Filipina Internet Wife – Asian Sex Story

by Starfire Mayo (


Man flirts with Filipina girl online and encourages her
to fuck her ex-boyfriend over the internet. He marries
his internet bride but when she comes to live in the UK
his wife is encouraged to stray by her Asian hooker
friend. (MMF, voy, intr, size, wife, cuck, asian)


My friends were quite envious when I brought back of my
stunning Filipina bride, Jasmine. I guess the fact that
she was twenty years younger than me and the sexiest
woman I had ever met may have had something to do with
it… Jasmine is very petite, standing 5’1″ tall and
extremely well-proportioned with round small breasts, a
slim waist, girlish hips and a tight firm little bottom.

Her legs are small and thin like a young girl but she is
in fact now 19 years old. As if this were not enough,
her face is really cute and she has those slightly wide
ever-smiling Filipina lips and dark brown eyes that men
find irresistible. Her black hair flows down her back to
complete the delightful and attractive package.

Jasmine is a street wise Filipina girl who like many of
the Filipina women I have met has those sexy piercings
in her tongue and pussy lips and a tattoos they get on
the street. I guess this is because Filipina women,
unlike their western counterparts are brought up from a
young tender age to be skilled in the art of giving and
receiving sexual pleasure and genuinely enjoy sex.

Filipina and Thai girls unlike western girls are taught
and encouraged to practice and take pleasure in the
sexual act. My wife like many young Filipina girls likes
to dress very sexy too. I am so proud of her and she is
so desirable naturally have no wish to stop her showing
off her body. Especially as she tells me that it is her
culture to do. Jasmine is in the habit of wearing those
very tight bandeau lycra tops with no bra and matching
mini-skirts, stockings and high heels or leather boots
that seem to attract the interest and lingering stares
of other men.

She moved over to the UK after we got married and after
being homesick for a while she seemed to be adapting
well. Things seemed okay until I took a new job that had
me travelling for long spells and I suggested she try
and see her friends when I was not there.

I had gone away on a business trip to Malaysia. When I
phoned my wife, she told me that she would be travelling
down to London to stay with her Filipina friend Arma. My
heart pounded fast and my throat was dry with fear and
anticipation. I was angry and excited at the same time.
Alma was a charming and sexy 20 year-old Filipina who
had met her husband in a Makati bar, married him for a
visa at passage to the UK, then divorced after a year
when he found out she was pregnant with her black
boyfriends child. Alma like most Filipinas really
enjoyed sex and she could not stay long without a man.

When she had first divorced she had fell crying into my
arms. I had kissed and reassured her and one thing
leading to another she had fucked my brains out. Now she
was on the prowl for a new husband and every time we saw
her it was with a new boyfriend. I knew that if my wife
slept there she would be exposed to temptation and
goaded by her friend to go out at night, find a stranger
in some bar and get some cock in her while she waited
for my return. I found myself getting excited, thinking
of my lovely little wife fooling around.

As I truly loved my wife I knew I should consider her
happiness first so I swallowed hard and instead of
telling her what I thought I encouraged her to go to
London and have a good time with her friend Alma.
Jasmine thanked me saying I was a loving and
understanding husband. I knew Alma would tempt and lead
my beautiful and lonely wife into being promiscuous and
unfaithful. It would not be long before she too would be
cheating on me but the thought of another cock stuffed
in her pussy just gave me a real hard on.

I tried to phone my wife up the next day but I was
unable to reach her cell. I tried several times during
the next day with no luck and my worry grew. In
desperation I called Alma and she reassured me that my
wife was okay. She had left her purse at home containing
her cell so I could not reach her.

They had both been drinking the previous night she told
me. My heart raced as I knew alcohol made my wife behave
in an uninhibited and sluttish way. The girls had met
two guys in a club they had gone to and they had danced
and kissed in the dark to the slow music. Alma had gone
home with her man and Jasmine had gone off with hers.

“Don’t worry, darling,” said Alma. “He was good looking
guy, very macho. He was probably up all night with her
making her very happy and satisfied, fucking her pussy
good for you, darling.”

My horny Filipina wife was getting the deep-dicking she
so richly deserved. I realised my wife’s purse contained
her pills and my legs went weak… Misinterpreting my
silence, Alma added:

“If her pussy is too swollen and she is too tired I will
fuck you when you get back, darling. We can make baby

I shook my head depressed. This was a real nightmare.
When we first met in the hotel where we had stayed they
seemed to know her well. Jasmine was a very passionate
woman and really enjoyed sex. I remember the very first
time we got together in person she had screwed my brains
out within an hour.

I had met Jasmine chatting online. She had told me that
she was looking for a smart and interesting man. She
asked me if I was serious. I told her that I was and
when she said that she was single and looking for a life
partner I told her that I was too.

She was very polite and shy at first. She seemed
charming, young, and sincere. I told her I was not rich
and she replied that she would be very satisfied with a
modest and simple life style. She spent a few hours
every night chatting up western men from her internet
caf� in downtown Makati. It was love at first sight and
we hit it off right away. It was not long before I told
her I loved her and she told me she loved me too and was
happy for me to be her boyfriend.

I asked her if she had a boyfriend over there. She
replied that she did not have a steady one at the moment
but there was this guy she was seeing off and on. Seeing
that I was living so far away and that we had not
actually met, I thought it would be for me to ask her to
give up seeing the guy. After all she did not love him
or she would not be spending time chatting with me.

She told me she had joined the dating/chat line to find
a western husband and that she enjoyed spending time
flirting online. The idea of a young Filipina woman
willing to marry an older men from a western country did
not phase her. After all to her, western men were more
faithful and offered financial security. As for me I saw
nothing wrong with marrying a young beautiful Filipina
girl especially as she seemed to be loving, very sweet,
and romantic. I considered myself very lucky if I were
to win her Filipina heart for marriage.

When we chatted online, we would often be interrupted in
her chat by a call on her cell and her eyes would wonder
to other parts of the screen and she would type away but
nothing would appear. I asked her if she was chatting to
other men too and she admitted that she had several
others who were courting her and that she was flattered
by their attention and affections. She told me not to
worry about it. I asked her if she liked chatting with
other men. She told me of course and she admitted that
she was quite attracted to several of them.

Three of them had offered to marry her already but she
had not found the right one yet. She laughed as she told
me that one of the guys, Joe, was a well built black
with a big cock… I asked if she had met any of them.
Jasmine replied a few had come over to see her and they
had spent a good time with them, mostly back in their
motel but that none of them had followed through and
been serious about her…

As we chatted she would lick her lips and give me a sexy
pose asking if I was hard for her. Well being a man that
was not difficult, especially when she asked to see my
cock. She would open her legs and rub her pussy, sending
a finger up her wet sleeve then licking it. She made me
so horny I felt I would die. I told her I needed to make
love to her.

She laughed and said sure, get on a plane and come over.
She told me she would love me a long time and that she
wanted my cock inside her too. As she told me that
rubbing her pussy her eyes were fixed at another part of
the screen and I saw her lick her lips and smile. I
think she was chatting with another guy at the same
time! I knew that she asked them for money too…

As I jerked off I asked her what she would do now that
she was so horny. She looked at me embarrassed and
admitted that she would find her male friend and ask him
to fuck her wet pussy for me. My cock felt as if it was
going to explode. Instead of telling becoming angry and
telling her not too, I suggested she bring him here back
into the private booth and let him fuck her there in
front of me so that I too could enjoy watching her being
fucked. Not only was I encouraging my girlfriend to fuck
the guy, but I was telling her to do it right in front
of me so I could see!

She was hesitant at first but I could see the idea
worried her and turned her on at the same time. She kept
asking me if I was sure. If that would really be okay. I
told her I would not mind at all and that it would make
me happy to see her so fulfilled sexually. Her eyes had
shown with mischief and arousal. I knew she was horny
and wanted to have some fun. She hesitantly left to
fetch her lover.

As he took off her clothes and kissed and touched her
body before the webcam, she kept glancing at the
computer pleadingly and asking me if this was really
okay with me. If I did not mind him touching her, my
fianc�e, like that. I was so proud of her: She was so
beautiful and fuckable. I told her that I would enjoy
watching her taking cock. I encouraged the couple,
taking out my own cock and stroking it as the guy
fondled my girlfriend’s pussy. Jasmine groaned and gave
in to the growing pleasure, pulling the man on top of
her and guiding his long brown cock into her wet sleeve.
Her eyes were watching me and she bit her lips with
pleasure as her entered her.

I could hear her let out a little groan as he began to
pump her pussy and she gripped his body hungrily with
both arms and legs. I stroked my hard cock faster as she
groaned and gripped him tighter, thrusting her pelvis to
meet his cock. Her eyes were glazed with bliss. At that
moment I just I wanted him to cum inside her pussy for.

He came loudly with a groan and I watched as he pulled
out his long cock from her cum filled sleeve. It went
without say that he had not used a condom and I knew
that at the time Jasmine was not on the pill…. I came
like crazy watching her having sex with her male friend
and I guess that after that I could not stop thinking
about her having sex with other men.

Before I decided to marry her I visited Philippines to
meet Jasmine and spend some quality time with her and
her other family member, trying to understand her
upbringing and her culture, making sure she would be
compatible. Then as well as after my marriage I had
become obsessed with the idea of my wife fucking other

Jasmine was highly sexed and enjoyed watching Asian
hardcore porn with me as we fucked, I would often tell
her to imagine that this or that person was fucking her
too as I fucked her deep while she rubbed her clit. She
would cum hard, screaming like a slut as she watched
those cocks stuffed into tight Asian pussy. I regretted
the day that I had suggested she take a lover. She had
protested a bit at first saying that she was married and
a faithful and dutiful wife and she had never thought of
straying and that she could never do such a thing.

I knew well that before we had married she had enjoyed
sex with many men and I had watched her cum with her
Filipino boyfriend inside her pussy on the webcam. I had
insisted and I had asked her whether she would like to
have another man’s cock inside her again for real, the
same as she had done before we got married. I could tell
that she was turned on and tempted by the thought right
away. She had smiled at me shyly then whispered “yes” in
my ear followed by a lustful kiss.

“Just because we are married and living together does
not mean that we are chained together. You can do what
you please and see others. I do not think there should
be restrictions on our marriage, instead I want it to be
free and open to experience life and other sensations. I
love you, honey with my heart and mind, but sex has
nothing to do with that. Fidelity is not necessary for a
relationship to work,” I said.

She became quite horny. She realised that being a slut
and by teasing other men there were actually two
advantages. First she made my cock hard and vigorous,
second she got to fuck another man and got his strong
cock inside her. My hand was right between her legs now,
under her skirt. Jasmine’s mouth opened but all she
could manage was a low moan. She was blushing hard as I
stroked her pussy. She admitted to me that she wanted to
get fucked by other men and then bring me back me her
freshly fucked pussy. We had made love. We had fantastic

I had posted a pic of my sexy Filipina wife on an adult
dating site. I had announced that my wife was petite,
young and attractive. That I was 49 and she was 20. I
said my Filipina wife and I both loved threesomes and
that we would love to chat and share experiences. The
response had been very good and we had chatted with this
guy called Steve together.

I had confirmed that my wife was from the Philippines
and that she would love to experience a young hard cock
again. He took out his cock and began to fondle it. He
was built like bull with a very large cock. Jasmine’s
eyes went wide and she licked her lips nervously trying
to hide her troubled feelings.

He told us that he would love to look at her hot naked
body, She had hesitated at first and licked her lip. She
had glanced at me nervously, her eyes questioning,
asking for my permission. I had nodded my approval and
she had stripped off for him. She smiled at the guy as
she took off her clothes in front of the webcam. On the
other end I could see him as he jacked his cock. She
began to touch herself, watching him. She was so horny
and hot looking at his cock. She just could not believe
it that I, her husband, would let her do this and tell
me that she wanted other cocks. I could see her pussy
was wet from rubbing it and her acting like a slut for

He told her that she had a hot body. That her cunt
looked soft and juicy and that he would love to lick it
then pump it full of his spunk. He told me that he would
love to fuck my wife in front of me and put everything
in her mouth, pussy, and of course in her that tiny
little asshole. She was thrusting a finger in and out
her cunt as he told her this and I could tell she was
trying to reach a climax.

He asked her to send him a sexy picture and we emailed
him one of her pussy with my cock in it. She was so hot
after that that when we went to bed she told me to lick
her pussy and then to pretend Steve had just fucked her.
This made me so hard. I fucked her like crazy while she
was repeating that she wanted another cock, that she
wanted to have Steve come inside her pussy.

It did not take much to convince her to go out with
Steve. The idea of her going out and seducing and
fucking another men, then coming home with her tight
little Asian cunt full of spunk gave me a massive hard
on. I wanted my wife to have a succession of hard cocks
in her pussy to keep her loving pussy constantly wet and
freshly fucked for me.

Given my condoning her infidelity and the arousal I
could see the idea provoked in my spouse’s eyes, I had
little doubt that she would soon give in to his
advances. After all, she was a cute twenty year old
Asian chick with a sexy slim brown body and a natural
appetite for sex. She seemed quite eager and agreed to
go out with the other man whenever I would set it up.

She had hugged me and kissed me open-mouthed with an
intensity I had never encountered before that day. She
told me that she was married to a wonderful husband whom
she adored so much and who loved her and knew how to
take care of her needs. The following morning my slutty
little Filipina Wife woke me up by straddling my face
and telling me to lick her pussy. She told me she could
not wait to fuck Steve and even had me lick her asshole.
She also told me to lick her freshly fucked pussy. When
I asked her if I could please fuck her she said no but
she let me rub my cock against her pussy a little bit.
Then she went to get ready for her first adultery.

She reappeared wearing a tiny very short mini skirt that
clung to her body and revealed the upper thighs of her
short slender legs, showing skin in all the right
places. She certainly did not find it out of place or
degrading to show off her slender body and cleavage as
this defined her female sexuality, a sexuality that had
been defined and celebrated throughout the porn
industry. She looked like what she was to become that
evening, a loose promiscuous wife on the way to meet and
fuck her new lover, cuckolding her husband with his

As agreed, I followed and watched from afar. I saw her
reach up on tip toes and kiss Steve mouth to mouth under
the street light. I knew that her nipples were hard and
erect through her lycra top as she pressed against him,
knowing this guy was hot and hungry for her body. Steve
pulled her tight against his crotch and it looked like
they would be making out there and then. My cock felt as
if it wanted to jump out of its pants as I watched my
wife wantonly flirting and encouraging her friend Steve.
I had the biggest hard-on of my life when I saw him
touching her.

She was obviously horny and I knew that in the state she
was in, my wife would just want to get his cock in her
dripping hot pussy and ride it until he came deep in her
chaste womb. She just wanted his hard cock now, any
cock, and it did not matter if it was mine or not. She
was so aroused I knew she was committed to go through
with it now. She would let him screw her like a bitch
and cum screaming on his cock… I turned away and
headed back home, my cock hard in my pants, leaving them
arms wrapped around each other.


That night was the most anxiety-filled and sexually
charged of my life. Four hours later Jasmine came home,
guilty, flushed and tired. I tried to kiss her but
turned her lips away and winced, her lips sore and her
body bruised. She tasted and smelt of spunk…

“Darling, did you enjoy today?” I asked softly.

She looked at me sideways with a wry smile then told me:

“I can still feel him in me. It was unbelievable… so
hot.” She shivered as she recalled the tremendous
pleasure she had experienced. Her voice was hoarse from
screaming with ecstasy. “He screwed my horny cunt for
three hours making me come like crazy. My small pussy is
all stretched and still dripping from his hot cum…”

“You rode him bareback?” I gasped in horror.

“Yes, dear,” said Jasmine. “I like to hold a real cock
inside me. I did it for you so you can lick out his cum.
He fucked me so good baby, I’m full of his thick sticky
cum. You can suck his seed out of my pussy and my ass if
you like.”

I did as I was told, licking out her wonderful cum-
filled pussy while she came hard on my face. Apparently
Steve had an enormous dick and had fucked her in every
position imaginable. I asked if she wanted to see him
again, and she said yes, absolutely.

After that she went out with Steve quite regularly after
work, staying out late or even all night and coming home
her half drunk, her make-up and clothes a mess and
bruises on her body from their intense love making. I
would hug her, kiss and make love, fucking tired
promiscuous and well used cunt repeatedly with my hard
cock while she lay exhausted and half asleep on the bed.
After we had sex, I would then put away her cum stained
panties and cuddle up to sleep with her. Her open
infidelity made me angry, jealous and tremendously
aroused. I did not stop her affair with her male friend
Steve, even if I hated what I had encouraged her to
become made me sick and upset.

I wanted my wife to be happy and sexually satisfied. In
fact I loved her so much and I was happy to see her so
fulfilled. I wanted Jasmine to continue to enjoy the
intense addictive carnal pleasure of having her cunt
used by another man on a regular basis. Now that her
pussy belonged to me I wanted to encourage her to lend
it even more freely to other men and bring it home well
used every day to me. After all it was normal for a
woman to be sexually active, experienced and
promiscuous. I knew that she had already notched up many
lovers with as much variety as possible in age, gender,
jobs before when she lived in Philippines.

So what was one more, really? She really desired to have
sex with this man and live in a state of desire and
promiscuousness then who was I to interfere? It made me
so horny to kiss those beautiful lips that had sucked
her lover’s cock and then taste his semen still there,
buried deep inside her unprotected juicy pussy. I loved
her passionately and wanted her to be sexually free to
fuck other cocks. She did not seem to get enough of her
new admirer, sometimes going off to fuck him three times
a day at first.

I did not object even when she began bringing her lover
home to our house and I stayed downstairs masturbating
while she went up to our bedroom and had sex with Steve
in our marital bed. I could hear the bed squeaking and
her moans of bliss as he thrust in and out of her warm
soft feminine sleeve totally soaked with her promiscuous
juices of sexual desire. Soon after that we tried a
threesome with Steve.

Jasmine had gone upstairs and I heard her cry out as
Steve fucked her. Then she fell silent and called me
upstairs. I found her on the bed, lying there spread-
eagled underneath Steve who was plowing into her little
Asian pussy with his enormous cock. She looked helpless
beneath him, totally at his mercy.

My eyes were glued to the scene as I watched the rod
press deeply into her and bury itself inside her only to
reappear seconds later. She looked up at me seriously
and informed me that she wanted was ready now to get two
cocks in her vagina. She told me she wanted to have us
both come in her pussy at the same time. I asked her if
she had tried it before, admitting I had once. She
replied that she had not done a threesome since she had
known me, well only once in Philippines when I had gone
back to the UK to do the marriage paperwork after we got
engaged. I asked her how many men she had fucked before
we had married her.

“You must have had so many cocks in your lovely pussy.
Tell me, I want to know…” I said.

She was such a beautiful and sexy little Asian slut. I
wondered how many cocks she had screwed her tight little

After a moment of thought she said, “Does it matter,
darling? That was before. Now is now. I fucked lots and
lots of cocks before, honey.”

I insisted and she finally admitted she did not know,
maybe three hundred. I asked her if she had done it for
money before. She answered:

“Of course! You know I like it when a man pays for the
privilege to cum in my pussy, honey. They paid me to
fuck them lots. Well mostly, darling, but not always.”
Seeing my expression she added:

“I satisfied them, so its normal they pay me. Come here
now,” she said spreading open her labia like butterfly
wings, flat against her where they were being displaced
by the root of Steve’s thrusting penis. The insides of
her thighs were wet as was the area around her opening.

As I sat on the bed kneading and kissing her breast and
nipple. She threw back her head and winced with pleasure
as the we both kissed her breasts and touched and rubbed
her pussy while Steve continued to fuck her. She gasped
then reached down and took Steve’ long hard cock,
stroking it firmly, pushing it in and out of her wet
pussy, staring me in the eyes, her pupils dilated with
sexual desire.

My large and hard penis was standing out horizontally.
As I kissed her I tasted his cum on her lips from their
love-making. My wife has gotten the penis she needed in
her. Now she needed a second one there to feel totally
fulfilled by her lover.

She raised her ass slightly to and I held Steve’s cock
and I reached forward and pushed my dick in alongside
his in her tight sleeve. She groaned with pleasure as we
gave her a double vaginal penetration. She had died and
gone to heaven. Without doubt no woman can say she has
been truly fulfilled unless she has experienced two hard
cocks thrust lustfully inside her pussy at once and in
unison. As I plunged into my wife’s birth canal I knew I
was pushing Steve’s cum deep into her womb. We fucked
her hard until she came screaming, clawing wildly at my
back like an evil bitch in heat.

A few weeks later she came back home crying in my arms.
I was very worried and concerned and I asked her:

“What happened? Don’t tell me Steve hurt you?”

“No,” she sobbed. “I’m sorry darling. Really I am… I’m
so ashamed…”

She cried and I looked at her blankly.

“What do you mean? What happened?” I insisted.

“I’m sorry… He caught me by surprise…”

“What Steve?”

“No Trevor…” She sobbed. “I didn’t mean to cheat on
you but he came on to me and well… his black cock was
so big and tasted so good…. We did it, I mean we had
sex. Four times he made me cum, darling. I’m so sorry I
could not help it. It was so good. I came like a real
slut on his big black cock…” She managed between sobs.

I held her tight kissing her, telling her it did not
matter as long as she had liked it. Reassured she began
to kiss me and we made love passionately, like animals.

She brought Trevor home the next day like a cat brings
in a bird and introduced him to me. After drinks we went
upstairs to the bedroom.

“Get me wet for him…” She whispered in my ear, her
tongue licking my neck.

As I fucked her sideways on the bed she rubbed the black
man’s cock across her erect nipples and between her
breasts. I accelerated and she became more agitated,
letting out little cries of pleasure as I went in and
out of her exceedingly wet snatch. Holding her breasts
firmly together and kneading them, she threw her head
back and moaned out aloud while the black man
masturbated his cock and rubbed it on her breast, then
moved it up over her lips.

She opened her mouth, gasping with pleasure, allowing
him to slip the cock head between her rosy moist lips
and into her mouth. He pushed it in and out against the
wall of her mouth, wanking it and letting her rub her
tongue over the whole stem every time he withdrew it
while I fucked her.

“Oh yes! Give it to me! Fuck me harder with your
cock…. I want to feel you deep inside my pussy…” She

“Babe, does it taste good his cock? You really look so
happy sucking it.” I managed “Don’t worry, Babe, you
don’t need to speak with your mouth full. Just keep on
sucking his nice cock until it is really hard for you.”

I watched as he held her hair and fucked her face. Her
eyes were half shut and her hand was gripping his leg
hungrily as she continued giving him a blow job. He
withdrew from her mouth as she threw her lovely head
back and with his hand he rubbed the tip of his cock
over her outstretched tongue and in between her lips.
She hungrily swallowed it again and began to suck
faster. He held her head tight against his thigh as he
fucked her face. As he moved back she licked her lips
and smiled. I saw the guy’s cum running down the sides
of her mouth.

I moved away and he fucked her doggie. She really seemed
to appreciate it. Her back was arched with her bottom
pumping towards his thrust cock and her toes were curled
with pleasure. Her head reached upwards, eyes shut with
ecstasy and mouth open and groaned and she tossed her
hair as he continued to move smoothly inside her Asian
womanhood. He fucked my wife in the ass about ten
minutes before filling her full of cum. My wife was
moaning and groaning with pleasure the whole time he was
fucking her.

After that episode and her third time with Alma, Jasmine
and her friend began to frequent different men. She
would stay out late and come home with gifts of clothes,
jewelry or other presents she was given. She always
seemed to have lots of cash and she was always out
during the evening and received strange calls. She would
disappear at odd times. Alma admitted to me they were
both working as call girls for an oriental escort agency
in London fucking other guys for cash. That back in
Philippines they had been bargirls together.

Like many Filipina girls they had both ended up in debt,
pole dancing and lap dancing naked at a bar. Their
friends at work had introduced them to prostitution as
an easy way to make the money she so needed fast. They
had encouraged them to take sexually explicit and
provocative photographs of Alma and Jasmine dressed only
in panties and advertise for sex online. Alma told
Jasmine that selling sex was a great way for a women to
make a living, after all they all did it.

Jasmine had desperately wanted to believe her. After all
she felt that the free expression of her sexuality was
positive empowerment and a woman’s route to liberation.
And it was a way that could make her lots of money fast
and give her even more power over the men that paid her.
And now both girls needed to earn some money to send
back to their families and repay their pimps back home
so they had turned to the only thing they knew and did

When I confronted Jasmine about her activities, she had
shrugged and told me I would have to get used to it. I
asked her if she enjoyed what she did and she said of
course. They would pay her and it was her duty to give
them pleasure. She admitted without the slightest shame
that she liked fucking another man’s cock. “They say I
am cute and fuck me very well. Some time I suck and fuck
them bareback if I am horny and let them cum in my
pussy. I love that, darling,” she said. Admitting her
favorite position was doggie with other men and that she
enjoyed taking a cock in her cute submissive butt.

After that I got to fuck her loose cum-filled and
squishy pussy and asshole many times and kiss her sweet
lips that smelled of cock.


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