Fetish Convergence – Black and Asian Interracial Sex Story

by Hank Chinaski (address withheld)


Pregnant Asian slut wife fucks two black guys with huge
cocks. (MMF, asian, wife, intr, preg)


Jennifer and I had been swinging for awhile, but as
soon as she got pregnant, we stopped all extra-marital
sex and just concentrated on having a healthy baby. No
smoking, no drinking, organic foods, plenty of low-
impact exercise, the whole bit. Our sex life was still
great but I missed sharing my slutty wife with the
regular cast of studs who used to come over and bone my
wife. I missed fucking her loose pussy and asshole
after they were filled with cum, the semen squishing
around my cock and on to the bed sheets, and I missed
tongue kissing her when her whole face smelled like

One night in the 8th month, after a nice long slow bout
of love-making, Jen cleared her throat.

“What do you think Nate and Greg are up to tonight?”
she asked innocently. Nate and Greg were twins from
Brooklyn – two black men with movie-star good looks and
yes, very large cocks. They played college ball and had
magnificent physiques. Jen and I met them last year at
a swing party and they took an immediate liking to her.

For about six months, before she got pregnant, I had
taken great pleasure in watching, videotaping, and
participating in the unreserved carnality that resulted
when Nate and Greg came over to fuck my wife. We had
about ten sessions with them, and each time Jen was
left exhausted, sore, and extremely happy.

“I don’t know… I guess we could call them. Do you
think you’re up to it?” I knew their size wouldn’t be a
problem – since getting pregnant, Jen’s pussy had
become loose and wet even when she wasn’t aroused, as
if in preparation for the baby. When she did get horny,
it became an ocean. But our previous time with them was
always pretty raw – a lot of hard fucking that was
pretty much out of the question now.

“Maybe I could just suck them – or I could ask them to
be gentle,” Jen said hopefully. I knew then Jen
wouldn’t be deterred. She wanted Nate and Greg’s huge
black cocks inside her tonight, and she would have

“I’ll give them a call,” I said, getting up from the

It was about half past midnight when I got hold of Nate
on his cell phone, and they were happy to hear from me.
They were at an “interracial” party, but the only women
there were fat white women in their forties from the
Midwest and their creepy husbands who wanted to suck
black cock. Nate said they would be over in about half
an hour, which gave Jen time to wash her pussy, clean
out her ass and put on fresh makeup and jewelry.

Besides her eyeliner, anklet, and her diamond rings and
earrings, Jen was completely naked, and she was
beautiful. You look at an 8-months pregnant Chinese-
American girl with long black hair and tell me she’s
not beautiful. Her tits, normally a 34C, were swollen
to DD size, and the nipples had gotten much darker, and
they increased in diameter, length, and sensitivity.

Normally she kept her pussy shaved clean, but since her
big belly prevented that, she had gotten a wax just
last week, which I now suspected was to prepare for a
rendezvous with her favorite fuck buddies. Jen defied
the stereotypes – instead of being flat as a board and
shy, she had serious ass and a rack that got attention
even before she got pregnant, and now her five foot
four frame was larger without losing any of its shapely

The doorbell rang at about 1 a.m., and I got up to let
in Nate and Greg. I led them back to the living room,
where my naked Asian 8-months-pregnant slut wife was
waiting. I helped her to her feet and she gave them
both big hugs and kisses, and they both admired and
complimented her, cupping her enlarged tits and running
their hands over her big belly. Jen’s hands were active
too, going straight for their crotches.

“God, I’ve missed these,” she said, feeling the twins’
rapidly growing cocks through their pants. Keeping a
hold of the two dicks, she led the brothers to the
couch, where she sat down as they stood in front of
her. Nate and Greg stripped and Jen gratefully engulfed
the head of Nate’s cock with her hungry mouth, making
obscene slurping noises.

“Mmm, mmmm, ummm,” my slut wife moaned, leaning over as
much as her pregnant belly would allow to force Nate’s
cock deeper into her throat. She switched off then,
taking Greg deep into her mouth while stroking Nate
with her hand. Her diamond engagement ring and wedding
band sparkled on her left hand as she held the base of
Greg’s erect cock and slobbered up and down his shaft,
licking his balls and laving his dick all over with her
active tongue.

After a few minutes Jen carefully got down on her hands
and knees on the floor. Her bellybutton nearly scraped
the carpet as Nate and Greg got on their knees in front
of her. She spread her legs and continued gobbling
their cocks. I knew this was my signal to make her
ready, and I eagerly put my face between her big
shapely ass cheeks to lick and suck her crack. I went
to work on her velvety smooth cunt, burying my tongue
deep inside her, licking her clit, and moving up to her
puckered asshole.

She had to stop sucking for a minute to moan as I
tongue-fucked her asshole as deeply as I could,
gripping her ass cheeks and spreading them as I lubed
her soft muscular anus with my spit. My cock sprung to
life and became rock-hard as I contemplated how my
pregnant wife was about to get reamed.

Greg grinned and moved around behind my wife, and put
the head of his massive cock at the entrance to her
dripping wet pussy. We knew Nate and Greg were clean,
and since Jen was pregnant we had decided to go
bareback. I knew this was a special joy for Jen, and no
doubt Nate and Greg were happy about it too. Greg
pushed his unprotected hard-on deep inside my wife, and
from his low moans I knew he was really appreciating
the feel of my wife’s pussy without a latex barrier.

I was a little worried that he would start banging her
ruthlessly as he always had in the past, but I needn’t
have worried. Greg fucked my wife slowly but
purposefully, pushing deep until his black balls were
nestled tightly against her creamy Asian pussy lips,
hitting the spot over and over and over until my wife
cried out and shook with orgasm. Greg held himself
back, just barely, and pulled his hard-on out.

Next it was Nate’s turn, and Jen lay down on her side
to rest as Nate arranged himself between her thighs. I
was amazed at Nate’s restraint – I could tell he wanted
to fuck her hard and fast, but he took the same route
as his brother, working long strokes in my wife’s
slutty cunt for about ten minutes as I sucked on her
dark brown nipples and fed her my cock. I put a hand on
her big pregnant belly and wondered if our baby could
tell his mommy was getting a serious fucking. We had
read that a healthy sex life was important during
pregnancy, and that orgasms helped relax the mother. If
so Jen was getting really relaxed – she came again as
Nate dicked her on the living room floor.

It had been forty-five minutes since Nate and Greg had
first touched my wife, and they were about ready to
bust their nuts.

“Come in my ass,” she said without hesitation. “I want
you to fill my ass with your cum, and then I want my
husband to fuck my sloppy ass too.”

Greg went first, lubing up with some Astro-glide and
easing his thick black fuckstick into my wife’s ass
ever so slowly. Even though Jen is an anal sex veteran,
taking Nate and Greg, or “the gruesome twosome” as she
calls them, in the ass requires all her relaxed

After Greg worked the head in, he pushed his dick about
halfway in before Jen cried out in pain. He went even
slower than before and closed his eyes. There was no
reason to hold back his orgasm, and he didn’t. After
six half-strokes (I counted), he let out a yell and
pumped my wife full of semen. As he pulled out, Jen’s
anus closed behind him, trapping the precious sticky
fluid inside her. Next it was Nate’s turn, and he was
able to get his cock three-quarters of the way in.

I sucked on her big brown nipples and held her head as
Nate spewed his jism inside her, and Jen rocked with
orgasm. Again, as Nate withdrew she closed her ass
tight. It would have been more natural to let her anus
gape, but she was
saving that special feeling for me.

Jen looked me in the eyes.

“Fuck my ass, daddy,” she said.

She didn’t have to say it twice. I rolled her to her
hands and knees and got into position behind her,
running my hands over her swollen breasts and stomach,
then up to her hips and her asscheeks. Her anus was now
spread open, but since it was pointed upward there was
no chance of losing the semen. I pushed my cock into
her asshole and was rewarded with the slick smooth feel
of two other men’s semen rushing around my cock.

As I pulled out and pushed in, fucking her slightly
faster than she had been fucked that whole night, cum
started dripping out from around my cock and down her
crack, dripping into her gaping cunt; some even
squirted out and hit my stomach. I pulled out all the
way, examined my cock to make sure there was no shit on
it, and plunged it into my pregnant wife’s birth canal,
in the process pushing in the cum that was sliding all
over her nether regions.

Jen was going wild and screaming, saying, “Fuck my
dirty ass! fuck my ass daddy yes! yes! oh fuck me!”
After a bit she calmed down, until I went back to the
ass, and then back to the pussy, giving her ten strokes
in one and then ten in the other, mixing her homemade
milkshake as best I could. Finally I could stand no
more and added my seed to the mixture, blasting my
second load of the night inside my wife.

Jen and I collapsed next to each other, and Nate and
Greg left to use the bathroom. I softly arranged her
hair as she snuggled up to me.

“Jesus, I’m such a slut,” she said. “Do you think all
pregnant women do this?”

“Sure,” I said. “Every last one of them.”

She laughed and hit me. I put my hand on her sticky wet
crack, collected a potent mixture of pussy juice, the
semen of three men with a dash of ass flavor, and put
four fingers in her mouth. The unique taste surprised
and delighted her.

“That’s so fucking delicious – give me more.” So I did,
scooping up handfuls of the mixture and feeding it to
her until her mouth and face were as sticky and smelly
as her ass and pussy.

Nate and Greg came in, fully dressed, and gave my wife
a quick kiss on the forehead before heading out. I
breathed in deeply, savoring the aroma of a pregnant
Asian slut wife doing what she does best.


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