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Jessica Laurens Bio

Basic Profile
Age: 19
Birthday: June 2
Gender: Female
Country: Colombia
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Bra Size: 34A
Hair Color: Blonde Hair
About jessicalaurens
My essence as a model is to transmit security in my users to treat them as people, not as objects, because just as we live from them and their money, they dedicate time and part of their life, our job is to provide company to people who social field they do not find what they are looking for, for this reason we treat them with great delicacy.
On a personal level I want to tell you something:
I have become used to you and it makes me happy to interact when they get in touch and although many do not see it that way, I have taken care of them and I want to give them my friendship and also take into account that they are part of my daily life.
My sensuality I transmit it naturally and spontaneously because I like it, I feel that it flows and that it is part of my essence, with me you can count on talking about any subject, be it personal, work or social, part of my job is to be a counselor and try to the time they share with me is enjoyable and entertaining, and the moment they say goodbye they feel it was worth it.
Apart from all this I like to dance, to sing that is my greatest talent so if you want to hear me sing … Here I will be.
As a friend I am unconditional and as a lover, I am the best.
I am a counselor, friend, singer, dancer and the best lover.
My body feels your hands and just by closing my eyes I feel your body close to mine.
And to not extend more, with only your words wet my body.
I love a man who knows how to excite me mentally, the way he expresses himself and his gestures, when without vulgarity they are capable of provoking many sensations in me and everything that I learned from you.
Also the visual part is very exciting and blows my imagination, the erotic and sensual words.