her welcoming mouth to
the brim, and his girlfriend swallowed voraciously,
trying not to lose any of the wonderfully delicious
fluid, her own orgasm surging through her and making her
gurgle through the white liquid in her mouth and throat.
As his penis shot out the last of his youthful seed, a
thin strand of cum ran from the tip of his cock to her
sperm- cleaning lips, and she desperately moved forward
and swallowed the slowly deflating shaft greedily back
in her mouth.

He saw her spasm with her own shattering orgasm time and
time again as she swished her tongue madly and licked
his ejaculating penis of every last delicious drop of
the cascading cum.

Across the room, Mike’s uncle suddenly ground heavily
into Suzie, and the woman took up the wailing chant. It
was the time for them! The older man jerked deep into
her hungrily clasping anus, spearing thick jets of his
sperm deep up inside her hotly milking rectal passage.
Suzie, her climax the last to arrive, thrust up her
wide-split buttocks on the orgasmically expanding penis
of her lover, her every muscle contracting as though she
were having concussions.

Her nakedly churning buttocks flexed when her orgasm hit
and she screamed, “I’m cumming!” The power of her firm,
rounded body had once again been unleashed in ecstasy.
There was no time, no space, nothing save the
unbelievable rapturous sensation of her orgasm. She was
struck by the spasmodic twitching of her lustfully
draining nerves… until finally, she had emptied
herself as well as the now dangling testicles of
handsome Russ Redford.

Gradually the two men withdrew their deflating cocks
from the two women, and the four of them sprawled
nakedly on the beds, half-comatose from the fantastic
release. Suzie lay across the loins and chest of the
older man, her long shapely legs wide apart, in the
moonlight her sperm Hooded cunt gleamed and sparkled,
still inviting but very satisfied. Wendy crawled over
Mike and held her aunt tightly and tenderly.

“Oh Aunt Suzie, I love you so much,” the girl said

“l love you too Wendy dear,” Suzie replied and then much
to her surprise the young girl leaned over and kissed
the upturned nipple of her aunt. Kissed her own aunties
quivering nipple with relish and delight.

“Holy shit!” Russ Redford sighed, he was in paradise…
yes siree! He was in paradise…

“Yeah man, this was one hell of a get together. I’m so
happy Uncle Russ, I’m out of my mind,” said the fourteen
year old boy.

“That’s right, boy and stay right out of your mind, it’s
the best place to be, that way you can have more fun!”
Russ replied, laughing heartily.

Holy Moses! What parties they were going to have. They
had another week at the hotel and everybody could make
love to everybody. It was good this way thought Suzie,
now if I can loosen up Brad a little when I get to
America maybe things will be a little different between
us. I can show Brad what loving is all about. Suzie and
Wendy smiled at each other with secret, knowing smiles.
They would never be parted now, they had discovered a
new life together, they were a family, a happy family
and Brad could be part of their happy family too.

The four of them made such an outstanding group by the
pool the next day that the other guests couldn’t help
but stare at them.

As some woman remarked to her husband, “Now there’s a
happy family, they do things together. Those children
won’t run off getting into drugs and such like… don’t
they look adorable together…”

Ah, if only they knew…

* * *

Suzie sat by the pool on the last day of their stay at
the hotel, Russ was sleeping beside her, the children
were off in the pool. They certainly had become close in
the few days they’d been together, really together in
the meaningful way they’d all learned to share each
other. She felt free now, free and totally a woman. She
looked towards the ocean, towards America, towards Brad
her husband.

She wondered how he would feel about Russ and Mike…
how he would feel about the new Suzie. I’ll help him to
understand she thought, I’ll bring him in slowly and
gently to this very happy family.

The End

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